LED Screen For Sport

The sports field has always had a stable and directional audience. In the digital advertising era, the sports field has attracted many advertisers; LED display has become the digital advertising era’s carrier

Perimeter LED screens

Digital LED screen for advertising in the sports stadiums on the ground as one round

Rental LED screens

Quick assembling and disassembling with the quick locks

Outdoor LED screens

High brightness, waterproof quality LED screen installed in outside

Indoor LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

How Does An LED Screen Help For Sport

Create the ultimate fan experience: No matter who you’re cheering for, the sporty LED display will ensure you never miss a moment and will allow you to participate in events, interact with competitors, show fan videos or in-game entertainment, allowing You have a feeling of being up close and personal, which inspires enthusiasm and an impressive experience for fans to become loyal fans.

High-return investment projects: Even if you only have one LED display in the stadium, many sponsors will take the initiative to seek cooperation with you, hoping to use it to promote their brand, increase the company’s influence, and allow fans to see advertisements, thereby stimulating consumption, such a virtuous circle, you can have a lot of advertising rent, and advertisers not only increase their influence but also increase economic income.

“Viral” spread effect: The motion LED display is broadcast live to thousands of viewers with high brightness, superzoom, and real-time broadcast function, it can become the focus of the public as a carefully planned game, or it can be set as a public topic tools to increase exposure rapidly. For example, the video of “Kiss Cam” in the interactive session of NBA events has been enthusiastically loved by hundreds of thousands to thousands of people, even though it has been many years in the past.

Wide applications: LED displays to shine in sports events and play a beautiful stage charm in sports’ opening and closing ceremonies. At the same time, from the entrance to the stadium’s exit, the information transmission outside the stadium is equally important. Without its broadcasts and prompts, they are missing moments on the field because going to the bathroom can happen in many places, such as stadium parking lots, retail stores, restaurants, and more.

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Where Does The LED Screen Used For Sport

Find the right place in your sport to install the LED screen

led screen for score

Outdoor Stadium/Arena/Skating Rink Peripheral LED displays

1) Attracts thousands of fans in the stadium:

Even when fans are far away from the game, the outdoor LED billboard can clearly and smoothly show the game’s moments and stars’ faces, arousing the passion and attention of thousands of fans and bringing the atmosphere to the climax of the game.

2) Provide fan engagement content:

LED displays can show cheerleading video messages and directions to the fan zone during the game.

3) Dynamic advertising platform for regional partners:

Sponsors run sports-related advertisements that increase exposure and fans’ willingness to pay for them, such as apparel, beverages, decorations, etc.

led display for game

Indoor giant sports LED display

1) Stadium must-haves:

Customizable in size to fit the venue, large LED screens allow the stage to interact with fans, increase other marketing opportunities for sponsors, and broadcast the action in real-time, allowing spectators to see the game and the advertising content without taking their eyes off the big LED screens.

2) Advertise:

Expand your business platform to attract fans and reach commercial value hours before launch.

3) Interview center:

Provide dynamic real-time content such as pre-game stats and social media interaction, interviews, team lineups, and game highlights.

score led screen for sport

LED sports scoreboard

1) A must for stadiums:

Scoreboard LED screens are suitable for all environments; the scoreboard, as the name suggests, displays the scores of both sides of the game and can directly broadcast fan broadcasts or live events, which helps to increase fan engagement.

For example, in the most exciting moments, live soccer can show the players’ expressions and superb skills in high-definition detail, enough to drive fans crazy.

Perimeter LED display

Sports fence LED screen

1) Display Advertising:

Perimeter LED display Installed primarily on a stadium or arena’s seating level and fenced around the arena’s floor to create an endless loop of advertising or information. Cut to practical information in real-time to increase fan engagement while providing great marketing opportunities to create value for sponsors.

For example, sponsor Coca-Cola ads on maintenance block screens. People on the site and media shots can easily capture Coca-Cola ads and post them on social media to promote the business and get more people to buy.

LED trailer for sport

Launching outdoor event broadcasting

1) Fast installation and transportation:

The best advantage of the LED screen on trucks and trailers is convenience. LED screen mounted on truck and trailer can be set up within 15minutes at the site. You do not have to hire more workers to install the LED display for outdoor event broadcasting, which will help you reduce operating costs and time costs.

2) Available for various applications:

LED screens on vehicles can be widely used in many kinds of broadcasting events such as swimming, cycling, horse racing, football match, the basketball match, TV broadcasting, etc.

sport led screen

Indoor live events

1) Ultra-HD display, restore the scene:

Indoor fixed installation LED display. It has a clear picture quality and colorful picture that greatly restores the scene so that the viewer is quickly immersed in the event, igniting sports fans’ passion.

2) Activity site layout flexible:

Using the rental LED screen, can be indoor and outdoor layout event watch place, installation is simple, convenient transportation, has a strong restructuring, according to the venue’s requirements to decide the size of the LED display screen.

LED screen for swimming game

Swimming events

Swimming events are designed to resemble basketball games, with the spectator seating remaining the same and the competition area replaced by a lane.

This type of arena is “centralized” and is usually designed as follows.

1) use a broadcast screen to focus on a specific racer and broadcast his swim details.

2) using a scoreboard to register scores for different countries/teams and related information.

3) The perimeter LED screen will play the team LOGO or advertisements in a circle around the race track and on a certain floor of the spectator stand.

LED screen for racing

Outdoor racing events

In recent years, extreme outdoor sports have become the focus of attention, and racing is one of them.

Unlike soccer and other outdoor events, racing requires more safety and attention to the different teams’ image.

Therefore, specific scenarios are also different for outdoor events.

1) A reminder LED screen is used to introduce the race theme and team information at the start of the race and the team start point.

2) The use of perimeter LED screens for advertising purposes is generally installed at the spectator level rather than at the edge of the arena for security reasons.

led screen for game

Computer game competitions

While computer games and mobile games were popular, various gaming-themed eSports events were born.

Once again, LED screens are the key protagonists, providing a great deal of imagination in running the games.

The main consumers of gaming events are Generation “Z” users (people born between 1995 and 2009).

They are sensory stimulation seekers, aesthetically pleasing in terms of beauty and richness, and enjoy group revelry.

The application of LED big screens in the eSports arena can meet these three needs.

Secondly, with the development of technology and the application of AI, AR, and VR, it will be possible to unleash visual creativity in combination with tournaments.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is different from traditional sports. It requires a very large competition venue, so it is very difficult for the audience to see the game clearly with the naked eye.

In order to make it easier for everyone to see, the design is usually as follows:

1) Use a huge LED display screen for real-time game broadcast and explanation.

2) Use a scoreboard to register the scores and related information of different teams.

Basic Elements Of LED Displays On Sports Fields

As an important information display device in sports venues, the basic elements of LED display screens are directly related to their display effect, usage functions, and the audience’s viewing experience. They provide a wonderful visual feast for the audience and important information to support the smooth progress of the event.

Specifications and Dimensions

The size and specifications of the display screen need to be determined according to the size of the stadium and the layout of the auditorium to ensure that most of the audience can see the display content. Usually, large sports venues use large-size, high-resolution LED displays to provide clearer and more detailed images and video effects.

Viewing angle and viewing distance

To ensure that the audience can see the content of the display screen from all angles, the LED display screen needs to have a large horizontal and vertical viewing angle. In addition, depending on the layout and distance of the auditorium, the appropriate viewing distance needs to be determined to ensure that the audience can comfortably view the content on the display.

Color performance

The color performance of an LED display is also an important factor affecting its display effect. The display needs to be able to accurately restore the colors of images and videos so that viewers can feel the true atmosphere of the game.

Refresh frequency and response time

In sports competitions, it is often necessary to update game data, play videos, etc., in real-time, so the LED display needs to have a high refresh frequency and fast response time to avoid image freezes, delays, etc.

Brightness and contrast

Sports fields are usually located in outdoor environments, and factors such as direct sunlight will affect the display effect of the display. Therefore, LED displays need to have high brightness characteristics to ensure that they can maintain good visual effects under strong light. At the same time, contrast is also a key factor affecting the display effect. High contrast can make the image more vivid and three-dimensional.

Stability and durability

Sports stadium LED displays usually need to run for a long time and may face various harsh weather conditions, so stability and durability are also important considerations. The display must be waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant to ensure it can operate stably in various environments.

How Does An LED Display Screen Use The Sports Competition Points System Asynchronously?

When the LED display screen uses the sports competition points system asynchronously, its operating principle can be simply understood as independent operation and real-time data exchange between the two systems.

First of all, we need to understand the role of the sports competition points system. This system mainly collects data during the game, such as athletes’ scores, game time, etc. This data is usually generated in real-time by professional timers and scorers and then sent out through a specific transmission system.

Next, the LED display screen is connected to the sports competition points system through its control system. The “asynchronous” communication method is like two people chatting on a mobile phone. One person sends a message, and the other can check and reply later instead of having to reply immediately. Therefore, even if there is a temporary problem with the sports competition points system or there is some delay in transmission, the LED display control system can work independently and continue to display the previously received data.

So, how is the data transmitted from the points system to the LED display? After the control system receives the data, it will parse it to ensure the data format is correct. It will then display these game information on the LED display according to the preset format and layout. In this way, viewers can see real-time updated information such as athletes’ names, scores, and game times, and sometimes even watch live images or video clips related to the game.

In addition, to meet the needs of sports competitions of different types and sizes, the control system of the LED display is designed to be quite flexible. You can adjust the display content anytime through the remote console or the referee’s desk, such as changing the font size, adding new competition events, etc. Multiple display areas can also be set up to display the points of multiple games at the same time, allowing the audience to understand the progress of the entire event at a glance.

Sports LED screen cases

As an important information display device in sports venues, the basic elements of LED display screens are directly related to their display effect, usage functions, and the audience’s viewing experience. They provide a wonderful visual feast for the audience and important information to support the smooth progress of the event.

Sports LED screens FAQ

If you still have some questions about LED displays, it’s okay! We’ll help you answer it now! If you would like to know more detailed information about LED displays for sports fields, please contact us.

LED displays in sports venues support remote control. Through specialized control systems and software, administrators can remotely update content, adjust parameters, control brightness, etc., which not only improves management efficiency but also reduces costs and facilitates rapid response in emergencies.

The outdoor stadium LED display size needs to be comprehensively considered based on the stadium size, number of spectators, viewing distance, and budget. You can communicate with us to customize the appropriate size to ensure visual effects and cost-effectiveness.

When choosing the pixel pitch of LED screens in sports venues, you need to consider viewing distance, application scenarios, and costs. If the demand for high definition is high, choose small and large spaces for outdoor advertising. You can communicate with us to customize the appropriate spacing to ensure optimal effects and costs.

The viewing angles of LED displays in outdoor sports venues are usually larger. Generally, the horizontal and vertical viewing angles can reach more than 140 degrees, ensuring viewers can see clearly at different angles. However, it should be noted that in addition to the viewing angle, parameters such as brightness and resolution also need to be considered.

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It’s no secret that LED displays to bring fans an uplifting experience of live sporting events these days. More than ever, organizers focus on the passionate atmosphere in fans’ stadiums, increasing advertising revenue and improving fan satisfaction. Spend.

Do you have a large-scale event about to be held, faced with a wide variety of LED screens, do not know how to choose? Not sure which sports LED screen to choose to match the venue, number of people, and event type? I don’t know how to use the sports LED display to create more creative activities and stimulate higher communication value.

Bibi Led provides you with a one-stop solution for LED displays. We have LED displays for different purposes in sports events. These include broadcast LED screens, information LED screens, LED fence screens, four-sided LED screens, scoreboard LED screens, creative LED screens, etc.

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