LED Screen For Hospital

The hospital’s LED screens could display the hospital’s promotional video, helping the people understand the hospital more straightly

Outdoor LED screens

High brightness, waterproof quality LED screen installed in outside

Indoor LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

How Does An LED Screen Helps For Hospital

Urgent news

When there are other emergencies such as severe weather, warnings, epidemic information, etc., LED digital signage can be used as an emergency response tool. The LED display can quickly update the message function. Managers can send messages to the central control behind the LED display at any time.

Improve patient satisfaction

Whether it’s a patient or visiting someone, sitting in a hospital waiting room and waiting for the results is boring. Even a few minutes feel like a year has passed. But install an indoor fixed LED display. You can not only provide rich and interesting content but also avoid it. If you miss the queuing information, the LED display can be split. The left side can display news, weather, sports reports, animations, etc. The right side can show the waiting queue number, medicine number, inspection number, and important hospital announcements.

Help with wayfinding

In hospitals, installing LED displays can free hospital staff from directing traffic and reduce close interactions in corridors, solving the worrisome social distancing of infectious diseases.

Promotion tool

Educational content such as health tips, medical advice, etc., is displayed on the LED display screen to provide patients and visitors with health care knowledge, which is beneficial for staying healthy. At the same time, it can promote the hospital’s medical breakthrough discoveries, treatment services, important information on facilities and research, the purpose of the hospital, and so on.

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Where Does The LED Screen Used For Hospital

Find the right place in your hospital to install the LED screen

led screen for hospital

Front desk lobby

1) Information Center:

Indoor LED screens in the lobby of hospitals and clinics are displayed 24 hours a day, showing: the history and spirit of the hospital, important health information and lifestyle choices, doctors, support services, ambulance service, etc.

This will help patients understand the hospital’s basic situation in time and can quickly find the right doctor to get treatment. It improves the medical staff’s efficiency at the front desk service center and can help others better and more. It can help the hospital to get better authority.

outdoor led screen for hospital

Entrance of the Hospital

1) Directions:

Outdoor LED billboards not only indicate where patient visitors need to go but also help them get to the right area on time.

2) Broadcast Emergency:

When there is an emergency in the hospital, the LED display is immediately broadcast through the network, helping evacuate personnel and ensuring their safety.

cross led screen

Above the main entrance--outdoor fixed LED screen/cross LED screen

1) Information guide:

install monochrome display mostly in the form of text display, broadcast hospital simple news, time and current weather conditions, warm health tips, and so on, convenient for people in and out of the hospital, need to pay attention to things.

For example, due to the impact of the Covid-19, every public place should take precautions, especially hospitals. So the LED display needs to show that people entering the hospital must wear a good mask free alcohol at the entrance to wash hands and take temperature; please enter the hospital to prepare in advance.

Functions And Uses Of Hospital LED Displays

Hospital LED displays have diverse functions and uses in the medical field, which not only improve the efficiency and quality of medical services but also optimize the patient’s medical experience.

Real-time information display

The LED display screen can display various hospital notifications, announcements, diagnosis and treatment progress, and other information in real-time, helping patients and medical staff quickly obtain the information they need and reducing communication barriers caused by poor information. Especially for important information such as emergencies and critically ill patients, the LED display can be highlighted with eye-catching fonts and colors to ensure timely communication of information.

Academic affairs disclosure

The LED display screen can be used to broadcast the hospital's income, procurement of medicines and equipment, bidding and expenditures for engineering construction, decoration, etc., to achieve openness and transparency of hospital information.

Publicity and education

The LED display screen can play medical promotional videos and health science content, such as "Patient Instructions", "Maternity Instructions", "Baby Care", "Nutritional Recipes", etc., to improve patients' awareness of medical knowledge and hospital services, and at the same time enhance their health awareness and self-care abilities.

Navigation and guidance

For patients and their families who are new to the hospital, the layout of the hospital is often complicated and difficult to understand. The LED display can provide clear navigation guidance to help them quickly find the department or service area they need, reducing confusion and anxiety in the hospital.

Emergency information release

In emergency situations, such as emergencies or medical emergencies, LED displays can quickly release relevant information to ensure that all personnel can understand the situation in time and take appropriate measures.

Improve the image of the hospital

By setting up LED displays in hospital lobbies, corridors, wards, and other areas to display the hospital's honorary certificates, advanced equipment, professional teams, and other information, the hospital's professional image and brand effect can be effectively enhanced. At the same time, the LED display screen can also play the hospital's promotional videos, public service advertisements, and other content to further convey the hospital's values and service concepts and enhance patients' sense of identity and belonging to the hospital.

How To Control Hospital LED Display?

Hospital LED displays usually use asynchronous control methods due to their large number and the need to publish a large amount of information on each screen.

This control method allows direct input and setting of publishing content through the cloud, greatly improving the efficiency and flexibility of information publishing.

Asynchronous control means each LED display can work independently and does not need to be synchronized with other screens. Through cloud control, hospital managers can connect to the control system through the network anytime and anywhere and easily input and update published content.

This approach not only simplifies the information release process but also reduces human errors and tedious operations.

Through cloud input and publishing, hospitals can update various information in real-time, such as notices and announcements, medical knowledge, department navigation, etc., ensuring that patients and medical staff can obtain the latest and most accurate information in a timely manner.

At the same time, hospitals can also customize personalized information release plans based on different needs and scenarios to enhance the hospital’s image and service quality.

Hospital-LED Screen Cases

The order for LED display screen is the most intuitive reflection of whether the LED supplier is professional and honest. The following is our export case for hospital LED display.

LED Screens FAQ

If you still have questions about the LED display, it’s okay! We’ll help you answer it now! If you want to know more details about hospital LED displays, please contact us.

The viewing angles of hospital LED displays usually need to be wide to meet multi-angle viewing needs. Common LED displays usually provide a viewing angle of at least 140°/140° to ensure that the image remains clear at different angles.

The hospital LED display supports real-time content updating and playback. Through the display control system, medical staff can remotely control and update the display content in real-time.

The brightness of indoor LED displays in hospitals is 800-1000nits, and the brightness of outdoor LED displays is generally 5000-7000nits. It can be seen clearly in all kinds of light.

The point spacing selection of the LED display screen in the hospital lobby should be based on the viewing distance and resolution requirements. It is usually recommended that the point spacing be between P2.5-P4.

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Patient satisfaction and cost savings are the two most important parameters for any public or private healthcare facility, hospital; LED displays are an effective and cost-effective way to increase patient and healthcare delivery satisfaction; LED Digital signage is more convenient and impactful than traditional printed signage.

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