Big LED screens

Highly visible. So big that it will be impossible not to notice.

Technology that is eye-catching and dynamic. Your brand will be seen.

High-quality picture. Amazing brightness, even in the daytime.

The best tool to spread your advertising.

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Table of Contents

Who needs big LED screens?

Big LED screens are a must-have tool for big-format advertising in places with many people. So, advertising agencies, shopping centers, big stores, and supermarkets use big-format screens like this one to show their ads.

Large-format LED displays can carry information, make it multimedia, and change quickly for more than just advertising. This makes it easier for communities and businesses to get the word out about what they have to say.

Shopping mall

As a place with a lot of traffic, the shopping mall has a giant LED screen that can use the traffic to make money and show off the shopping mall's style.

Advertising agency

Advertising agencies will be able to choose from many different types of advertising tools. LED displays can make a big size and play a wide range of media to draw people in quickly.


Many people are moving around in places like highways, airports, and stations. Here, well-known brands can put their ads on the big LED screens.

What is an large LED screen?

Large-format LED display is a type of an LED screen which made in a big size

Big LED displays are usually used outside, and they are made by putting together LED screen modules and putting them in places that get a lot of traffic. These LED displays are one of the most eye-catching and up-to-date ways to advertise right now.

These LED screens are built to stay on all day and night in any weather and have worked well for many years.

Our big LED screens and high-brightness LEDs ensure that you can see them even under direct sunlight and dark place. That’s why an automatic brightness system must be in charge of this. It must be able to change the brightness between day and night.

Big LED screens can be adapted to multiple types of design: curved, double-sided, triple-sided, roofs and wall mounted installation, and more.

Technical and features

The most important parameter of big LED displays are brightness, pixel pitch and size

The large-size LED display solution needs to be designed with high brightness, large pixel pitch, and large size to ensure that the advertising content of the LED display can be seen even from a long distance.

When choosing the brightness, we must consider the orientation of the installation position of the large-size LED display and confirm the environment’s brightness before confirming the LED screen’s brightness.

For large-size LED displays, you need to choose a larger pixel pitch. The larger the pitch, the longer the viewing distance.

The larger the size of the LED display, the higher the price, but it will attract more attention and traffic and bring good benefits.

Therefore, when choosing a large-size LED display, you must choose the correct brightness, size, and pixel pitch.

Pixel Pitchmm6, 8, 10, 16
BrightnessNitsUp to 6500
Key PointAll weather proof, customized size, high brightness

High brightness

It's essential to look at the brightness of LED display screens because the outdoor big LED screens must get direct sunlight during the day so that people can still see what's on them. Nighttime: When it's dark outside, the large outdoor LED display automatically decreases its brightness based on how dark the surroundings are. This way, the driver and people won't be hurt by too much light at night.

Harsh protection level

Not all LED displays are suitable for outdoor use. Our solutions are built of highly waterproofed LED panels and are intended to survive harsh weather conditions. IP54 and IP65 protection are required for outdoor large LED screens. It is necessary to install additional cooling devices, such as air conditioning, when required to function continually in hot ambient circumstances.

Customized size

By customizing the size of the LED displays and billboards, we may construct them according to your project's specifications. In this instance, we can ensure that the colors are consistent and that the sizes and shapes are accurate for your installation location. We can provide a pre-sales service to fit your budget and requirements.

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day

How to install the big LED screens

Remarks: For any large LED screens, we will still recommend you work with the professional installation team in case of a safety issue.

Here are the proper steps to install the big LED screens as blow

At first: Place the LED screen cabinets next to each other, carefully put them together on your structure.

Secondly: Connect the cable connections; you need to open the back doors to put the cables through the side and top&bottom. We will show you the order drawing; follow our installation guide.

Thirdly: Download our content play software. Then you can start to upload the image, videos, text prepared in advance. Remember that you can control the LED screen locally by your computer or remotely by our cloud system.

How to control&operate a big LED screen?

LED screen for racing

The LED display screen can play advertising content through various control methods. The software we provide can be connected to a computer to control, use a mobile device to prevent or remote control; we confirm the specific installation location and requirements with you when we provide pre-sales solutions to determine which control method to use

The control system we provide is free, whether it is a computer, a mobile device, or a remote system, and an instruction manual will be provided to teach you how to use the control system of the LED display. It is very simple to learn how to control the LED display.

Furthermore, if you have any issues using our LED display, we will prompt technical assistance.

Different method of how to control the big LED screens?


You can use desktop computers or laptops to control our LED display, but our software only supports the windows system. The computers need to have DVI or HDMI output without high configuration, and the LED display will show what the computer shows in real-time.

Mobile device

Smartphones and tablets to control our LED display, Apple system or Android system can be supported, use a mobile device to control the LED display, only need to download software. You can publish the content in a few simple steps by wireless connection.

Remote control

Remote control requires that the controlling computer and the LED display have a network. For LED displays, you can connect to a wireless network, a wired network cable, or use a 3G&4G mobile phone card to make the LED display have a network so that no matter where you are Can remotely control the LED display through the network unlimited distance

How to manage the content of a big LED screen?

Large LED displays are highly visible and can draw a lot of attention. The more attention the LED display attracts, the bigger and more distinctive. As a result, we need to improve the LED display’s efficiency to spread the content we play.

The LED display is merely a vehicle for displaying various multimedia materials. As a result, the content design and layout are crucial.

When you need to increase your traffic, it’s critical to generate content that can spread.

At the same time, you may use our software to do content layout, dividing the LED screen into numerous regions, each of which can play its material.

You can maximize the reach of your giant LED display this way.

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day