LED Screen For Casino

How LED Screen Helps For Casino?

LED displays to promote sports betting and gaming development in the casinos, provide guests with a gaming experience they’ll never forget, maximize customer engagement, increase on-site spending, enhance customer loyalty, and are well worth the investment.

Visual performance

Create a fully immersive experience through video, pictures, and sound performances and find more passion in your games.

Virus expandation

Make a profound impact on people, be more intuitively involved, and stay in the casino without time calculation.

Widely used

Different display effects can be achieved according to different needs.

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Where the LED Screen Used in Casino

Find the right place in your casino to install the LED screen

Indoor Casino Lobby/Beverage lounge Area

1) Quick access to basic casino and route map information:

Casino way finding makes it easier for customers to find games, amusement facilities, entertainment venues, and dining venues.

2) Casino news:

Spotlight jackpot winners, promote upcoming tournaments, display information on poker waiting lists and more, offer casino gaming packages and special festivals, upcoming concerts, and club events, and more!

3) Advertising:

Display advertisements for a variety of game bets to keep participants interested and engaged.

Bibiled’s indoor fixed LED displays are available in P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62 to customized any sizes to suit your needs.

Interior Decoration

1) A great piece of ambiance creation:

Firmly catching customers’ eyes in a busy and noisy environment, the rich color changing display of LED displays with an internal casino establishes an exciting atmosphere and interior experience.

The Bibiled team can recommend the right LED display solution for your interior design needs, and we can customize the LED display with curved, spherical, strip, and more.

Indoor Stage Performance

1) Entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment:

LED displays can easily switch backgrounds and are suitable for casino events, member themed activities and competitions, singing, dancing, and let the experience of releasing passion and staying in the casino.

For stage performances, bibiled can install indoor fixed LED displays or rental LED displays.

Casino Resort Gate Entrance

1) The best place to advertise:

A must-visit for people going to the casino, outdoor LED displays can show special venues, room rates, dining options, holiday entertainment, upcoming events at the casino, and more, which can quickly turn into business value.

2) Impressive and Attractive:

Eye-catching LED display designs, and bright and colorful video displays give the casino resort a unique appeal that will keep visitors coming back for more.

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