outdoor led screens

Outdoor LED screens

All sizes and resolution are available.

All weatherproof: waterproof, windproof, work under high and low temperature.

Customized shape: Colum standing, curved, double-sided, triple-sided, 90 degrees.

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Who needs outdoor LED screens?

Outdoor LED display is necessary for large-scale advertising in outdoor high-traffic areas. Therefore, this customizable outdoor LED display has become the most popular choice for advertising agencies, shopping malls, airports, and tourist attractions.

In addition to the use of outdoor LED display for advertising, it can also be used as a carrier of information spread, making the content as multimedia type, videos, pictures, and text, changing immediately, and improving the dissemination of communities and enterprises.

Shopping mall

As a place with a lot of traffic, the shopping mall has an outdoor LED screen, which can use the existing traffic to generate advertising profits and provide the brand style of the shopping mall.

Advertising agency

Advertising agencies will have a lot of different advertising products to choose from. Outdoor LED displays to have the unlimited size and play various media content to attract traffic quickly.


Many people flow in these transportation areas such as highways, airports, and stations. This is the best choice for well-known brands to advertise.

What is an outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED display is LED electronic equipment; it is composed of many LED pixels

Nowadays, traditional static billboards can no longer meet people’s requirements for advertising and display. Outdoor LED display screens can play dynamic content to attract viewers’ attention faster.

Outdoor LED displays slowly replace traditional printed advertisements, such as newspapers and static billboards. It has become a new investment choice for advertising media companies because of its efficient and stable return on investment.

Outdoor LED display screens can play advertising content 24 hours a day, even at night, regardless of the environment, weather and time, and achieve the highest profitability.

Outdoor LED display is a classification of LED display. It is an LED display installed in an outdoor open area. Outdoor LED display uses dynamic content to play video, text, and pictures to achieve the purpose of publicity and display.

Outdoor LED screen technical features

The most important parameter of outdoor LED display is brightness and outdoor weather protection.

To test the quality of an outdoor LED display, you can check the parameters of brightness and outdoor protection performance

Firstly, brightness. The brightness of the outdoor LED display must be bright enough to be able to display generally under the sunlight.

Secondly, outdoor protection performance. Outdoor LED displays need to be able to work generally in any outdoor weather environment, such as rain, snow, wind, high temperature, and so on.

ITEM UNIT Description
Pixel Pitch mm 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
Brightness Nits Up to 6500
Refresh Rate Hz >1920
Key Point All weather proof, customized size

High brightness

Brightness is an essential indicator of outdoor LED display screens because outdoor LED display screens must be exposed to direct sunlight during the day, and viewers can still see the advertising content played in the outdoor display screens. When it's night, the outdoor LED display can automatically reduce the brightness according to the brightness of the environment to avoid excessive brightness at night and harm the driver and passing pedestrians.

Outdoor protection level

When the outdoor LED display is in production, it will need to be tested for waterproofing. When the LED display is installed outdoors, the protection level needs to reach IP65. Its design is waterproof, windproof, high-temperature resistance, and low-temperature resistance. After the LED display is installed outdoors, it can work normally and stably for a long.

High durability

The outdoor LED display needs to work 24 hours a day in an outdoor environment, and it will generate heat when it is working. The outdoor LED display has a heat dissipation system to ensure that the heat can be quickly dissipated. At the same time, the raw materials used in outdoor LED displays need to be more durable.

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day

Outdoor LED screens installation

The installation of outdoor LED displays will require some special requirements. On the one hand, if the LED billboard is installed outdoors, you must obtain an installation permit. If it is installed in a public area, you may need to get a consent form signed by the affected installation business in the surrounding area. Finally, if you confirm that you need to install an outdoor LED display, it is best first to understand and consult the local regulations.

Anyone can install our outdoor LED display, but you will need to prepare some equipment for installation, such as cranes, cranes, trucks, and some outdoor LED display installations need to be structured in advance, you can contact The service provider of the installation structure, we have installation assistance in some countries, please get in touch with us to confirm

After installing the LED display, the following steps are straightforward. You only need to make the internal connections, and we will provide technical support and drawings to tell you how to make the internal connections.

The outdoor LED display has been installed, and the internal connections have been made.

How to control&operate outdoor LED screens?

Outdoor LED display screens are usually installed in busy and crowded areas, such as large commercial centers, international airports, and tourist attractions.

Since most outdoor LED displays are installed in relatively high or hard-to-reach locations, a remote control is required. At this time, you can use your computer to log in to our cloud website to achieve unlimited distance control, or more simply, directly use your mobile phone to download our software to gain wireless control.

Our outdoor LED display is unique software for remote control and wireless control. This software is provided free of charge, and we have prepared simple and easy-to-understand operation manuals to teach you how to use our software.

In addition, when you have any problems operating our outdoor LED display, we will provide timely technical support

Our outdoor LED display software can achieve the following functions remotely

Content update

Remotely change the content and set a specific period to play certain advertisements.

Brightness change

Remotely adjust the brightness, you can adjust the brightness of the outdoor LED display through our software

Turn on and off

You can reboot and boot and outdoor LED screen while you are sitting on the office

Group control

Group control of multiple outdoor LED display devices. When you have a lot of outdoor LED displays, you can control your designated outdoor LED display from any place where there is a computer and network.

How to manage the content of an outdoor LED screen?

Outdoor LED displays are very eye-catching and can attract a lot of attention. The bigger and more distinctive the LED display, the more attention it can attract. Therefore, we need to make the outdoor LED display more efficient to spread the content we play

The outdoor LED display is just a carrier that can play various multimedia contents. Therefore, the design and layout of the contents are critical.

When you need to attract traffic more effectively, it’s essential to create content that can spread.

At the same time, you can also do content layout through our software, you can divide the LED screen into several areas, and each area can play its content.

In this way, you can maximize the spread of your outdoor LED display

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day