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Rental LED screen

Key features

1. Pixel pitch: 2.604/ 2.97/ 3.91/ 4.81.

2. Brightness: 800-4000nits/m2.

3. Material: Die-casting aluminum.

4. Cabinet weight: 30kg/m2.

5. Cabinet size: 500×500/ 500x1000mm

6. Application: Concert, wedding party, light stage, T-stage show, exhibitions, etc.

Outdoor LED Screen

Key features

1. Pixel pitch: 2.5/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 10.

2. Brightness: 5500-8500nits/m2.

3. Material: Steel.

4. IP rate: IP65.

5. Maintenance way: Front/ Back.

6. Application: Outdoor commercial place, supermarket, shopping mall, bank, hotel, etc.

Indoor LED Screen

Key features

1. Pixel pitch: 1.875/ 2/ 2.5/ 3/ 4/ 5.

2. Maintenance way: Front and back.

3. Material: Die-casting aluminum/ Steel.

4. LEDs: Black LEDs.

5. Refresh rate: 1920/ 3840hz.

6. Application: Meeting room, Supermarket, Exhibition room, Control room, hotel lobby, company reception, classroom, cinema, etc..

4K LED Screen

Key features

1. Pixel pitch: 0.9/ 1.25/ 1.44/ 1.56/ 1.875.

2. Cabinet Size: 600 x 337.5mm.

3. Material: Die-casting aluminum.

4. Refresh rate: 3840Hz.

5. Maintenance way: Front service

6. Application: High end meeting room, Broadcast, TV station, Control room, etc.

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LED Screen Price: The Ultimate Guide.

As new technology accompanies the development of the offline advertising industry, more and more advertising media companies and other companies have increasingly recognized LED displays.

So, we write an article about LED screen price

It takes 15-20 minutes to finish reading; 

After that, you will understand how does the LED screen price come.

However, due to the uneven prices in the market, it is not enough for everyone to understand the LED display, resulting in more and more people being pit.

So next, a professional Chinese LED display manufacturer will bring you an article about the price of LED display.

We will discuss the LED display price in detail through the following nine chapters.

Chapter 1: The Price of LED Display Products.

1. LED display size

The first step in determining the price of the LED display is to measure the size and size of the LED display you need to buy first.

Usually, a tape measure or a professional measuring tool is shown below.


And the unit of measurement is millimeters or meters.

The price of the LED display is generally calculated according to the square meter.

It can be calculated according to the following formula.

W = Width, H = Height

Then it is W x H x SQM Price = LED display price.

Of course, if you buy an LED display, you will also need to buy corresponding accessories, such as control systems, packaging, spare parts, etc.

Then the total price of the LED display is equal to the cost of the LED display + the price of the LED display accessories.

If your LED display is installed in the air, there is no specific size.

Then you can provide the following information to the LED display factory:

1). Take some clear pictures and videos of the installation position of the LED display

2). Tell me what the purpose of this LED display is?

3). What is the viewing distance of your target audience?

Therefore, a professional LED display factory will give you reasonable size recommendations.

2. LED pixel pitch

The closer the pixel pitch is, the more LED lamp beads there are in a flat square so that the price will be higher.

How you choose the pitch depends on the closest viewing distance you are using and the pixel resolution you want.

For example, when the same size LED display screen, the closer the distance, the higher the resolution under the same size can display, the clearer the displayed content.

For example, we see the below video on the lower surface, the pitch PH2.6mm, and PH3.91mm, the same size.

3. Indoor and outdoor applications

We will use two points to determine how to choose an indoor or outdoor LED screen.

1). Do I need to be waterproof?

2). Do you need high brightness (LED display face the outdoor environment)

You need to meet the demand of one of them; 

Then you must choose an outdoor LED display.

The price of an outdoor LED display will be higher than the indoor LED display.

Because the outdoor LED display is designed to ensure can be used generally in rainy weather and requires.

You can still clearly see the contents of the LED display face direct in the sun.

4. Selection of raw materials

Here we mainly talk about four main materials: LED lamp beads, IC, power supply, cables.

1).LED lamp beads

 At present, the best LED lamp bead produced in China is Nationstar. 

The price is also the most expensive in the Chinese market.

The second is the Kinglight LED lamp beads.

If the budget is enough, choose Nationastar LED lamp beads. 

If the budget is limited, choose Kinglight LED lamp beads.

Here is a blog post about how to choose LED lamp beads?

2). Driving IC Chip

The quality of the LED display driver IC will directly affect the display effect and durability of the LED display.

The role of the LED chip is to ensure the display stability of the LED display, eliminate the LED flicker phenomenon, and provide a high-quality content display.

The LED chip will also directly affect the refresh rate of the LED display.

At present, there are more ICs used in the market, such as Macroblock, ICN, FM. 

Among them, the quality of the Macroblock is the best and most expensive.

3). Power supply

At present, the most recognized power supply for the quality of LED displays is Meanwell Power Supply.

Meanwell can be sold as the second hand even after two years of use.

So you can imagine how reliable the quality of this power supply is.

Of course, if the cost is taken into consideration, we will recommend the power supply of G-energy, which is relatively stable in quality.

There will be hundreds of different power supply brands on the market.

When you have n’t heard of that power supply, you must talk to the salesperson more, and understand more information about this power supply.

Because the power supply is not only used to power the LED display, but also the main control of the security of the LED display.

The picture below is an inferior power supply used in a shopping mall, which caused a fire.


4). The cables.

The cable is the same as the power supply, in addition to transmitting power to the LED display, it also adds security.

The following video will show you how to choose the right cables for your LED screen.

If you need more solutions, you can send an email to our mailbox and leave your question [email protected].

5. Front and back maintenance

Regarding whether the LED display is indoor or outdoor, for the LED display itself, front maintenance will be more expensive.

At this time, you need to consider whether it is possible to do an 800mm maintenance space on the back of the LED screen at the installation site.

If it can be done, then we recommend using back maintenance.

However, if the installation structure will affect the aesthetics and the installation location is within 10mm, it is recommended to use the front maintained.

One thing to note here is that if you do front maintenance, you will save more on the cost of the installation structure.

So when the cost of the structure plus the screen is not much different, we will further recommend the front maintenance LED display.

Of course, it is also necessary to make suggestions based on actual conditions, and you can communicate with professional LED display suppliers

Chapter 2: The Price of Buying an LED Display.

In this chapter, we mainly talk about the price difference of purchasing LED display screens from different places. 

The following is our analysis for you:

  • Buy from local dealer
  • Buy from China


If you are more concerned about after-sales service and do not care about the price, then you are recommended to choose a local dealer.

If your budget is limited and you can do it by yourself, and you can learn from it. 

We suggest you buy it directly from Chinese LED screen manufacturers.

Of course, even if you buy it from a Chinese LED display factory, professional technical support is still in place. 

But it is only about installation suggestions and software support.

Just the hardware installation will be more complicated.

Chapter 4: Prices for Different Product Types.

Different products will have different prices. 

The prices of different product types of the company’s display are as follows.

Chapter 5: Installation Costs.

When you receive the LED display, you will need to pay another fee, which is the cost of installing the LED display.

There will be three plans as below:

1. Install by yourself

2. Ask your local installation company to install

3. Invite you to purchase the LED display supplier to provide installation services

1. Install by yourself

If your LED display is about 10 square meters, and the installation position is safer, you can also make your own steel structure.

Then, you can let the LED screen supplier that you buy the LED display give you the drawings of the LED display.

Next, according to the drawings of the LED display screen, the installation structure is made, and the LED display screen is installed by yourself.

Then, you only need to pay the cost of the installation structure.

2. Ask your local installation company to install the LED screen.

If your LED display is relatively large and requires a team to complete, and the installation location is also more dangerous.

Then at this time, you must ask a professional installation company to install it.

In this case, you will need to pay the cost of the installation structure plus the labor costs of professional installation personnel.

3. Invite you to purchase an LED display supplier to provide installation service.

We do not recommend this option for the following reasons.

1.) Even if you are invited to purchase LED display suppliers to provide installation services, it will only send a professional installation engineer and a translator.

We still need to call your local workers to do the handwork.

2.) You will need to provide round-trip costs for one or two people, including all living expenses, and a daily salary of about US $ 200 per day.

And generally, the installation of an LED display will take 7-15 days.

To sum up, for this solution, you will need to pay for the costs: the cost of the installation structure + the cost of local installation workers and technical all expenses.

Therefore, we will further recommend option one and option two.

Chapter 6: After-Sales Expenses.

The main after-sale expenses of LED display divide into two parts:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Cost of repair

1. Maintenance costs:

The LED display is recommended to be maintained once a year in the first five years. 

What is the main maintenance of the LED display?

Mainly to repair dead LEDs and clean the screen and so on.

Next, I will give you two maintenance plans:

1.) Self-maintenance:

If you know how to change the module and repair the LED lamp, how to clean the screen, you can do your regular maintenance.

Here are two blogs to learn as below:

What you need to spend: cleaning equipment and spare parts costs

2.) Please professional LED display repair company maintenance

If you do not know how to replace the modules and repair the dead LED and do not how to clean the LED screen.

Then we recommend finding a local professional LED display to do the regular maintenance for you. 

Costs: labor service + maintenance cost.

2. Repair costs:

If there is a problem with the LED display and it needs repair, then there are three options

1.) Self-repair.

When there are small problems for the LED display screen, and you understand how to find out the issues, then you can choose to do your repairs.

At this time, you only need to spend your time and energy with no extra costs.

Therefore, knowing the basic maintenance knowledge is the best way.

Here is the blog on how to find out the problems of the LED display screen.

2.) Ask your local professional LED display repair company.

If you do not understand how to troubleshoot and repair the LED display, then it is recommended to ask the local LED display repair company.

Also, you can consult before the installation company to help you with maintenance services.

In this case, you will need to pay extra labor and repair costs.

3.) Invite you to purchase LED display supplier to provide repair service

Communicate with LED screen suppliers on time, assist remotely, find out the cause of LED display screen obstacles, and know whether your LED display screen is under warranty during the period:

If this happens during the warranty period, you only have to pay the one-way freight.

If the warranty period has expired, in this case, you need to pay the return shipping fee.

The above is a small problem for the LED display failure. 

When a massive failure occurs, you still need to ask a professional maintenance team.

Chapter 7: Cost of Use.

The cost of use is dividing into electricity costs and installation site rental fees.

1. About electricity cost

Different from the big and small LED display, the power consumption is different. 

However, LED displays are all relatively energy-saving optoelectronic products.

The power consumption range is 0.3-0.8KW per square meter per square hour.

Specific need to understand the detailed LED display power consumption, please refer to this article, how to calculate the LED display power consumption?

2. Regarding the cost of venue rent (only for indoor and outdoor fixed installation of advertising screens, renting screens does not require site rental costs)

When you are ready to buy an LED display, then you must see that the LED display is very profitable, and the return on investment will be compared high.

But the same, when you buy an LED display, there is a necessary and high cost of a point: venue rental costs.

Venue rents are mainly calculated based on the flow of people. 

The larger the flow of people, the more expensive the rents are.

The easier it is for your advertising space to be sold at a good price.

Therefore, before you are ready to buy an LED display, you must go to the local market to calculate the flow of people and the price of renting.

Of course, if necessary, you can also refer to the LED display next to your selected location. 

How much does their advertising cost?

In this way, you can figure out how long it will take to return to your investment to the original.

Chapter 8: How to Get a Quick Quote.

This chapter is mainly about where you can get the price and what information you need to prepare before getting the price.

Information to be made in advance

1. The LED screen size you need?

2. The clear pictures and videos of the installation location?

3. Do you have your long-term cooperate forwarding company?

4. Are you able to do the customs clearance?

Where to get the price

1. Click to enter https://www.bibiled.com/contact-us/, fill in your name, phone (very important), email.

And prepared information in advance, and click Send.

2. Our professional sales team will reply within 24 hours. If it is a more urgent project, you can call directly Or WhatsApp.

Chapter 9: Trusted LED Display Supplier.

After reading this article, do you still think it is a simple matter to buy an LED display?

At this time, it is particularly important to cooperate with a professional LED display supplier.

BIBILED, a one-stop LED display factory with a 6-year professional export service team and professional production equipment.

We have a professional technical team, business team, and localization service team.

We can not only provide the price of LED display but also offer the cost of LED display parts to our customers, such as

Control system, video processor, power supply, cables, flight case packaging, LED die-cast aluminum cabinet, LED steel cabinet, Installation structure, LED modules, stage lighting.

Work with trusted LED screen suppliers is the key to the success of future LED screen business.