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Advertising LED Screen Solutions

Owns an LED advertising screen brings more investment income than traditional billboards

Outdoor LED billboard

High brightness, waterproof quality LED screen installed in outside

Large LED display screen

Huge LED billboard, the size is up to 100m2 for advertising purposes

Perimeter LED screens

Digital LED screen for advertising in the sports stadiums on the ground as one round

Truck&trailer LED screens

LED screens mount on the truck&trailer to display multimedia advertising in the city

Retail LED Screen&Signs

Stand out from your competitors to attract more customers move inside of your shop

Indoor LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

LED poster

Freestanding LED display to show more details by display the promotion videos

Flexible LED screen

LED screens designed by the round, curved structure more suitable with the shops

Shelf LED display

Shelf LED display to display promotional and discount information in videos, pictures, text format

LED display for information transmission

LED display can more effectively transmit information and security the community

Taxi top LED display

LED screens on the roof of any taxi to display the advertising around the city

Small pixel pitch LED display

High resolution LED display to show ultra video content in the control room to keep safety

We are the best LED screens manufacturer

Bibi Led is a leading LED video wall supplier based in Shenzhen, China. To meet the high-quality demand of our customers over the world, we have established modern LED display manufacturing equipment in our LED display factory.

As a world-famous manufacturing area: LED screen China, we have the top quality LED screen chain and best machine made in Japan branding Yamaha in our LED wall factory.

Our manufactured outdoor LED display and indoor LED display can advertise brand promotion and high definition video conference shows.



Want to know more reasons to choose us?

Our LED screens are the easiest to set up

LED display can more effectively transmit information and play advertisements

You can install a digital LED screen on your own. When you buy and receive our LED screens, you can install the LED screen by yourself. just following our technical drawing to do it step by step

If there is any problem, you can call our technical support team, who will guide you to install our LED screen step by step. Or we can send our local installation partner to the assistant on you to finish the installation

Remarks: For any of the giant LED screens, we will still recommend you to work with the professional installation team just in case of the safety issue

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2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day

How to operate the LED screen & LED control system

By streaming multimedia information while running advertisements, LED screens to increase customer experience. You’ll need software and some controlling equipment to control, show, and save that content. Bibi Led will give you the most powerful ad manager software and control system suitable to your specific advertising requirements.


You can use any of the windows system desktop or laptop to control our LED screens, as long as it meets the technical demands. The software is quite easy to operate just following our simple user manual

Mobile device

No computer? No problem. You can use IOS, android mobile phone, or tablet to download our App to update the advertising content by only four steps

Romote control

You want to stay at home and change the content on your screens where they are over 1000 kilometers or even in another country, need to use our cloud system, and it is for free!

How to choose the best control way?

Choose your market

We want to provide you with the most helpful information, so you can make a self-educated purchase knowledge that will satisfy your specific needs

Shopping mall

LED displays can easily display advertisements and information, gain more brand exposure, stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, and improve the level of shopping malls.


Indoor and outdoor LED displays can enrich church activities and attract more devout people to pray, while high-definition LED displays to have the function of quickly updating information and can effectively spread ideas.


The large LED display can create a fierce and crazy atmosphere of sports events, and the ultra-fast dissemination makes the advertisements have great influence and can quickly update the results of sports events.


The LED display is an essential electronic product for planning event stages. Not only can the background picture be quickly switched, but also the high-definition picture and stage design create an artistic visual enjoyment.


LED screen can quickly update and display the airport’s flight information so that travelers have a good travel experience and can quickly expose the brand’s ability.

Smart city

LED display can provide a safe and intelligent transportation system for urban construction and effectively promote urban cultural construction.

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LED screens FAQ

We want to provide you with the most helpful information, so you can make a self-educated purchase knowledge that will satisfied your specific needs

What should you know before purchasing an LED screen

LED screen installation, shipment and operation

Still have some questions?

Our service

Bibi Led’s primary mission is to provide excellent LED screen solutions at the most affordable costs. Still, we also give our clients a variety of specialized services to help them grow their expertise and get the best buying experience.

Technical support

Bibi Led provides professional technical support from licensed specialists who are experts in Bibi Led products


Bibi Led provides online training and factory training to increase your knowledge about the function and operation of your LED screen

Installation assistant

Bibi Led provides the installation service from your local installation team to ensure your LED screen will work properly

Any further questions? Very welcome to ask Bibi Led’s technical support and sales team. We will do our best to help you to make your digital LED screen work successfully

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As the leading LED display supplier in China, Bibi Led has a 5000SQM production area in their LED screen factory. Always providing a quality LED screens. Some of our partners are

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Bibi Led was founded in 2016. Since then, we started manufacturing indoor and outdoor full color LED screen.

Our regular LED display manufacturing time is 15~20 working days, including 48 hours of the aging test.

For some hot sale LED displays, we might keep them in stock.

Yes, we can customize LED displays for your projects.

Bibi Led has a strong product development engineer team background, We are happy to develop new products for you

Yes, OEM service is win-win cooperation, we are glad to be your support in China to manufacture your LED display.

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Yes, Bibi Led is happy to teach you all the things about the LED display, and you are very welcome to visit our factory.