LED Screen For Stage

A successful event cannot be achieved without an LED display. The huge event scene makes it easy and clear for everyone to watch the live performance, allowing the performers to immerse themselves in a more severe display.

Rental LED screen

Quick assembling and disassembling with the quick locks

Floor LED screen

The floor LED screen brings a lot of passion and interactivity to the display field

Indoor fixed LED screens

LED screens in the storefronts and windows to attract more traffics

Outdoor fixed LED screen

Outdoor fixed installation LED screen used for stage

How Does An LED Screen Help For Stage

Create an atmosphere: During the performance, the LED display will play the corresponding themed video or picture, accompanied by music to create an atmosphere in line with the theme, allowing viewers to understand and immerse themselves in the performance.

Shocking visual effects: The stage LED display can create a live effect with strong visual impact and artistic appeal. It can be used as an extension and supplement of the performance, enriching the performance content, and has become an important part of the performance content.

Flexible background switching: When you want to go to a concert, you prefer to start with only one background image or choose different programs with different background scenes. Most people will choose the latter, LED display. The screen can quickly switch the screen function to coherent and appealing to each program.

Stable investment income: People flow is the key to wealth password nowadays. It is an activity that can attract many people. It is successful. How can it be done? A well-planned performance plan + a good stage LED display design = a steady stream of people, which is why the organizers always need stage LED displays.

Rapid dissemination: The stage LED display has the characteristics of high-definition and high brightness, which can withstand the shooting of millions of shots. Due to the event’s appeal, many audiences can’t help but take wonderful moments or broadcast live broadcasts to major social platforms. Quickly became popular.

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Where Does The LED Screen Used For Stage

Find the right place in your stage to install the LED screen

led screen for Concerts

Artist Performances-- Concerts

1) Capture the vision and create an unforgettable performance:

Quick processing and creative design feature according to the stage’s needs to create a fun unreal effect that seems to be in touch with the stars—enhancing audience participation and allowing the performers to have fun and showcase their talents.

2) Beneficial to the promotion of the concert:

Successful performance and powerful promotion will attract people to look forward to the next event performance; LED display whether live or audience sharing, can withstand the test of each lens, shooting a clear and beautiful picture, thus greatly promoting the event's influence.

T stage LED screen

New Product Release--Fashion Show

1) Easy to display stage costume show:

Rental LED display screen is rich, can display each model’s dress style and style in high-definition so that every viewer can enjoy the design of the clothing and feel the charm of the stage, while bringing a good experience to you fashion buyers enterprise, a precise selection of clothing style, to purchase large quantities.

For example, you are ready for the company to book the next spring’s clothing style and quantity. Do you think the material and details of the clothing design features, color, and customer groups need to consider the show’s acceptance needs to look at while thinking? With the LED display to restore the clear display, you will have more time to judge to make more accurate decision-making.

led screen for show

Branding--Car Show

1) Increase the impact and generate a lot of revenue:

Stand the test of every shot.
capture clear and beautiful images.
Have no graphic effect on the live broadcast and viewer sharing.
Greatly promote the event’s impact, thus generating commercial value.

For example, the LED display design, creating a high-tech stage, showing the unique lines of the car, the exquisite and beautiful design and the performance of the car, etc., amazed the audience and made them unable to stop filming and sharing and buying.

led screen for Shopping malls

Festivities Activities--Promote Sales

1) Hot-selling products tool:

LED display even during the day to play video and pictures, the picture is still high-definition, watching comfortable feeling strong, attracting people flow, in the festival is approaching, the business day and night respectively in different places held in a variety of sales activities, to attract buyers to buy holiday products.

For example, the festival is approaching; businesses need to sell holiday products in the commercial center to build a stage with an LED display as the background. And then hold promotions and apply for membership activities, dancing, competitions, lucky draws, and other forms to attract customers to watch to buy, businesses will be satisfied with the sales results.

stage led screen

Activity Ceremony

1) Render the atmosphere and add a sense of ceremony:

The clear and detailed background images displayed on the LED display bring a sense of infinite honor and solemnity to the entire event, making people feel highly valued.

2) Spread the word positively and encourage others:

Have you ever been excited or touched at an event ceremony? Is it the trophy or the story behind the award that makes you feel? When the winners and life narratives were played, everyone in the audience could see the images’ content, spreading boundless positive energy, encouraging more people to learn, and couldn’t help but applaud and bless the winners.

LED screen for speech


1) Easily switch between screens and make presentations come alive:

The LED displayshows video and data pictures and text, making presentations more interesting, and the listener more attentive. For example, when a speaker describes the sea, the LED display shows the blue sea and the wide sky, quickly engaging the listener in an imaginary picture.

When a more complex problem is encountered in a training course, the LED display allows the learner to quickly understand the problem and the lecturer to teach with ease.

stage floor led screen

Variety Contest--Dance Competition

1) Create a splendid stage, perfect dance posture presentation:

According to the basic needs of each participant, quick processing and innovative design features create a vivid and interesting, unreal effect for the stage, so that the dance performance is more infectious.

For example, China’s famous Peacock Dance, in addition to the superb dance technique, to achieve an unreal effect, the background video display is required to be a jungle, clear water, and blue sky to achieve the best visual effect.

The Difference Between An LED Stage Screen And A Traditional LED Display Screen

1). Different types of options

LED stage screens have higher requirements for stage display and clearer picture playback effects. Therefore, P3 or P4 model high-definition screens will be used in general indoor environments. Even fine pitch P2.5, P2, and other models are used. The P6 or P5 models are typically used outdoors.

For traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, due to long viewing distance or low display requirements, P5 or P4 models are generally used indoors, and P10 is used most outdoors, followed by P16.

2). Installation method

Most LED stage screens use rental LED screens, which are easy to disassemble and assemble quickly. For example, it can be disassembled and moved to another stage for construction after the show.

Traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays are usually fixed installations. Once the installation location is fixed, it is difficult to move.

3). The difference between LED cabinets

For traditional outdoor LED screens, the LED cabinet is waterproof and has a relatively heavy structure. The indoor LED display uses a simple LED cabinet.

Since LED cabinets are often disassembled and moved, stage rental LED screens are usually made of die-cast aluminum. Additionally, LED stage screens are often transported by car, ship, or airplane. During transportation, there will be bumps in the corners of the rental LED screen. In order to avoid interfering with the use effect, the rental LED screen must be resistant to damage.

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Stage LED Display

Before purchasing a stage LED display, you need to carefully consider many aspects to ensure that you choose a display that meets your current needs and can adapt to future changes. Here are 6 points you should consider thoroughly before buying:

Display effect

Display effect is the core indicator of stage LED display. You'll want to consider factors like your monitor's resolution, brightness, contrast, and color reproduction. High resolution can ensure clear and detailed images, high brightness ensures the visibility of images, and high contrast can enhance the layering of images and provide good color restoration.


Stage LED displays need to be able to operate stably in various complex environments, so reliability is very important. You need to consider the stability, durability, and water and dust resistance of your monitor. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the heat dissipation performance of the monitor to avoid failure due to overheating.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the stage LED display should be determined according to actual needs. You need to consider factors such as the size of the stage and the distribution needs of the audience. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the splicing method and installation structure of the display to ensure that it can adapt to different stage environments and installation conditions.

Control system

The control system of the stage LED display is the key to its operation. You need to choose a control system that is powerful and easy to operate. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the stability and compatibility of the control system to ensure that it can connect seamlessly with other equipment.


Cost is also an important consideration when purchasing a stage LED display. You need to choose the most cost-effective product based on your budget and actual needs.

After-sales service

After purchasing a stage LED display, after-sales service is also very important. You need to choose a supplier with good after-sales service so that you can get timely solutions when you encounter problems.

Stage LED Screen Cases

The order for LED display screen is the most intuitive reflection of whether the LED supplier is professional and honest. The following is our export case of stage LED display. I believe you will see our professionalism.

LED Screens For Stage FAQ

If you still have questions about the LED display, it’s okay! We’ll help you answer it now! If you want to know more details about LED display, please contact us.

When selecting the size of the stage LED display, you need to consider the audience position, stage size, etc. to ensure that the audience can see clearly. The large size is suitable for large audiences and large venues; the small size is suitable for small audiences and small venues.

The choice of stage LED display needs to be comprehensively considered based on budget, frequency of use, flexibility and other factors. Leasing is suitable for short-term use, such as short-term music festivals, etc.; fixed installation is suitable for long-term use, such as performance halls, etc.

The pixel pitch has a great influence on the stage LED display. Generally, the stage LED display will choose a small pitch pixel pitch, such as P3.91, P2.5, etc. The specific parameters need to be selected according to the audience distance and display requirements.

If you need to adjust the playback content at any time, it is recommended to choose synchronous; if not, it is recommended to choose asynchronous.

Still have some questions?


LED displays are no longer purely electronic display devices when events are held but are shifting in an artistic direction. With the iterative updates of emerging new display technologies and black technologies, stage LED displays have become a kind of beautiful stage design, and people are more willing to share this beauty. For example, the stage design of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is a feast of audio-visual enjoyment, flexibly showing the spirit of Chinese beauty and the Olympics, and has become a deep impression. Classic case.

Stage LED displays are widely used, ranging from international events to small tissue sales activities. They are mainly used in high-end concert halls, large-scale dance parties, fashion conferences, event opening ceremonies, festival evenings, live TV shows, special events in shopping malls, etc.

Bibi Led has LED displays for different purposes on the event stage. These include rental LED displays, floor LED screens, indoor fixed LED displays, creative LED displays, and more.

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