Flexible led screens

Flexible LED screen

It is innovative and can play dynamic content with perfect visual impact, attracting more people's attention.

It can be bent 180 degrees and created into various curved and wavy shapes.

High resolution can reach up to 4k, and the high pixel density ensures a clear playback effect.

Customized size based on the needs, and it can also be specified based on the design requirements.

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Who needs flexible LED screens?

Your ideal can become a reality thanks to the flexible LED screen. Many places, such as exhibition centers, museums, science halls, shopping malls, casinos, and clubs, have flexible LED displays built-in any curved shape. It makes locations more attractive and exciting by using creative shapes.

Flexible LED displays are an excellent way to promote your advertising or brand promotion. Whether in the center or not, it can provide a better sensory experience. The viewing effect has been greatly improved, attracting more eyes and benefiting investors.

Shopping mall

Large shopping malls are an important place to display commercial advertising; LED cylinder screens are commonly seen in large shopping malls, making it easier to attract people's attention. Flexible LED screens are an essential tool for high-traffic shopping malls.


There is much traffic in the transportation area, such as the train station, airport, and subway. The soft LED screen can be installed directly on the hall's pillars or any curved design. It can display many commercial advertisements while also displaying local characteristics via dynamic content. The flexible LED screen has quickly become one of the most popular types of advertising in the transportation industry.

Creative exhibition

The LED curved screen offers much creative freedom, and its bendable properties allow it to be designed into a wide range of dynamic curved LED displays. We can see the LED soft screen in many creative types of exhibitions, which is more artistic and creative than the conventional flat type LED display and attracts people's attention more.

What is a flexible LED screen?

A flexible LED screen is an LED screen that can bend up to 180 degrees

The flexible LED screen is constructed with a flexible chassis and PCB, bending up to 180 degrees. It is mainly used to manufacture indoor curved LED screens, cylinder LED screens, wave LED displays, ribbon LED displays, and round LED displays.

A flexible LED screen’s display principle and function are the same as those of a regular LED display. The difference is that the soft LED screen’s flexible PCB and flexible bottom shell allow for 180-degree bending.

Because of its softness and bendability, the soft LED screen can be installed on existing curved structures such as columns and curved walls. The flexible LED screen’s unique shape can often be more eye-catching when playing dynamic content.

Soft led module

Flexible LED screen technical features

To select an excellent flexible LED screen, you must first confirm the exact curved angle of the installation and the refresh rate and purpose

soft led screen

The flexible LED screen can be customized with various radians and sizes, but it cannot be changed once set, so when purchasing a flexible LED screen, you must accurately measure the radian and size.

Because flexible LED screens are installed indoors and are not waterproof, they can only be installed indoors, such as in exhibition centers, museums, shopping malls, casinos, hotels, and airports. Its high-definition display, unusual shape, and dynamic video playback effects frequently draw much attention.

Because the flexible LED screen is so attractive, people will take pictures of it and share them with their friends. As a result, we must use a high-refresh, flicker-free configuration.

Of course, many details must be confirmed before selecting an excellent flexible LED screen, such as pixel pitch, customized shapes, materials, and so on. If you need to buy flexible LED screens, contact us for the best professional solution.

Pixel Pitchmm1.8, P2, P2.5, P3, P4
Bend AngleDegreeUp to 180
Maintenance WayN/AFront
Key PointUsed for indoor installation only, make your ideal come ture

Customized design

The size and curvature can be changed at will: various arc structures can be realized and customized to meet creative needs. The size of the flexible LED screen can be adjusted to meet the user's needs.

High refresh rate

The flexible LED screen must have a high refresh rate of 3840Hz or higher to be flicker-free when people take photos and videos, allowing for secondary communication and increased sharing.

High resolution

The resolution of the flexible LED screen can easily reach 2K and 4K pixels, resulting in obvious images and video display. This high-definition indoor flexible LED screen has evolved into a must tool for creative display in high-traffic areas.

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flexible led display

How to customize the flexible LED screens?

A variety of customization options are available for the flexible LED screen. It can be customized in size and shape and according to the angle of the wall. Customers can easily customize a one-of-a-kind flexible LED screen to meet their specific requirements. The steps for customizing the flexible LED screen are as follows:

1. Provide a picture of the installation location and measurements of the installation location's size and radian.
2. Based on the installation location picture and drawings you provided, we will design the actual size of the soft LED module and the required pixel pitch.
3. Create the installation method and structure and complete drawings for you.

When you receive the flexible LED screen, it will be a fully assembled cabinet, and you will only need to install it on your existing structure one by one unit at a time.

How to display content on flexible LED screens

flexible led screens

The flexible LED screen is controlled and used the same way as a standard LED screen. In general, the soft LED screen installation location is relatively close to the store, making it easier to access. As a result, we recommend using a relatively simple control method, such as a USB or mobile phone, to edit video and picture content, which can then be broadcast according to the schedule you set.

Of course, if your flexible LED screen is installed a long distance away, you can change the program using a remote control. To quickly change the program and schedule the time, you need to sit anywhere with a computer and log in to our website.

Our software is extremely powerful, and they have additional functions such as those listed below.

  • Set a schedule for playback.
  • Control the brightness manually or have it adjusted automatically based on the environment.

  • On/off switch control

  • Remote control without distance limited

  • Support most images and video formats

  • And more.

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