LED Screen For Education

LED displays can improve the learning experience and school environment, attract top students and teachers to the school, spread information quickly. And for major events held on campus, improve the viewer’s positive experience, encourage students to actively participate in them, thus enhancing the school’s impact

Outdoor LED screens

High brightness, waterproof quality LED screen installed in outside

Indoor LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

Small pixel pitch LED screen

High resolution LED display to show ultra video content in the control room to keep safety

Stage&Event LED screen

LED screen for church stage and movable to different location

How Does An LED Screen Help For Education

Diversity in Advocacy for Schools

The LED display can play clear videos, texts, and pictures. It can play various rules and regulations about the school, share knowledge of teachers’ and students’ life, disseminate important news and other general knowledge, improve the ideological awareness of teachers and students, and promote positive Active culture. The LED display can set the timing playlist, which can be looped and timed to play the content conveniently.

The effect of setting off the atmosphere

When the school holds various activities, various words can be played through the LED display screen to express the scene’s atmosphere, such as leaders or VIPs attending the event’s opening ceremony, the welcome speech, etc. At the same time, during the program’s performance, due to the LED display, the dynamic background picture of the screen is supported to create an excellent atmosphere for the program effect.

Act as a commercial

When hosting major competitions, schools can use the time before and between competitions to play video advertisements or images and text promotional materials of sponsors and major companies; under good operation, it can create considerable economic benefits, and also We can openly welcome all sectors of society to the school to hold various activities at the right time, which not only expands the horizons of teachers and students and enhances the school’s reputation, but also brings a considerable amount of income to the school.

Improve school image

Imagine if a parent is entering the reception area of your school, the first thing they see is a striking LED display, showing the school’s development history and rules, teachers’ teaching and research competitions, school events to be held, etc. Wait, now parents have spent a few minutes to quickly understand the school, a good school image so that more excellent teachers and students have joined the school.

The role of quick notification

The LED display can quickly switch information. When there is an emergency in the school, such as a fire, in addition to the broadcast voice notification, the visual text of the LED display can also be used to inform the fire situation and tell the retreat method, which is beneficial to the school’s student management. To avoid unnecessary things from happening.

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Where Does The LED Screen Used For Education

Find the right place in your school to install the LED screen

outdoor led screen for school

School gates

1) Good First Impression of the School:

Installing LED displays outdoors leaves a lasting first impression on students and parents, shows the achievements and good work of students and staff, promotes the school’s teaching and learning philosophy and builds trust with the outside world by providing real-time updates on important school events and educational videos.

For example, the outbreak of Covid-19, which needs to be increased and prevented, will be displayed by LED screens at school entrances—the tips for parents and students to take new coronary pneumonia very seriously.

indoor led screen for school

School notice boards

1) Quick and easy to update school information:

Convert static paper bulletin boards into LED displays to quickly share multiple information such as weather updates to keep students warm, time, class timetables, emergency contacts, school rules and policy reminders, exam results, fire safety, and more.

2) Promote school culture:

Indoor LED displays can be used for various purposes, such as important notices, school/college newsletters, student achievements, sporting events, activities, safety and fire drills, and more.

led screen for school game

School sports room

1) Increasing student motivation for sport:

Due to weather conditions or indoor sports training and competitions, installing LED screens in the sports room not only recognizes the achievements of students and school/college teams but also displays important championship dates or simple motivational messages for teams to share, especially as everyone can see the excitement of the game and make the event rich. Passionate, all the people are involved.

stage led screen for school

School auditoriums

1) Render the atmosphere, increase the sense of ceremony:

When the school awards ceremony, graduation ceremony, and events, the stage LED display shows a clear and detailed background image to the whole activity brings an infinite sense of honor and solemnity, make people feel very important, the scene to capture wonderful and touching moments, very easy to infect people, the positive spread of positive energy, encourage others.

2) Make the activity becomes easy and interesting:

School conference, scientific research, and knowledge training LED display screen can display text and pictures and play video, explain from many aspects to knowledge points, make learning becomes easy to understand and interesting, lecturers also easy.

led screen for school sport

Outdoors sports field

1) You don’t miss a moment:

The big LED screen can display important championship dates or simple team sharing motivational messages, especially when everyone can clearly see what’s going on, making the event exciting and engaging for all.

2) The ability to hold competitions and events:

Other schools need to hold events but do not have space, so they rent it to other schools.

How LED Displays Are Used In The Classroom

Innovative applications not only improve the efficiency and quality of education and teaching but also bring students a more vivid and interesting learning experience.

Interactive teaching

Teachers can use LED displays to interact with students in real time through gesture recognition, voice recognition, and other technologies. This teaching method can greatly improve students' participation and interest in learning and cultivate students' independent learning abilities and innovative thinking.

Virtual experiments and simulations

LED display screens can simulate various experimental scenarios, allowing students to conduct experimental operations in a virtual environment. By simulating chemical experiments, physics experiments, etc., students can observe experimental results in a safe environment and cultivate experimental operations and scientific thinking abilities.

Remote teaching and online classroom

LED display screens can realize remote interconnection, allowing teachers and students to interact and communicate in real time in different locations. This distance education model breaks geographical restrictions and allows educational resources to be disseminated and shared more widely.

Personalized learning and customized courses

LED display screens can be customized according to students' different needs to achieve personalized learning. Teachers can adjust the content and teaching progress on the LED display according to the student's learning situation so that each student can learn at a pace that suits him or her.

Multimedia teaching resource display

LED display screens can play multimedia content, such as pictures, videos, animations, etc., providing richer resources for teaching. This kind of diversified teaching resources can help students better understand knowledge points and improve learning effects.

Emergency information release and safety management

When emergencies occur, such as earthquake drills, fire alarms, etc., the LED display can be used as an emergency information release platform to promptly remind teachers and students to pay attention to safety. At the same time, it can also be used to broadcast safety education and disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge to improve students' safety awareness and self-rescue ability.

The LED Display Creates A Smart Campus

LED display screens play an important role in building a smart campus. Through a series of functions and applications, they provide efficient, convenient, and safe information display and interactive experience for the campus.

First of all, the LED display screen can display important information on campus in real time, such as course schedules, event previews, notices and announcements, etc., ensuring the timeliness and timeliness of the information. Through high-definition and high-brightness display technology, LED displays can present information to teachers and students in a vivid and intuitive way with pictures and texts, improving the readability and attractiveness of information.

For example, at the main entrance or square of the campus, a large LED display can update school news, event previews, important notices, and other information in real time, making it easier for teachers, students, and parents to keep abreast of the latest developments in the school. This not only improves the efficiency of information dissemination but also enhances the school’s brand image.

Secondly, LED displays can also be used for campus security monitoring. Installing LED displays with monitoring functions in important areas of the campus can display monitoring images in real-time and improve the campus’s security capabilities. At the same time, in an emergency, the LED display can also be used as a release platform for emergency notifications to quickly deliver important information to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

Finally, it is its powerful information dissemination capability. In public areas such as libraries, gymnasiums, canteens, etc., LED displays also play an important role. In the library, the LED display can display book borrowing information, study room vacancies, etc., to provide convenience for teachers and students; in the gymnasium, the LED display can update game results in real-time, play background music, and enhance the atmosphere; in the canteen, the LED display The screens can display menus, nutritional information, food safety tips, etc. to help teachers and students make healthy choices.

In summary, LED displays provide strong support for building a smart campus by displaying information in real time, supporting multiple interactive methods, connecting with other intelligent campus systems, and ensuring safety. It not only improves the efficiency of campus management, but also provides teachers and students with more convenient and efficient information services and learning experience.

Education-LED Screen Cases

The order for LED display screen is the most intuitive reflection of whether the LED supplier is professional and honest. The following is our educational LED display export case.

LED Screens FAQ

If you still have questions about the LED display, it’s okay! We’ll help you answer it now! If you want to know more details about educational LED displays, please contact us.

The viewing angle of educational LED displays is usually larger, generally reaching more than 160 degrees in the horizontal direction and more than 120 degrees in the vertical direction, ensuring clear viewing from multiple angles.

The service life of educational LED displays is generally 5-10 years, depending on product quality, usage environment, and maintenance.

This depends on the installation location. If installed in classrooms, auditoriums, etc., front-end maintenance is the best choice. If installed at the school entrance or outdoor area, back-end maintenance will be better.

Generally, 3840HZ is suitable for multimedia presentations, while 1920HZ is sufficient for regular teaching. Of course, the specific choice depends on your needs and plans.

Still have some questions?


Entering the digital age of the 21st century, all aspects of life are inseparable from digitalization. The education sector also needs to keep pace with the times, try different education and enrollment methods, and use technology to create a better school environment. For educational decision-makers, schools are often prepared for any incident. LED displays can quickly update messages to help ensure everyone on campus is informed, much faster than printing on paper.

The installation of LED displays in schools can unleash students’ potential in sports and other outdoor activities. At the same time, it can help offset the purchase and operating costs of LED displays by selling advertising space.

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