LED Screen For Enterprise/Government

How LED Screen Helps For Enterprise/Government?

An Outdoor LED billboard is a fixed installation in the outdoor environment that can play dynamic advertising, used in the commercial advertising industry. It is mainly installed in shopping malls, pedestrian streets, banks, shopping centers which has high traffic areas.

Increased efficiency

LED displays through video, pictures, and text to make people easier to understand and improve the meeting training’s efficiency. Eye-catching location displays let people know the company/government news and business processing waiting time for the staff to reduce the tedious workload and better serve the people.

Promoting positive energy and building a harmonious society

Promote positive energy news in real-time, and educate people to make society more harmonious and better.

Widely used

Depending on the requirements, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Where the LED Screen Used in Enterprise/Government

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Conference/Training Room

1) Effective discussions lead to better decisions faster:

LED displays display visual data and play an important role in the workplace. LED displays can be configured with multiple video sources for data comparison, making meeting discussions and decisions more efficient.

2) Make training easier:

Small pitch LED displays with great visuals, high-definition video images, and presentable data display make learning easy to understand.

Bibiled’s indoor fixed LED displays are available in P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62 to customized any sizes to suit your needs.

Control Center

1) Maintain security:

Small pitch LED displays to display clear, detailed, and colorful images, which greatly ensure business personnel and government officials’ safety, respond effectively to calls and emergencies while playing a great role in the later investigation of information.

Click here for more information on small pixel pitch LED display screen.


1) Promote the spirit of business/government:

in the form of video and pictures, living and breathing display of the spirit of business and government culture, shaping good ideas and love of work atmosphere.

2) Pointing guide and reminder role:

Visitors, according to the picture video display of the indoor LED display, find the right location, for example, 2:00 pm meeting ** meeting will be held in the third floor 303, please be on time.

Political Election Campaigns

1) Make your voice louder :

The LED display on vehicles are popular for election campaigns and has been widely used in the election from Africa to Australia. Bibiled’s outdoor LED displays on truck are available in P4, P5, P6 to give all audiences clear video of the candidate and the speakers can make the voice loud to show their campaign slogans.

2) Effective warm-up advertising media:

In many African countries, there are fewer outdoor LED billboard installed in the city and rural areas. Most promoting media are traditional ways like newspaper, TV and flags. LED display on truck can go to different cities to conduct warm-up election campaigns. The vivid videos on truck LED screen will make all participants impressive and well noticed.

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