LED Screen For Sport

How LED Screen Helps For Sport ?

The sports field has always had a stable and directional audience. In the digital advertising era, the sports field has attracted many advertisers; LED display has become the digital advertising era’s carrier. Hold thousands of people of the sports field, tens of thousands of people of the audience, with LED display magnification function, let every audience see the athlete’s action. This is what the LED screen can do.

Visual performance

Through the LED display’s magnification function, the audience can see the athlete’s expression and movement from dozens of meters away.

Virus expandation

It makes a profound impact, is more intuitively engaging, and willing to share with others, thus making the advertising on the sports field more popular.

Widely used

It can be used both indoors and outdoors for greater flexibility, depending on the requirements.

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Where the LED Screen Used in Sport

Find the right place in your sport to install the LED screen

Outdoor Stadium/Arena/Skating Rink Peripheral LED Displays

1) Attracts thousands of fans in the stadium:

Even when fans are far away from the game, the outdoor LED display can clearly and smoothly show the game’s moments and stars’ faces, arousing the passion and attention of thousands of fans and bringing the atmosphere to the climax of the game.

2) Provide fan engagement content:

LED displays can show cheerleading video messages and directions to the fan zone during the game.

3) Dynamic advertising platform for regional partners:

Sponsors run sports-related advertisements that increase exposure and fans’ willingness to pay for them, such as apparel, beverages, decorations, etc.

Indoor Giant Sports LED Display

1) Stadium must-haves:

Customizable in size to fit the venue, large LED screens allow the stage to interact with fans, increase other marketing opportunities for sponsors, and broadcast the action in real-time, allowing spectators to see the game and the advertising content without taking their eyes off the big LED screens.

2) Advertise:

Expand your business platform to attract fans and reach commercial value hours before launch.

3) Interview center:

Provide dynamic real-time content such as pre-game stats and social media interaction, interviews, team lineups, and game highlights.

LED Sports Scoreboard

1) A must for stadiums:

Scoreboard LED screens are suitable for all environments; the scoreboard, as the name suggests, displays the scores of both sides of the game, and can directly broadcast fan broadcasts or live events, which helps to increase fan engagement.

For example, in the most exciting moments, live soccer can show the players’ expressions and superb skills in high-definition detail, enough to drive fans crazy.

1) Display Advertising:

Installed primarily on a stadium or arena’s seating level and fenced around the arena’s floor to create an endless loop of advertising or information. Cut to practical information in real-time to increase fan engagement while providing great marketing opportunities to create value for sponsors.

For example, sponsor Coca-Cola places ads on maintenance block screens. Both people on the site and media shots can easily capture Coca-Cola ads and post them on social media to promote the business and get more people to buy.

1) Fast installation and transportation:

The best advantage of LED screen on truck and trailer are the convenience. LED screen mounted on truck and trailer can be set up within 15minutes at site. You do not have to hire more workers to install the LED display for outdoor event broadcasting, which will help you reduce operating cost and time cost.

2) Available for various applications :

LED screen on vehicles can be widely used in many kinds of broadcasting events such as swimming, cycling, horse racing, football match, basketball match, TV broadcasting etc.

1) Ultra-HD display, restore the scene :

Indoor fixed installation LED display. It has a clear picture quality and colorful picture that greatly restores the scene so that the viewer is quickly immersed in the event, igniting sports fans’ passion.

2) Activity site layout flexible :

Using rental LED screen, can be indoor and outdoor layout event watch place, installation is simple, convenient transportation, has a strong restructuring, according to the venue’s requirements to decide the size of the LED display screen.

Swimming events are designed to resemble basketball games, with the spectator seating remaining the same and the competition area replaced by a lane.

This type of arena is “centralized” and is usually designed as follows.

1) use a broadcast screen to focus on a specific racer and broadcast his swim details.

2) using a scoreboard to register scores for different countries/teams and related information.

3)  The perimeter LED screen will play the team LOGO or advertisements in a circle around the race track and on a certain floor of the spectator stand.

In recent years, extreme outdoor sports have become the focus of attention, and racing is one of them.

Unlike soccer and other outdoor events, racing requires more safety and more attention to the different teams’ image.

Therefore, specific scenarios are also different for outdoor events.

1) A reminder LED screen is used to introduce the race theme and team information at the start of the race and at the team start point.

2) The use of perimeter LED screens for advertising purposes, which are generally installed at the spectator level rather than at the edge of the arena for security reasons.

While computer games and mobile games were popular, various gaming-themed eSports events were born.

Once again, LED screens are the key protagonists, providing a great deal of imagination in running the games.

The main consumers of gaming events are Generation “Z” users (people born between 1995 and 2009).

They are sensory stimulation seekers, aesthetically pleasing in terms of beauty and richness, and enjoy group revelry.

The application of LED big screen in the eSports arena can meet these three needs.

Secondly, with the development of technology and the application of AI, AR, and VR, it will be possible to unleash visual creativity in combination with tournaments.

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What is a Sports LED Screen? Why is it being adopted by world class events?

In today’s sporting events, LED screens for live video streaming, electronic scoreboards, and advertising are commonplace rules.

Do you have the following problems as an event organizer, brand owner, sport LED screen supplier:

1. A large event is about to be held and is faced with many types of LED screens, but does not know which ones are more appropriate.

2. Not knowing which sport LED screen to choose to match the venue, number of people, and event type.

3. Don’t know how to use the sport LED screen to create more creative campaigns and stimulate higher communication value.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use a sport LED screen to give, arena design, and application scenarios, how to choose an advertising format that maximizes benefits, understand customer demand points, and gain a fuller understanding of the value of a ball screen.

Chapter 1 Why Are LED Sports Screens Being Used by World-Class Events?

Whether you follow sporting events or not, you are familiar with the following video that has exploded worldwide.

The up video is a scene that happens during halftime of an NBA game.

Cameras are randomly selected in the audience, and the selected fans will be broadcast live on the big LED screen.

The audience will greet a couple sitting next to each other in the shot with cheers and kisses in this highly anticipated moment.

Because of the excitement and fun, these images have been spontaneously forwarded to the Internet by many people, attracting attention at home and abroad.

In the tiktok alone, the up short videos of this moment have received millions of likes.

You can imagine how much exposure this “kiss” has brought to the NBA brand and how many people have become loyal NBA viewers.

Suppose you are a tournament manager or sponsor of an event. 

In that case, the NBA’s case must be a valuable learning experience for you.

Obviously, “kissing at random in front of an audience” may seem like an accidental and romantic event. Still, it’s a well-directed effort by the NBA.

However, the secret of the NBA’s success is very simple: “Millions of attention = exciting gameplay + sport LED screen + user interaction.”

If we want to replicate its success, we must find answers to the following two questions.

Q1: Why does a single “kiss” have such a significant publicity effect?

At the heart of this is two keywords: randomly selected and highly visible.

You can be considered “randomly selected” if you meet someone randomly on the street. Still, it’s not likely to be a pleasant surprise.

When you’re in the limelight, people talk about you as the center of attention, and you’re likely to be worth twice as much.

The NBA’s success lies mainly in the up second keyword: limelight.

Q2: How do I achieve “the limelight”?

You can use the sport LED screen to broadcast to thousands of viewers with its high brightness, superzoom, and real-time broadcast capabilities.

It can be used as a public issue setting tool to turn a carefully planned game into a focus of public attention. 

Chapter 2 How to Diversify the Value of Sport LED Screens?

Product Value: Why should we use a sport LED screen?

Sportsmanship has been around since ancient Roman times and is still popular today.

Why has it endured for millennia?

The reason lies in its revolutionary innovation inform – the large-scale application of LED screens, which has brought sports into the “full-color era.”

Today, it has been deeply bound to the Olympic Games, World Cup, NBA, and other world-class events.

It plays a significant role in core processes such as live broadcasting, real-time scoring, brand exposure, etc. 

Specifically, it can bring irreplaceable value to the business side.

Specifically, the sport LED screen can bring a variety of irreplaceable values to the business side.

Value 1: Provide mature technical products and solutions for enterprise customers.

The marketization of LED displays can be traced back to the last century.

There has been a market scale of nearly ten billion dollars.

Years of technical precipitation, accurate market segmentation, and LED screens for the stage, advertising, events, and other scenes provide specialized services.

Among them, sports halls and outdoor stadiums are the mainstream scenes.

The industry has already formed a solution to LED large screen + specific types of events”.

Including customer docking, program design, field construction, supporting software, lighting, dancers, and other tedious service processes.

Cases of product solutions are also very rich, such as below:

1) The classic solution for the world-renowned Soccer World Cup: multiple large broadcast LED screens + multi-layered fence LED screens.

This combination of solutions is suitable for huge stadiums and outdoor scenes, such as soccer and track and field.

2) Broadcast LED screens: Since the stadium is outdoors, the space is large, and there are many seats for the audience, multiple broadcast LED screens are required to meet the needs of 10,000 people watching together.


3) Fence LED screen and perimeter LED screen: With a large stadium area and many seats, it is possible to set up a multi-layer fence LED screen to maximize advertising exposure.

WWE U.S. Pro Wrestling, classic product portfolio: 1 super large broadcast LED screen + 1 cue LED screen + 1 layer of fence LED screen.

This combination of solutions is suitable for medium to large arenas, indoor, and small arena scenarios such as wrestling and boxing.

4) Broadcast LED screen: Because the arena is indoors, the overall space is small, and the audience is concentrated, the design of the stage structure is imitated, with the ring at the center and a large broadcast LED screen placed behind it, thus taking into account the central position of the ring and the real-time broadcast of the information screen.

5) Score LED screens: Wrestling tournaments have only 2 participants, and the competition emphasizes individual ability and rankings.

6) Perimeter LED screens: The ring area is small, so only one layer of perimeter LED screen is designed at the back of the arena to increase the number of fences LED screens and advertising exposure.

Other events, such as basketball courts, track, field, ice hockey, etc., can be designed and selected based on the event’s needs and characteristics.

While the organizers are thinking about matching the products and designing the scenes, the suppliers are ready with mature measures.

Value 2: Provide a quality experience for spectators and promote ticket sales

Have you heard about the Hillsborough tragedy?

In 1989, during a game at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, 5,000 Liverpool fans who were unable to attend the game flocked to the stands due to structural and organizational problems, resulting in a stampede that killed 96 people and injured hundreds more. 

More than a hundred years have not diminished the impact of this tragedy.

If the stadium has had an oversized broadcast stadium LED screen, would the outcome have been different?

Will fans be able to watch the game on the giant LED screen and not be so anxiously crowded into the stands?

Could the organizers have put warning messages on the big LED screen to get fans’ attention and guidance, and would that have resulted in nearly 100 deaths?

It’s hard to give an exact answer to this question, but one thing’s for sure: If LED screens were used, everything would not be so wrong.

Behind this accident, it is worthwhile for the organizers to consider.

How do you make most spectators enjoy the game when expensive front row seats are often reserved for a select few?

How do you genuinely convey the spirit of “sports for all”?

The answer is – the LED screen.

This is because it can make up for the shortage of space in the stadium, shorten the distance between the event and the audience, and bring the audience a quality experience.

User’s pain demand: Real-time broadcast of high-definition images so that even the last row of spectators can clearly watch the race.

Giant broadcasting LED screen and score LED screen to display event information, a four-sided LED screen with high ceiling, real-time score LED screen for real-time recording ……

Several sport LED screens with good screen quality, each with different tasks, play different roles in the arena.

Therefore, no matter where the audience is, they can clearly understand all the game information.

The need for innovative experiences: creating interesting interactive activities to increase audience participation

For the viewer, the purpose of paying for a product without a physical object is to be: “useful” or “interesting”.

The LED screen provides a clear view of the game and satisfies the viewer’s need for “usefulness.”

At the same time, it can also meet the audience’s demand for “fun” and realize the more added value in addition to the game.

For example, the NBA’s Kiss Cam, a variety of cell phone interactive activities, can easily connect the audience through the LED screen.

Value 3: Content dissemination and value realization for brands.

In the age of media, subscribers and traffic are more valuable than anything else.

Just like many beauty bloggers on YouTube, they craft many free instructional videos to attract subscribers.

The more subscribers, the more influence the YouTuber has.

Behind the seemingly free payout, beauty bloggers are building their influence by accumulating followers.

Ultimately, they can easily make valuable promotions about specific products by simply introducing them in videos, thus earning high commissions paid by brands.

The same is true for large LED screens, including perimeter LED screens.

In the same vein, we can easily deduce that the wealth code for sports competitions is.

The world-famous event was used to focus the spectators’ attention. At the same time, a high-brightness, large-area perimeter LED screen was installed at the near field.

Ads placed on the LED screens, deeply tied to the stadium, can spread as far as the event and impact the brand as possible.

It’s like Coca-Cola in the World Cup.

It doesn’t have to do anything but light up the circle of perimeter LED screens by the green field, and that’s enough for the world to see it.

YouTube beauty bloggers are capturing users at the other end of the net.

What Coca-Cola captures is the entire greenfield and its more than 100 million fans.

Thus, a sport LED screen with this feature can also activate brand sponsorship and bring more revenue to the organizer.

Value 4: Smooth progress for the organizer

We are keeping the message flowing and the audience engaged in the event.

Accessibility for all spectators to view the game from a distance, understand the score, and other key information is almost always the key to a successful match.

At the end of a soccer match, the score is often tied, and a last-minute goal can turn the tide in favor of a winner.

This is a gripping experience for every soccer fan.

How clearly the ball is seen from toe to basket determines whether the crowd can scream in excitement.

At the same time, you can’t imagine a situation like this.

Fans who travel thousands of miles to watch the game on the green field may not even be able to see the ball because there are no LED screens.

Enhances the sense of agency and makes the fans loyal fans

Much of the modern fan’s willingness to chase after their favorite team stems from the “involvement” that comes with “identity”.

Many basketball fans are wearing uniforms with a certain number on them, and each number has a special meaning behind it.

Just like Kobe Bryant’s “8” and “24” in basketball, or Beckham’s “7” in soccer.

They simply feel that by wearing the same numbered uniforms, they are close to their sports idols.

The appearance of the LED broadcast screen visually shortens the physical space between the audience and the players and psychologically enhances their sense of participation. 

Chapter 3 Why is the Return on Investment (ROI) for Sports LED Screens High?

Return on investment: one place to put in, N place to return – Sport LED screen pricing

A place to put in

How much does it cost if I use LED screens for the game?

At the price of an average LED large screen solution.

Soccer field, approximate cost: $250,000

Outdoor basketball court, approximate cost: $200,000

Indoor basketball court, approximate cost: $150,000

Indoor boxing ring, approximate cost: $150,000

And how little of this is compared to other costs such as arena rentals, event perimeters, etc.!

What deserves our attention is the return and benefit that the LED screen brings to the game.

Returns at N

The sport LED screen is like a canvas for the imagination.

The organizer/brand can design it any way they want, whether it’s to display a logo/slogan/video or as a medium to interact with the audience.

Payback 1: Bring the audience a good experience, maintain the reputation and brand value of the event

Giving every spectator a clear view of the proceedings, score, and even player information is the most basic game goal.

From the viewer’s perspective.

Paying for tickets before a race is paying for future expectations.

Will judge after the match whether the viewing experience was as expected.

When the experience falls short of expectations, the organizers and brands are greeted with negative comments. 

The value and influence of the branded event are compromised.

The most basic configuration, such as the score LED screen and broadcast LED screen, can perfectly solve this pain point.

High-brightness, ultra-clear, large-area broadcasting/scoring LED screens to allow every viewer to see clearly.

In turn, it can deliver timely information about the event and maintain the reputation and brand value.

Payback 2: Create creative activities, promote social interaction and impress the audience

Consumer behavior studies have found that.

Advertising can bring brands into the subconscious of consumers.

Impressive triggers can make consumers think of the brand while shopping, which can lead to a purchase.

For example, the phrase Just does it reminds people of Nike.

When consumers hear similar words, they can easily associate the brand with it.

The same goes for sporting events.

The NBA borrowed the LED broadcast screen to create the Kiss Cam, a creative “random kissing” campaign.

The campaign was different from other events and became a unique highlight for the NBA.

As the Kiss Cam video was retweeted hundreds of times, the NBA’s branding was associated with the campaign spread like wildfire.

From the LED screen to the Kiss Cam, and from the Kiss Cam to the NBA, the three are closely connected.

Anyone of them will be the trigger that reminds viewers of the NBA.

This is the associative value of creative campaigns.

Payback 3:  Excellent presentation, spontaneous communication, equivalent to millions of dollars of publicity

Sharing is the instinct of modern people. 

When they see exciting moments and laugh-out-loud clips, people will spontaneously forward them to the Internet.

When netizens view a video that arouses their interest, they will give positive feedback in the form of compliments/comments/retweets, fueling the content’s popularity.

The video content becomes popular and is viewed by millions of people.

The message conveyed in the video is also the best publicized.

Soccer videos, on the other hand, often have this effect.

A “goal kick” or a “goal against the run” is “super-competitive” content that generates heated discussions.

“Slippery foot wrestling” and “provoking an opponent” are also “fun” content that can make the audience laugh.

The videos containing this content often have millions of views.

These videos have one thing in common; they are usually shot from a large LED broadcast screen.

The same goes for the Kiss Cam.

This is because LED’s excellent presentation allows viewers to see the content they are interested in quickly, film it, and distribute it.

Payback 4:  Increased sponsorship revenue, a win-win situation for both the brand and the organizer.

Excellent product performance, multiple application scenarios, numerous ticket sales (i.e., number of spectators), and interesting social interaction activities all make the event a worthwhile investment for brands.

The larger the event and the more ambitious the LED scene, the easier it is to attract large brands to sponsor the event.

By cooperating, they can exchange sponsorship fees and advertising traffic, and each will get what it needs and win-win.

Chapter 4 What Are the 6 Commonly Used Sport LED Screens?

What are the different types of sport LED screens?

According to the form, purpose, and characteristics of the LED screen, the sport LED screen is mainly divided into the broadcast LED screen, perimeter LED screen, four-sided LED screen, score LED screen, remind LED screen, etc.

1. Broadcast LED Screen

There are two types of broadcast LED screens, rental and fixed, which are the larger LED screens for sports games.

Such as 100 square meters, 400 square meters, or even bigger.

Usage: Generally used for real-time match coverage; occasionally also used as an “interactive LED screen” during warm-ups, halftime, and the end of the match, such as Kiss Cam Interactive.

Usage scenarios: It is an essential LED screen that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Remind LED Screen

Medium-sized, often used in conjunction with a broadcast screen.

Usage: Generally placed on one side or the bottom of the screen to help show the color of the scene on the one hand and to supplement the information of the event on the other – for example, in a two-player competition such as a boxing match, to highlight the personal information of the participants, or in a team competition, to present information about the different teams.

Usage Scenario: Usually placed on the side of the arena, in a high place, suitable for being seen by the audience.

3. Perimeter LED Screen

Perimeter LED screens come in various sizes, appearing as a circle around the edge of the arena, assembled with several placed on the edge of the arena, or placed several times around in the spectator stand.

Usage: The purpose is to spread advertising information to the audience; branding can also create the atmosphere of the stadium, shaping the stylized scene.

Usage scenario: It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the number of layers is generally chosen according to the number of spectator seats.

4. Four-sided LED screen

The four-sided screen is equally large and is usually the most eye-catching presence in the arena.

Usage: Like a broadcast screen, it can broadcast the game to the audience, show various warm-up animations, etc.

Usage Scenarios: It is mainly used indoors because it needs to be hung on the top.

It performs well in closed arenas and 360-degree auditoriums, taking into account the viewers’ experience from all angles.

5. Scoreboard LED screen

Medium size, often set in a prominent location in the arena.

Usage: To record the scores of different players/teams in an event, usually in less flashy colors, mainly to convey information clearly and concisely.

Usage Scenario: Suitable for all events, generally placed on the arena’s side in a high position to be seen by the audience.

In addition to the mainstream mentioned above sport LED screen types, “shaped” versions are also available according to specific needs.

For example, the “shaped” fence LED screen: By bending the box and screen flexibly, it is possible to achieve a fence screen circle without gaps.

There are two main types.

Type 1: A smaller number of fence panels are assembled and displayed in the arena’s center.

Type 2: A larger number of fence panels are assembled and displayed inwards on the arena’s perimeter, in the spectator stand.

The advantages are the 360-degree presentation of the brand message, close to the center of the audience’s concern, and easier to be seen.


Sport LED Screen has various product types that can meet the needs of real-time video zooming, advertising, and score synchronization.

It can be flexibly applied indoors and outdoors to create super-competitive scenes for various events.

BIBILED can provide you with this product and customize the design according to your needs, providing high-quality services throughout the process.

If you want to know more about the product, seek guidance on purchasing the product, or other assistance, please email us at [email protected] or leave a message below as a comment.

We will reply as soon as possible.