LED Screen Cabinet: A Complete List Of the Best Suppliers in China

LED screen cabinet is the main part assemble to the LED screen.

Most LED screens are very big or even giant, so it best way to assemble them is to divide the LED screen into many small cabinets.

When all of the LED screen cabinets combine together, then we make it one big LED screen.

The size of LED screen cabinets could be customized, also it has different materials, such as steel, aluminum, die-casting aluminum, profile aluminum, magnesium alloy, etc.

The led screen cabinets has different types, it has fixed installation type, usually use the heavy steel or aluminum cabinet.

Use for rental LED screen, it must use the die-casting aluminum cabinets which have the quick locks to make the LED screens easy to assemble and disassemble, meanwhile, it is lightweight, around 30KG/m2


Company name: Shenzhen Sailihong Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd

  • Products Type: Die-casting aluminum cabinet, pravite LED display cabinet design and production
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Tel: 13332961331
  • Email: slh7629@163.com
  • Website: http://en.sailihong.com
  • Address: No. 6 Tongle Water Field Industrial Zone, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Sailihong Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd. is a design, R&D, manufacturing, mold manufacturing, injection molding, die-casting, profile extrusion, CNC finishing and die-casting aluminum box, aluminum profile box, and LED display cabinet. 

Since its establishment in 2009, the company has undertaken many LED businesses and has established good cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises. 

Sailihong has a good reputation and reputation among the same industry and customers, and they are one of the best quality LED screen cabinet suppliers.


Company name: Shenzhen Lixiang Display Technology Co.,LTD

  • Products Type: Die-casting aluminum LED screen cabinet
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Tel: 180-9892-0974
  • Address: Building C, Longshan 4th Road, Luotian Community, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.
  • Website: http://en.led-lx.com

Shenzhen Lixiang Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. 

It is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and selling of an LED display die-cast aluminum cabinet application. 

It has modern professional production equipment worth more than 20 million yuan. 

Established a large number of R&D and production service teams of talents with LED display application product research and development and application experience, insisted on scientific and technological innovation as the primary productivity, closely followed the development direction of LED technology, accelerated the development of new products, the application of new processes, and successfully launched Several ten indoor and outdoor LED display die-cast aluminum cabinets, and in-depth cooperation with large LED display manufacturers, have achieved many successes in the field of high-precision small-pitch die-cast aluminum cabinets, and successfully mass-produced 400*300, 608*327, 480*480 and many other high-precision small-pitch die-cast aluminum cabinets, and at the same time successfully provided a number of LED display die-cast aluminum cabinets overall solutions for cooperative units.

Li Xin Ke

Company name: Shenzhen Li Xin Ke Ji Dian Co.,LTD

  • Products Type: Die-casting aluminum box
  • Established Year: 2013
  • Tel: 18038096821
  • Address: 3F, Building D, Longda Industrial Park, Xincun, Shiyan, Baoan District, Shenzhen.
  • Website: http://en.lingxingyu.cn

Li Xin Ke specializes in the production of cost-effective LED display die-casting aluminum cabinets.

The main products are 1, LED display P2.976 \ P3.91 \ P4.81 private mode 500 * 500, 500 * 1000 indoor \ outdoor die-casting aluminum cabinet; 2, 45 degrees spell right angle column screen P2.976 \ P3.91 \ P4.81 die-casting aluminum cabinet; 3, LED display P4 male module 512*512 die-casting aluminum cabinet; 4, LED display P3, P6 male module male board 576*576 die-casting aluminum cabinet; 5, LED display P4\P5 outdoor P5\P10 male module male board 640*640 die-casting aluminum cabinet.

Jingying Qihang

Company name: Dongguan Jinying Qihang Precision Technology CO LTD

  • Products Type: Die-casting aluminum cabinet
  • Established Year: 2017
  • Tel: 0769 83906897
  • Address: 1st Floor, Guanrong E Zone, Yongbao Industrial Park, Happiness Road, Huang Naitang Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City.
  • Website: www.szjyqh.cn

Jingying Qihang was established in Shenzhen in 2015; Jingying Qihang Is a professional commitment to lead display die-casting aluminum case product development, production, and company sales.

Dongguan Jingying Qihang Precision Technology CO LTD is committed to led display aluminum alloy die-casting cabinet technology research and development and manufacturing in the domestic first aluminum alloy reference to the led display box manufacturing field.


Company name: Shenzhen U&D precision casting co., LTD

  • Products Type: Steel/ Aluminum cabinet, Die-casting cabinet
  • Established Year: 2017
  • Tel: 13927455028
  • QQ: 2881963790
  • Address: Building A, Xinhaotou Thin Back Industrial Park, Guangming New District, Shenzhen.
  • Website: http://www.led-uad.com/en

Shenzhen U&D precision casting co., LTD was registered on April 21, 2017; in December 2015, the company has started production in Dongguan, moved to Shenzhen in April 2017; the company mainly production of the die-casting body.

U&D is a global supplier of the best solutions for the r&d, production, and sales of LED display cases. 


Company name: Shenzhen LHD Electric Machines Equipment CO LTD

  • Products Type: Steel/ Aluminum cabinet, Die-casting cabinet
  • Established Year: 2008
  • Tel: 13534201128
  • Email: liheda29573737@vip.163.com
  • Address: No.8 Star Lake Road, Hongxing Village, Gongming Town, Guangming New District, Shenzhen.
  • Website: http://english.szlhdjd.com/

Shenzhen LHD Electric Machines Equipment Co Ltd, founded in 2007, adjacent to the Shenzhen Guangming new city rock lake’s beautiful scenery is a collection development, design, production in one of professional sheet metal processing enterprises. 

The company has two Japan AMADA CNC bending machine, three LiFu CNC punch press, CNC machining center 5 units, 16 sets of ordinary punch 4, argon arc welding machine, grinder and 11 Puxi 4, NC pressure riveting machine 3, a spraying line, 6.5 * 2.5m a batch of advanced sheet metal processing equipment such as oven machine.

U Motion

Company name: DongGuan U-Motion Precision Die Casting Technology Co.,ltd

  • Products Type: Magnesium alloy cabinet, die-casting cabinet
  • Established Year: 2015
  • Tel/WhatsApp: 86 185 6653 2315
  • Skype: baseercse
  • QQ: 2355642868
  • Email: baseer@umtdiecast.com
  • Address: No.11, Mingzhu 2nd Road, Shebei Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
  • Website: www.umtdiecast.com
Dongguan U-motion Precision Die-casting Technology Co., Ltd. Established in Shenzhen in 2010, specializes in R&D and manufacturing of die-casting cabinet for LED display and related products.

They have bought in 100 million CNY to expand their production base.

Now first-stage investment of CNY 50 million has been reached.

And the production base also moved to Dongguan city, especially in the die casting led cabinet and other customized die casting fabrication.

At present, U-motion has more than 500 employees with an area of 25000 sqm, and a production capacity of 240 million led die-casting cabinets for each year.


Company name: Dongguan Maidea Precision Die Casting Co.

  • Products Type: Magnesium alloy cabinet, die-casting cabinet
  • Established Year: 2005
  • Tel: 18813716688
  • Address: No.41, Hong Sheng Road, Diao Lang Village, Huangjiang, Dongguan.
  • Website: www.maidea168.com

Dongguan Maidea Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, design, production, and sales of magnesium alloy and other lightweight alloy precision die casting cabinets.

Mainly used in LED display cases, large LED display curtain walls, and other fields.

With a complete industrial chain, professional technology level, and strict quality system certification, Maidea has a development pattern of key core technology as a guarantee and high-quality precision products as a guide. 

Maidea can provide customers with integrated services such as mold design and manufacturing, die-casting, precision CNC processing, painting, testing, and after-sales service.


Company name: Dongguan Xin Jiu Mechanical & Electrical Technology CO LTD

  • Products Type: Die-casting aluminum cabinet
  • Established Year: 2017
  • Tel: 13652675768
  • QQ: 847786692
  • Address: Building B, No.12, Yanhe Industrial Zone, Liya Village, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City.
  • Website: www.xinjiuled.com

Dongguan Xin Jiu Mechanical & Electrical Technology CO LTD. is a professional manufacturer of die-casting aluminum products, product development, mold design, manufacturing, die-casting molding, CNC finishing as one of the high-tech enterprises. 

Covering 8,000 square meters, with advanced production equipment CNC machining center 33 sets, the monthly production capacity of 40,000 units, with Japan Mitutoyo three yuan testing equipment 2 sets, effective control of product precision, the company has a strong strength. 


Company name: Shenzhen Hexinyuan Hardware Products CO LTD

  • Products Type: Die-casting aluminum cabinet
  • Established Year: 2015
  • Tel: 13418634530
  • Address: No. 456, West Fairview Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
  • Website: www.hxywjzp.com

He Xin Yuan was established in Shenzhen in 2010, specializing in developing and manufacturing LED display die-casting cases. 

At present, the Dongguan base has three plants, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, using an area of 25,000 square meters, a production capacity of 1 million cases/year.

He Xin Yuan is currently configured with a complete product supply chain from raw material procurement to finished product assemblies, such as a die-casting workshop, CNC workshop, oil spraying workshop, powder spraying, processing workshop, and assembly workshop.


When we choose the LED display cabinets, we must identify the specific materials, specifications, and parameters of the cabinet, as well as the products and quality positioning that each LED cabinet factory specializes in so that you can choose the correct LED display cabinet.

If you still have questions about choosing the LED display cabinet, you can always contact us!

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