LED screen for airport

Most travelers are accustomed to coming to the airport early to wait for their flight, and each traveler spends about 60-120 minutes at the airport. LED displays installed at airports will bring passengers flight information updates, way directions, and advertising videos to benefit airports.

Indoor LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

Outdoor LED screens

High brightness, waterproof quality LED screen installed in outside

Small pixel pitch LED screen

High resolution LED display to show ultra video content in the control room to keep safety

Flexible LED screens

It can be bent 180 degrees and created into various curved and wavy shapes.

How does an LED screen help for airport

Increased revenue opportunities:

The shortness of passengers staying at the airport provides the media with diversified opportunities. The high-quality targeted advertising through LED displays not only attracts passengers but also supports the local economy and the airport’s revenue. It’s like when you are waiting for your flight to Beijing at the airport, and the LED display in the airport is telling you the must-eat food in Beijing: Peking duck. , will you be tempted by this must-eat food?

Improve the travel experience

Passengers can get a faster and more comprehensive understanding of the flight information of the airport. The data of the flight information display system is constantly changing. If the plane encounters delays and needs to change the boarding gate and other information, these data can be quickly sent to several different LEDs on the display so that passengers can see it everywhere in the airport.

Quickly understand the surrounding traffic information

First of all, on the way to the airport, the LED traffic display will guide you to the airport entrance to avoid mistakes, and in the parking lot will bring you the latest traffic conditions in the airport, prompt parking locations, and avoid time-consuming parking spaces and road congestion.

Create a special airport

Airports are the first things travelers see when they arrive in a new city, and thus play an important role in communication and culture. Modern airport design incorporates elements of art and heritage to become eye-catching attractions, such as: at Singapore Changi Airport, Two famous LED-based “digital murals” showcase historical and cultural images of the city-state.

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Where does the LED screen used for airport

Find the right place in your airport to install the LED screen

advertising led screen for airport

Airport Lobby Counters

1) Expedite passenger boarding procedures:

Improve passenger boarding procedures and increase staff efficiency by displaying the airline’s logo behind the counter, displaying real-time airport boarding information and boarding procedures, etc.

2) Helping Passengers Convey Useful Information:

The management list focuses on displaying security instructions and passenger information to help passengers and travelers check-in, purchase tickets, and ultimately reach their destination safely and orderly.

Bibiled’s indoor LED displays are available in P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62 to customized any size to suit your needs.

flexible led screen for airport

Waiting Area/VIP Lounge

1) Make the wait less boring:

LED displays can play interesting video content such as news, local customs, advertisements, and airport boarding information to make passengers feel comfortable.

For example, when the plane is ready to fly to the beach. The airport may inspire waiting for passengers to rush to buy the products.

indoor led screen for airport

Luggage Belts

1) Baggage Claim:

Update the location of the baggage forwarder to schedule the arriving flight.

2) Waiting virtually educates passengers:

Passengers spend a lot of time waiting for their luggage to arrive. These areas are great places to spread advertising and social or educational messages through a CSR program.

flexible led screen for airports

In Front of Duty-free Shops And Restaurants And Bars

1) Good Marketing Promotion:

Duty-free retail shops, stores, bars, and restaurants in the terminal provide a great platform for advertisers to promote their products and brand image.

2) Attract a crowd to Buy:

LED displays to show the store’s latest discounts and feature videos, pictures, and text to attract a large crowd to buy the product.

creative led screen for airport

Airport Interiors

1) Experience a profound, relaxed atmosphere:

The flexibility of flat, curved, and wrap-around technology allows designers to create content that is more than just a LED screen, allowing travelers to experience a profound experience unlike any other, creating a relaxed environment while waiting.

2) Inspire travelers to buy:

LED displays are created with content that can be easily changed and marketed according to the season, holiday, and event themes to inspire travelers to buy.

The Bibi Led team can recommend the right LED display solution for your interior design needs, and we can customize the LED display with curved, spherical, strip, and more

parking led screen


1) Reduces traffic problems and improves driving safety:

LED displays can direct travelers to parking locations and give drivers up-to-date flight information as they wait to enter the parking area.

The LED screen greatly improves traffic safety and parking revenue and reduces parking traffic problems in on-street passenger areas.

small pixel pitch led screen for airport

Control Center At The Airport

1) Maintaining airport security:

The clarity, detail, and colorfulness of small pixel pitch LED displays to ensure airport and passengers’ safety, protect against unscrupulous behavior and emergencies, and help separated passengers.

For example, if a child is lost at the airport, the mother can ask the airport staff for help, and in addition to activating the voice accordingly, she can use the airport’s control center to look for surveillance footage to find her child.

Click here for more information on small pixel pitch LED displays.

Digital sign for airport

Airport Roadside

1) Indicate location:

LED displays to indicate airport entrances’ location reduces time. It takes passengers to detour off the road and makes roadside locations less confusing.

2) Impressive:

The welcome message displayed on the outdoor LED display will also make a good impression on the traveler.

Indoor Advertising Signs At The Airport:

1) Point out the direction to the airport:

The vast airport is confusing when you come to an unfamiliar airport for the first time. If there are obvious LED signs, not only will you feel more at ease, but you can also quickly find the place you want to go, and you have saved a lot of time.

2) Great location for ads:

Basically, more than 96% of people who arrive at the airport will pay special attention to the travel time information signs at the airport,passengers' eyes, however, linger longer when the ad is displayed beneath the billboard.


The LED display has injected vitality into the airport. The installation of LED displays for advertising effectively creates new revenue for the airport, displaying flight information, wayfinding directions, and practical uses in terms of cultural and artistic potential. The same is true for train stations, bus stations, and high-speed rail stations.

The traditional projector is not selected as the display at the airport, mainly because there is no high-definition and brightness of the LED display. As the leader of the indoor display, the LCD cannot achieve the seamless splicing and customized size of the big LED screen, so the LED display is also An integral part of the airport.

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