small pixel pitch led screen

Small pixel pitch LED display

Images and videos can be displayed thanks to the ultra-high display and ultra-high resolution perfectly.

Any seamless size stitching, 16:9 perfect ratio, guaranteed playback effect.

The best display effect is achieved through high color reproduction and HDR technology.

Powerful features, such as support for multiple video sources, split-screen use, dual backup, and so on.

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Who needs small pixel pitch LED displays?

The high-resolution LED display and the small-pitch LED display can maximize the display effect, resulting in an ultra-fine visual experience and ultra-detailed display effects in the location where the small-pitch LED display is installed.

Small pixel pitch LED displays have many advantages, particularly for high display standards requirements, such as customizable size, seamless splicing, high color reproduction, and high brightness. Small pixel pitch LED display is widely used in conference rooms, control rooms and command centers, stock exchanges, and TV stations because of these benefits.

Conference room

Small pixel pitch LED display is widely used in conference rooms and has slowly displaced conference room projectors. LEDs have a much higher brightness than projectors, allowing for normal display in bright and dark environments. Because of the seamless splicing technology, it appears to be a complete LED display with no seams. People's faces will not be split when used for remote video conferences. There will be no confusion between seams and table dividers when displaying Word, Excel, PPT, and other files, resulting in a misreading of the content.

Control center

The command center must display more detailed content, requiring almost stringent requirements for products and technologies such as high resolution, high color reproduction, high refresh rate, split-screen playback, etc. This is possible with a small pixel pitch LED display. The high resolution of the small pixel pitch LED display can produce an ultra-high-definition display effect. Because of the high level of color reproduction, there is no color difference between the image and the real scene. The small pixel pitch LED display allows you to connect multiple external devices, such as multiple camera devices at the same time, split-screen. Use this to show multiple screens at the same time. Small pixel pitch LED displays with these characteristics are widely used in various control and command fields such as public display and security monitoring.

TV station

Small pixel pitch LED displays are becoming increasingly popular in TV stations and studios. Because of the small spacing of the LEDs, seamless splicing is possible, ensuring the high quality of the display screen. Not only that, but the small spacing LED screen allows you to adjust the color temperature and has a high degree of color reproduction. As a result, for applications requiring high color reproduction, such as studios, TV stations, and other fields, LED small-pitch screen playback can be used to ensure correct image restoration and the high-definition display effect of LED small-pitch displays is also received by TV stations and various other fields. 

What is an small pixel pitch LED display?

The small pixel pitch LED display is an electronic display with a pixel pitch of less than 2mm

The small pixel pitch LED display has a high resolution and can easily achieve a 4k playback effect. The LED cabinets are tightly spliced at the same time, resulting in a seamless effect on the entire LED screen that is almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. The LED screen’s color temperature and brightness can be adjusted, and it has excellent color reproduction. The small pixel pitch LED displays with a unique structure can achieve the effect of simple installation and convenient use.

The small pixel pitch achieves the high-definition display effect LED display. It is mainly used for display purposes. It is commonly used in control rooms, command centers, television stations, theaters, conference rooms, monitoring rooms, and other scenes requiring high-quality displays.

small pixel pitch led display

Small pixel pitch LED screen technical features

When selecting a good small-pixel-pitch LED display, the size ratio and display effect must be considered

fine pixel led screen

High-resolution LED displays are becoming increasingly popular in the whole display industry, so what factors should we consider when selecting an excellent high-resolution LED display?

First of all, you must determine the pixel pitch. The most common ones are 720P, 1080P, and 4K. Because their aspect ratios are all 16:9, you should also select a 16:9 size LED display.

Second, double-check the budget. The smaller the pixel pitch within the same size, the clearer the resolutions. When your budget allows, you should choose a higher resolution as much as possible to improve the display effect. We have PH0.9mm, PH1.25mm, PH1.56mm, and PH1.875mm to choose from.

Finally, confirm your installation location; a small pixel pitch LED display can do the double backup; if your installation location is relatively high-end, and you need to do a live broadcast, you can use a dual backup system.

Small pixel pitch LED displays are a high refresh rate, are flicker-free, have the best color reproduction, and pursue the ultimate display quality in all LED display products. You can reach out to Bibi Led at any time for the best solution.

Pixel Pitchmm0.9, 1.25, 1.56, 1.875
Refresh RateHz>3840
Key PointUsed for high-end meeting room, TV station, broadcast, military, control room

16:9 ratio

Our LED small-pitch display screen is 600x337.5 in size, with a perfect aspect ratio of 16:9. This ratio is best suited for video playback and produces the best results when playing video files.

HDR support

We use HDR technology to achieve the highest color reproduction degree when playing video, highly restore the scene picture, and earn a high degree of realism in the playback effect. The color and brightness of the entire LED screen are very consistent and uniform.

Dual backups

We have dual power supply and control system backups, ensuring that the LED screen works and is used to the greatest extent possible. The double-backup design meets the requirement for small pixel pitch LED displays not to stop working, which is equivalent to double protection against unexpected occurrences. 

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fine pixel pitch led display

What are the benefits of HDR technology

High-dynamic-range displays are seen as a technology to improve the display effect of the current digital displays.

HDR capture is a technique for capturing high dynamic range (HDR) images by taking and then combining multiple exposures of the same subject.

A unique control system is required to equip the small pixel pitch LED screen with HDR.

Here's what HDR can bring to the LED screen.

Wider color range.
Improvement of overall image quality.
Enhanced color displays.

As a result, the HDR technique can improve display quality to a higher level without any changes for LED displays.

What is the difference between 480P, 720P, 1080P, Full HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K LED screen

Screen resolutions for LED screens, LCD screens, video sources, and other digital displays include 720P, HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K. They differ in terms of the number of pixels and the resolution. Pixels, in general, The more dots there are, the clearer the video or picture will be on the digital display.

480P: With a resolution of 852×480 pixels, 480P is the start for displaying standard quality images and videos.

720P/HD: The relating pixels of HD and 720P is 1280×720 pixels, with 921,600 pixels. This solution is a good option when selecting a small pixel pitch LED display at a lower cost.

1080P/Full HD: Full HD displays images and videos better than HD. Its relating pixel has a resolution of 1920×1080. There are 2,073,600 pixels in total. They are suitable for standard high-definition display situations, such as high-end meeting rooms. When it comes to small pixel pitch LED screens, 1080P is the most popular option.

2K: The display effect of 2K is more delicate than that of 1080P, making it suitable for viewing high-definition images and videos and game display application areas. His pixels are 2560×1440, with a total of 3,686,400 pixels.

4K: 4K is considered ultra HD; its pixel resolution is 3840×2160, with a total pixel count of 8,294,400; it can perfectly display more details, which is why it is called ultra HD.

8K has 7680×4320 pixels and a total resolution of 33,177,600 pixels. Its display quality is four times 4K, and 8K technology has only recently become available. Although the display effect is excellent, few customers choose it because the price is too high.

In general, pixels are not the only factor influencing display quality, but they are an essential consideration. When selecting pixels, the first thing to consider is the content that your LED display must display and the display purpose that must be achieved.


Small pixel pitch LED displays have exploded in popularity in recent years. People can enjoy a perfect viewing experience thanks to its high-definition resolution, seamless splicing, ultra-wide viewing angle, and delicate display effects.

It has become the most popular display tool for customers who have high display quality requirements in conference rooms, theaters, monitoring rooms, and so on.

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