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Who we are?

In the past 6 years, we work with our overseas clients, and we understand how important quality is! Good quality products help the small business grow bigger, and it is just a matter of time. Sometimes, it is hard at the beginning to pay much more than our competitors, but after using our products and our service, we can always have a happy customer, or you will always have a satisfied customer.

Nowadays, we already have a service network station in several countries, such as the USA, European countries, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, etc. So, you are fortunate if you are the ender customers and do not know much about how to use the LED screen, then we have people in your country to help you with the installation, software system operation, emergency tech support and customs clearance.

Quality is the life of how long could we work further

Quality Assurance

Quality material starts it all

The idea of producing a quality LED screen is far-fetched when class is not keenly observed and strictly implemented at the very beginning. How well a product turns out aesthetically, structurally and functionally at the end all depends on the quality of its starting raw materials.

The main parts for led display, is made by 1) the LED module 2) the control system and 3) the Cabinet. Therefore, including the LEDs, driving IC, PCB board, the module housing, cables, control card, and the cabinet, etc. Must pass the quality inspection strictly.

Original material
Experience workers

Experienced workers

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company. We call ourselves craftspeople to express the passion we have for creating durable cables, and we are continually improving the manufacturing process, pushing your project to succeed as expected.

We believe only the most qualified staff can go that extra mile to meet the customer’s expectations of perfection. It is the reason why Bibiled never stops to employ more cable experts in the LED display industry.

Efficient Plant & Machinery

We understand how important what the end-quality machine could bring brilliant and most stable led screen products.

Our investment in the latest technology also ensures that we can offer competitive pricing to our customers. 4 automated production lines allow us to achieve a higher output while maintaining the same high-quality product.

SMT machine
LED screen aging test

World class aging test

We are a very high focus on each process of inspection test, and bring the video report, image report and file report to you.

We have three parts for the test of our LED screen products to ensure when you receive the products without any problems. 1) 24 hours when we finish the SMT process of the LED module. 2) The first complete assembled LED cabinet light up and aging test; 3) 48 hours for full constructed LED screen aging test by playing the videos, single color carousel.



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After-sales Network in the world

Head Office in Shenzhen

Address: 1221th, Shiyan Town,Bao’an district, Shenzhen, China

Office number: 0755-85288654
Mobile number: +86 15399906913
Email: [email protected]
Contact:Johnny Yan

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Service Office in Sweden

Address: Spärrgatan 5 653 41 Karlstad

Tel: 054-24 07 90
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Mathias Palmer

Sweden-BiBi LED

Service Office in USA

Address: 12421 200th Ave Ct E Bonney Lake, WA 98391, United Stages

Tel: +1 253 3300 457
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Contact: Bruce Pierce


Service Office in South Africa

Address: 28 Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, 7441

Tel: 0861 788 324
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Contact: South Africa Office

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Service Office in Bangladesh

Address: 105 TIC Coloni, Uttara House Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Office number: +8801728561674
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Contact: Gazi Abdullah

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Service Office in Senegal

Address: 8400 sicap sacré cœur 1 Dakar, Sénégal.

Office number:+221778889744
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Sidath Toure

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