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Shipping from China to your country

Bibi Led provide shipping service from China to overseas customers by sea and by air based on competitive shipping cost; our advantage is that when the LED display production is completed, we will directly connect with our long-term cooperative freight forwarding company to transport the goods to your country, you only need wait for the LED screens to arrive.

In addition, for some specific countries, such as Nigeria, the Philippines, and other countries with more troublesome customs clearance, the freight forwarders we cooperate with can also provide customs clearance services, even you do not have an import license, you can receive the goods at your warehouse without providing any documents.

The freight forwarding companies we cooperate with are very reliable, with over 15 years of transportation experience and offices in many countries.

Air shipping

The transportation time of air freight is very fast, it takes 7 to 10 days, but the price is also very expensive. So, when you need to receive the LED display in a hurry, and the budget is acceptable, then you can choose the air transportation method.

Sea shipping

Because the weight of LED displays is usually very heavy, 90% of customers choose shipping by sea. The shipping time is relatively long, and it basically takes 1 month or more. Therefore, when you are planning a project , Be sure to take the shipping time into account.

Door to door

This shipping method is usually reserved for sample orders. Before the large order, some of the customers are happy to receive the samples to confirm the quality. This type of transportation is generally offered by DHL, UPS, FedEx, and others, and the time required is similar to air transportation.

The certificate MUST have for custom clearance in different countries

The LED display is a type of electronic product. Different countries require different certificates for import customs clearance. If there is no corresponding customs clearance certificate, when the LED display reaches the destination, you will not be able to take it out from the local customs warehouse. It can only be returned or destroyed, which is very troublesome and headache.

LOA for South Africa
LOA for South Africa
SASO for Saudi Arabia
SASO for Saudi Arabia
PSE for Japan
PSE for Japan
CE for Europe
CE for Europe
BIS for India
BIS for India

See the certificates Bibi Led already have

Each country will have different demands for LED screens

LED displays are very popular in the global offline advertising industry, but the environment of each country is different. For example, some countries have high ambient brightness, some have very low temperatures. Therefore, when we make LED display solutions for each different country, we need to consider these issues to allow customers to receive satisfactory LED displays

High brightness demand

In some countries, such as the United States, the environment's brightness is very high, so the LED display installed in such a country must require the LED display itself to have high brightness. Therefore, when Bibi Led plans for these countries, it will first consider the brightness parameters.

High temperature resistance

In the Middle East and countries close to desert areas, the temperature is very high, and the highest can reach more than 50 degrees. Then, when making LED display solutions for these countries, the materials used must withstand high temperatures, especially if Use a high-quality power supply.

Low temperature resistance

In countries close to the Antarctic and Arctic regions, such as Russia, winter temperatures are particularly low. The wires and power supplies used must be low-temperature resistant materials to ensure that the LED display can normally work in an ultra-low temperature environment.

The type of plug

There are many kinds of plug standards. When placing an order for production, we will equip the corresponding plug according to the country where your project is installed, so that when you receive the LED display, you can power it on and work normally.

The running power

The power supply of different countries is also different. For example, the United States, Canada, and Japan are powered by 110V, and 200-240V powers most other countries. When the power supply is different, the number and specifications of the power supply and power cables selected are different.

Export standard material

The quality and material standards of LED displays exported abroad are different. When the LED displays are exported to foreign countries, after-sales and maintenance are more troublesome, so Bibi Led will choose export-standard materials to meet the quality requirements.

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How do we keep the after service for overseas customers

When you import LED displays from abroad, the most troublesome and worrying thing is the after-sales problem. Bibi Led will do our best after-sales so that you can have no worries after purchasing LED displays from Bibi Led.

Online support

Bibi Led provides professional technical support from licensed specialists who are experts in Bibi Led products online by teamviewer.

Installation assistance

Bibi Led cooperates with local installation companies in some countries, when you receive the LED display, Bibi Led can arrange for them to assist in the installation until the LED display works perfectly

On-site assistance

Bibi Led can arrange English and professional skills to come to your country to guide the installation and use until the LED display can work normally.

Bank confirmation

Which currency we can receive?

When it comes to national trade, paying to other countries is extremely risky, as you are very likely to be duped, resulting in huge losses.

As a matter of fact, before making payment, we recommend that you confirm the supplier's bank account and request a bank account confirmation letter with a bank seal (The bank account confirmation MUST come from the bank).

Bibi Led will provide a notarial certificate stamped by a third-party bank, confirming that we are honest.

Bibi Led To facilitate the smooth payment of customers in different countries and achieve the import procurement plan of LED display, we have applied to the bank for the following major currencies, all of which can be paid normally:


On an extra note, when you need to pay your LED display supplier, be sure to confirm that their bank account is credible.

Conclusion: Import an LED screen is not as easy as a piece of cake

When importing LED displays from other countries, there are many things to think about and be concerned about.

For example, finding a reliable LED display supplier, confirming their quality stability, after-sales service, and so on.

When you decide to work with them, you should check if their solution is reasonable. In this regard, Bibi Led suggests that you contact us about the project solution for which you need to place an order, and we will provide you with a free LED display solution consultant.

And more, how to transport the LED display from China to your country and clear customs.

Finally, when you receive the LED display, how to use it, maintain it, and a variety of other issues must be addressed.

You can work directly with Bibi Led. Bibi Led has rich experience exporting LED display screens and serving customers from overseas. We will always provide our international clients with the best and most on-time services.

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day