LED Screen For Hotel

How LED Screen Helps For Hotel ?

The installation of LED displays in hotels not only increases the competitive advantage and enhances the impact of the hotel, but also provides a higher quality service experience for customers.

Visual performance

Impressive video, picture, and sound show via the LED display.

Virus expandation

Bring freshness, intuitive participation, willingness to share with others, and promote the brand’s impact.

widely used

Depending on the requirements, both indoors and outdoors are possible.

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Where the LED Screen Used in Hotel

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Hotel Entrance

1) Advertise and increase revenue:

With eye-catching advertisements on LED displays, hotels can successfully advertise the best rooms or tickets to local attractions, travel tickets, food, etc. and increase revenue.

2) Attract advertising sponsors:

LED display advertising can bring many benefits, which will make more advertising sponsors willing to spend money on the LED display, in the different precise period for advertising, this is undoubtedly a good win-win situation.

Hotel Lobby

1) Increase the efficiency of the hotel staff:

A hotel that can accommodate thousands of guests for multiple events at the same time, each person can access continually changing information such as hotel announcements and events, local attractions around the area, weather forecasts, hotel culture promotion, etc., greatly reducing the burden on front desk staff, faster response to customers and customers can also save time by getting information in advance.

Conference Rooms

1) Easy to change the background wall, create a good atmosphere:

LED display can display text, pictures, and videos, can according to different activity needs, easy to change out of the different background, rendering a good environmental atmosphere, such as the wedding scene of romance and warmth, business meetings rigorous and calm, etc.

2) Let the meeting activity lively and interesting:

LED display screen is not affected by the outside sunlight, without closing the window, it is not only stable brightness, clarity, and the picture quality is delicate and colorful. In the meeting, to explain a theme through text, pictures, and video multi-faceted form to explain the theme, let the audience simple to understand, willing to participate in it, let the dull meeting become interesting.

Hotel Decoration

1) Improve VIP-like experience:

When customers walk into the hotel, they are impressed by the LED display’s creative design. It is like a work of art, making people feel like they are in the mood, cultivating their emotions and entertaining them.

2) Increase the influence:

The shock of the art LED display works, easy to share to the network, to achieve rapid spread, more and more people will come to admire.

Hotel Rooftop Open-air Movies

1) Leisure and entertainment cultivate emotions:

Standing to the hotel rooftop, can enjoy the city’s colorful night view, looking up at the stars, and like people to watch movies or a ball game, LED display HD, rich colors, improve the comfort of watching the restoration of the scene degree high.

The day can also hold activities and so on, and LED display will not because of the strong light during the day and affect the effect of high-definition, meet part of the need for the crowd’s social activities and leisure and entertainment people.

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