LED screen for exhibition

LED displays at exhibitions to make your event and exhibition booths come to life and play product features and company introduction videos on the big LED screen

Large LED display screen

Huge LED billboard, the size is up to 100m2 for advertising purposes

Indoor LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

Floor LED screen

The floor LED screen brings a lot of passion and interactivity to the display field

Rental LED screen

Quick assembling and disassembling with the quick locks

How does an LED screen help for exhibition

Increase traffic

It is very common to have an LED display at the exhibition. How to make your booth attract more traffic? In addition to using conventional LED displays, you can also use LED displays of different shapes to decorate the exhibition hall. Coupled with well-planned marketing activities, due to the shock and freshness of the visual effects, it has greatly attracted many people to come.

Enhance the desire to buy

The LED display screen of the exhibition has the characteristics of high resolution and large size. It can freely demonstrate your products to customers and bring customers the opportunity to learn so that customers can trust and be willing to buy products. For example, in the sales exhibition of real estate, the sense of technology and style can be instantly improved through the LED display. With the on-site real estate model, the details that are difficult to be presented by the static model can be more intuitively expressed through dynamic effects. At the same time, the surrounding planning and supporting of the project High-definition video broadcasts allow home buyers to feel the surrounding environment more intuitively, imagine future development potential and stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

Improve the high-end image of the company

The LED display can promote the company’s culture through video, text, and pictures so that exhibitors can fully understand the company’s planning and development, products, and solutions and make the company and brand more attractive.

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Where does the LED screen used for exhibition

Find the right place in your booth to install the LED screen

outdoor led screen for exhibition

The Exterior of the Exhibition Hall

1) The best place to advertise:

There are many exhibitors in the exhibition hall. By placing advertisements on the outdoor LED billboard on the exhibition hall’s outside wall, you can maximize the precise traffic and get more customers to visit your booth.

2) Show the latest events:

There are different events taking place in the exhibition hall, so you need to update the information in real-time to attract visitors who are interested in attending the show on time, and allow exhibitors to prepare in advance, such as auto show, furniture show, technology show and so on.

indoor led screen for exhibition

The Entrance of the Exhibition

1) Enhance customer experience service:

Provide exhibitors with exhibition maps, announcements of the latest exhibition news, and self-safety maintenance and publicize the activities of the exhibition, such as time shows, knowledge seminars, and so on.

2) Advertising:

Exhibitors provide advertising information indoor LED display through video, pictures, and text to attract buyers to visit the booth, thus increasing the success of the procurement rate.

led screen for booth

Exhibition Booths

1) Branding tool:

The LED display captures the attention of new potential customers in 15 seconds, with exciting content and rich images that are impressive, more intuitively engaging, and willing to share with others.

2) Ideal for demonstrating products:

LED displays seamlessly display in high-definition, showing products through video, text, and pictures, allowing customers to understand products and services quickly.

3) Infinitely expandable LED display size:

The rental LED display is easy to assemble and disassemble, according to the exhibition booth area suitable for their LED display size.

floor led screen for exhibition

Eye-catching Exhibition Booths

1) Become the brightest and best in the exhibition:

Shaped LED display with floor LED screen , using the unique shape of the heterogeneous LED display, such as 3D animation and 3D changing floor LED screen, let customers immersive, fresh, and interesting feeling greatly increase the traffic flow, customers can’t help but take photos and share to the social network platform, become a highlight of the exhibition.

For example, the car show can instantly highlight the car’s technology and high-end feeling through the regular display and floor tile screen, interactive features. People can’t help but watch and interact.


Nowadays, LED displays in concurrent events or exhibitions are indispensable because regardless of the visual impact or function, it is more flexible, vivid, and specific than printed posters. The LED display can play dynamic videos and show the exhibition. Promotional films, exhibitor promotional films, and exhibition promotions will be more effective.

Whether you are a corporate culture exhibition, an urban smart exhibition hall, a real estate sales exhibition hall, or a trade product exhibition, how much booth space you need, the bibiled team can help you design creative LED display solutions that meet your creative vision and make your booth Stand out from the crowd.

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day