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Shopping mall

LED displays can easily display advertisements and information, gain more brand exposure, stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, and improve the level of shopping malls.


Indoor and outdoor LED displays can enrich church activities and attract more devout people to pray, while high-definition LED displays to have the function of quickly updating information and can effectively spread ideas.


The large LED display can create a fierce and crazy atmosphere of sports events, and the ultra-fast dissemination makes the advertisements have great influence and can quickly update the results of sports events.


The LED display is an essential electronic product for planning event stages. Not only can the background picture be quickly switched, but also the high-definition picture and stage design create an artistic visual enjoyment.


LED screen can quickly update and display the airport’s flight information so that travelers have a good travel experience and can quickly expose the brand’s ability.

Smart city

LED display can provide a safe and intelligent transportation system for urban construction and effectively promote urban cultural construction.


The LED display displays advertisements through video, text, and pictures, bringing super visual impact to the viewers. It has an efficient update rate and can play many advertisements.


The LED display brings a relaxed and exciting atmosphere to the bar, and the huge stage visual effect is impressive.


The LED display is the information transmission center, which can quickly update the casino activities so that the visitors can quickly integrate into the casino.


The LED display can quickly understand the culture and history of the school and, at the same time, can improve the enthusiasm of students to participate in activities.


The LED display can quickly publicize the government’s ideas, especially during the election meeting, with fast update speed and high-definition pictures, which can get a good government and personal image.


LED displays can increase the exposure of exhibitors’ products and promote the company’s brand while stimulating consumers’ desire to buy.


The LED display screen can bring great convenience for patients to register and get medicines and display news and cultural information about the hospital, which is a good way to improve the hospital’s image and pass the waiting for results.


LED displays can increase hotels’ revenue; people are keen to advertise and hold various events in hotels because it not only looks upscale but also fits well.


To attract more visitors, the LED display is explained in the form of video, text, and pictures, which makes it easier for visitors to understand, and updates the museum’s activities from time to time to improve the construction level

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