Warranty Policy

Bibi Led shall provide free maintenance service if there are any quality problems within the guarantee period.

Bibi Led shall provide the new power supply, receiving cards for free if broken in one year.

Bibi Led shall take the single freight cost within the guarantee period.

Once the warranty period expires, BIBI LED shall not accept any responsibility for freight costs incurred.

Bibi Led shall provide a favorable price for the maintenance service once the warranty period expires.

Bibi Led shall not take any responsibility for the following circumstances that happened.

1. Unauthorized disassembling or repairing;

2. Malfunction by misuse;

3. Out of the warranty period;

4. Void or broken series number seal tape.

Bibi Led will not provide a warranty under the following circumstances:

1. Damage due to the users’ misuse;

2. Damage due to damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters;

3. The malfunction caused by misuse, including unauthorized disassembly, improper testing, etc.;

4. Shell damage or components damaged in use.

Warranty time will start to count two months later after signing the contract.

Cost for after-sales technical support.

Bibi Led will send the engineer to help with local installation and maintenance guidance. Still, the client should bear all the expenses incurred for the after-sales technical service, including visa fees, boarding fees, meals, transportation fees, and so on.

The client should also take full charge of the engineers’ visa arrangement.

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