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Support and technical service

You can always get our reply quickly when you need our technical support or have any questions about LED display.

Bibi Led always desire to provide our customers with the most satisfactory technical support so that customers can use Bibi Led's LED display with confidence.

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Ways to contact with Bibi Led technical support team

Bibi Led is very clear that we must serve every customer well, as to establish long-term cooperation. Helping customers solve problems can make customers more satisfied. Therefore, if you have any problems when using Bibi Led products, you can contact us in the following ways, and Bibi Led will reply to you as soon as possible.


Communication via email is the most recommended and efficient way to communicate complex technical issues. Most of our customer satisfaction technical problem solving is done by mail. Send an email to our technical department.


When you have an urgent technical problem to solve, it is recommended that you call our technical department directly. Considering the time difference, you can call several times, and we will connect you immediately after seeing the call to assist you in solving emergency technical problems

Through salesman

If you have contact with colleagues in our sales department, you can ask them to connect with our technical department, so that when we are doing technical support, we can clearly know the product information and solve your problems more efficiently.

Do you want to contact our technical assistance service now?

Contact information of technical team and management team

We want to provide you with incredible technical support services; you can always contact our technical team and management team.


Technical Support

Email: support010@bibiled.com

Tel&Whatsapp: +86 1339764 0660


General Manager

Email: johnny@bibiled.com

Tel&Whatsapp: +86 153 9990 6913

Information and FAQ on LED screens

In Bibi Led, we hope to provide as much information about the LED display as possible so that interested customers and customers who want to become experts can learn more about the LED display. To this end, we have established the LED academic section on the website, which collects the most common technical problems of LED displays and LED display industry information.

Be an expert in the LED screen industry?

The list the customers need to prepare in advance

Before we do technical support, we will let you make some preparations in advance, which can save time for both parties, such as downloading some software in advance, connecting cables, and other simple tasks.

The parameter information of LED screen
The LED screen parameter information
Online chat APP
Online chat APP
Video call
Video camera for video call
Remote control software
Remote control software
System software download
System software download
Test shelf
Light on the LED screen

Steps to have technical support for the LED display

Bibi Led is very concerned about the customer’s service experience. When you face unexpected operation problems or technical product problems, you can get in touch with our professional technical team, and Bibi Led will assist you in solving the problem in time.

Step 1: Describe your problem

You can clearly describe your problem through text, pictures and videos

Step 2: Analyze the problem

Our professional technical team will analyze the problem according to your problem description. Generally, there are several possibilities for problems.

Step 3: Troubleshoot the problem

At this time, you will need to cooperate with our technical team to troubleshoot the problems one by one.

Step 4: Give the plan

When the problem is solved, the technical team of Bibi Led will give you the operation plan

Step 5: Fix the problem

Now you can solve the problem through the solution and operation steps given by Bibi Led

Step 6: Learn

You are involved in the whole step, so if you encounter the same problem later, you are also an expert.