LED Screen For XR Stage

The LED XR stage is a new technology, and the LED display screen is the core of most XR studios; the LED screen is used to create the environment of characters or themes and to realize the combination of virtual and reality, XR stages are widely used in other fields such as film, television, film, advertising, events, speeches, and corporate video.

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The floor LED screen brings a lot of passion and interactivity to the display field

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How Does An LED Screen Help For The XR Stage?

  • 3D real and virtual stereoscopic space

The XR stage can create a three-dimensional space, simulate ambient light and virtual scene functions, and place people on the XR stage to create the illusion of a natural 3D environment.

Actors can interact in virtual scenes, providing performers with a fully immersive experience, which is beneficial for improving work efficiency.

  • Cost savings and safety

Using the XR stage can create any scene without traveling to multiple real environments; virtual environments save travel, traffic, and location and reduce the risk of viral infections.

The reshoots and post-production of the film account for about 10-30% of the production cost. The XR stage can be post-production in pre-production, and you can see exactly what you want in your planned shoot.

  • Fast scene switching and real-time composition preview

The XR virtual stage can help producers quickly create various virtual scenes because they are not limited by time and can view the shot immediately.

The XR stage can modify and adjust scene content in real-time to achieve fast scene switching.

  • It offers greater creative possibilities

Using the LED display to build a 3D virtual scene, because the background can be changed and edited in real-time, it can create novel ideas without being restricted by the natural world in film and television creation.

The XR stage can perfectly solve the traditional chroma key technology, making the image rendering more realistic so that the creation can get good feedback.

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Where Does The LED Screen Used For The XR Stage

Find the right place in your XR stage to install the LED screen

Commercial production

When the XR LED Wall replaces the traditional green screen, the virtual scene is easy to change the time when shooting advertisements, and you can set multiple scenes at the same time to watch the shooting styles of different advertisements..

This helps advertisers and directors deliver creative and interesting content to audiences.

Film Production

Many films and television works rely on LED walls for virtual production; in virtual production, video content is shot in a scene created by a large LED display , and the LED wall and ground foreground are better integrated with tangible props.

When shooting in harsh environments, such as deep jungles, vast deserts, or virtual planets, LED walls can ensure the crew's safety and the director's creative inspiration; compared to the green curtain actors in the XR stage environment, emotions are more real.

Broadcast studio

The XR LED Wall's high-definition display and background content can be switched at any time and virtual stereoscopic display, making it one of the most suitable production tools in various live TV broadcasts.

For example, when the weather forecast program is played, the special effects of dense clouds and sunny days are more realistic, and the explanation is more vivid and in place.

Live event

With BIBILED video walls and other technologies, moving background images on LED walls and floors can virtually expand the physical environment, save space and achieve a pleasing visual effect.

This allows for various types of events, be it interviews, news, advertisements, etc.

What Technical Points Should Be Paid Attention To When Using LED Screens For XR Stages?

The XR stage has become an important platform for modern performances and displays. As an indispensable part of the XR stage, LED display screens have technical points and performance that directly affect the presentation of the entire XR system.

Color correction

In the XR arena, the color accuracy of LED displays is crucial. In order to ensure true color fidelity, the color temperature value needs to be strictly controlled between 6300K and 6500K. This range is the recognized "daylight" color temperature, which can ensure that the displayed color is close to the true color under natural light.

High brightness, imitating real light sources

The high-brightness characteristics of the LED display allow it to simulate high-brightness light sources in the real world directly, which not only saves additional lighting equipment and workload but also directly presents the required lighting effects during the shooting process. At the same time, the high-brightness LED screen can also ensure that it remains clearly visible in darker shooting environments, reducing the workload of post-processing.

High-quality display performance

In the XR stage, the LED display screen is an important visual presentation tool, and its display performance directly affects the final presentation effect. For example, using well-known brands such as Guoxing's lamp beads and Mingwei's power supplies can ensure the stability and reliability of the LED display and reduce the possibility of failure.

Special reaction

In the process of LED virtual production, the moiré effect is a common problem, which is related to the pixel pitch of the LED screen and the resolution of the camera. In order to solve this problem, the most reliable way is to find a professional photographer to adjust the distance between the lens and the screen according to the specific conditions of the scene or use professional software tools to eliminate moiré.


In the XR stage, the flickering problem of the LED display may affect the shooting effect and audience experience. In order to avoid flickering problems, you can choose to use high-quality LED displays to reduce the occurrence of flickering. In addition, photographers can also reduce the effects of flicker by adjusting the shutter speed, such as setting it to 1/60 second.

Synchronicity and accuracy

The LED display screen needs to be synchronized and accurate with the XR system's camera, motion capture system, etc. This is the key to ensuring the perfect integration of virtual scenes and real shooting content. In order to achieve this, professional synchronization equipment and calibration tools are needed to ensure time synchronization and precise position alignment between various systems.

Advantages Of Using Virtual LED Displays Versus Green Screens In XR Extended Reality

In the wave of XR extended reality technology, the introduction of virtual LED displays (also known as LED walls or LED roller blinds) has brought revolutionary changes to film and television production. Compared with traditional green screen shooting methods, virtual LED displays show significant advantages, providing creators with more possibilities and a higher degree of freedom.

  • Real-time display

In the past, the production of movies and TV series usually followed a process: pre-production in front of a green screen, followed by complex post-production and special effects editing. Although this method is effective, it often leads to a longer creative cycle, increases costs, and requires a lot of post-production special effects work to perfect the scene. With LED screens, virtual production technology enables real-time fusion of real characters and fictional scenes. Actors and directors can see near-final visual effects at the shooting site, greatly reducing post-production time and costs.

  • Improve creativity

The introduction of virtual LED displays provides film and television creators with greater creative space. Actors no longer need to rely solely on their imagination to perform; they can interact directly with the virtual scene, and this interactivity makes the performance more natural and real. For directors, they can quickly adjust the scene and light under real-time display, truly achieving creative freedom.

  • The process of innovation and creation

Using a virtual LED display for creation eliminates the need to separate the virtual part from the actual shooting. Producers can see the final footage and content in real-time, which greatly improves creative efficiency. In addition, LED screens break space constraints, and producers no longer need to travel around to find suitable shooting locations. They can simulate any scene and environment they want through the virtual LED display at any place and at any time. This process of innovation and creation not only saves time and costs but also makes film and television work more imaginative and expressive.

XR Stage LED Screen Cases

The order for LED display screen is the most intuitive reflection of whether the LED supplier is professional and honest. The following are our recent LED display export cases.

LED Screens For XR Stage FAQ

If you still have some questions about LED displays, it’s okay! We’ll help you answer it now! If you would like to know more details about XR stage LED display, please contact us.

The cost of an XR stage screen or virtual production LED wall system depends on the space or size of the LED screen used for the XR stage, video processor, and hanging/stacking system.

With so many decisions affecting the final cost, it’s important to understand these systems before choosing them.

When shooting the XR stage, in order to avoid moiré patterns produced by the LED display, you can effectively reduce the appearance of moiré patterns by trying to adjust the shooting angle and position of the camera or adjust the focal length of the camera. In addition, LED displays using COB packaging technology or high-brush LED displays are also an effective solution.

The LED display screen of the XR stage has requirements for point spacing. The dot spacing affects the pixel density, display effect, viewing angle, and brightness uniformity. The appropriate dot spacing needs to be selected according to the needs. Most XR stages usually use small-pitch LED displays. 

Still have some questions?


The black technology combination of “LED large screen + XR virtual shooting” has become a new favorite in film and event production. XR seamlessly extends the real-world LED screen to the virtual environment, bringing a more natural, realistic, and immersive scene experience.

As a designer and manufacturer of LED displays, BIBILED adheres to customer-centricity and provides tailor-made solutions for many creative application projects worldwide. If you have any needs, please get in touch with us immediately.

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