Shipping from China to your country

Bibi Led provide shipping service from China to overseas customers by sea and by air based on competitive shipping cost; our advantage is that when the LED display production is completed, we will directly connect with our long-term cooperative freight forwarding company to transport the goods to your country, you only need wait for the LED screens to arrive.

In addition, for some specific countries, such as Nigeria, the Philippines, and other countries with more troublesome customs clearance, the freight forwarders we cooperate with can also provide customs clearance services, even you do not have an import license, you can receive the goods at your warehouse without providing any documents.

The freight forwarding companies we cooperate with are very reliable, with over 15 years of transportation experience and offices in many countries.

Air shipping

The transportation time of air freight is very fast, it takes 7 to 10 days, but the price is also very expensive. So, when you need to receive the LED display in a hurry, and the budget is acceptable, then you can choose the air transportation method.

Sea shipping

Because the weight of LED displays is usually very heavy, 90% of customers choose shipping by sea. The shipping time is relatively long, and it basically takes 1 month or more. Therefore, when you are planning a project , Be sure to take the shipping time into account.

Door to door

This shipping method is usually reserved for sample orders. Before the large order, some of the customers are happy to receive the samples to confirm the quality. This type of transportation is generally offered by DHL, UPS, FedEx, and others, and the time required is similar to air transportation.

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