Advertising LED Screen Solutions

Owns an LED advertising screen brings more investment income than traditional billboards

Outdoor LED billboard

High brightness, waterproof quality LED screen installed in outside

Large LED display screen

Huge LED billboard, the size is up to 100m2 for advertising purposes

Perimeter LED screens

Digital LED screen for advertising in the sports stadiums on the ground as one round

Truck&trailer LED screens

LED screens mount on the truck&trailer to display multimedia advertising in the city

Why we are the best LED advertising screens provider

For many years, advertising has been a part of corporate publicity. Many companies believe that advertising is the fastest way to open the market, and the dynamic advertising played on the LED display is the most popular type of advertising.

At Bibi Led, we have the most mature LED advertising screen solutions experience. We have been providing the best customized LED advertising screen solutions and products according to customers’ needs around the world. Bibi Led will give the most professional LED advertising screen solutions according to your specific needs, such as budget, installation size, installation location, maintenance methods, and other factors for investing in LED advertising screens.

LED digital advertising is growing rapidly every year and becoming more and more popular. This is because LED billboards are effective and eye-catching, which can attract the attention of more potential customers, thereby achieving product promotion and brand awareness.

LED digital billboards have become the new darling in the advertising industry, and more and more inexperienced companies have joined in. If they want to understand LED billboards, they are trying to gain a foothold in the advertising market. But they lacked the understanding of LED digital billboards, which led to a huge gap between their experienced competitors.

For more than ten years, Bibi Led has focused on the R&D and production of LED digital billboards. This is also why we have become a leading manufacturer of LED displays. Our experience and strength can provide any solution for the customized needs of LED display.

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Where the LED screen used for advertising

Find the right place in your shopping mall to install the LED screen

shopping mall led display

Outdoor advertising walls in shopping malls

1) Advertising to attract customers to enter the door:

Outdoor LED display quality delicate color, with different text, pictures, and video forms to display advertising, to attract people into the mall, making more brands willing to fund the advertising display on the LED display, thereby improving the commercial revenue, win-win.

For example: just after work, you go through the mall, see the LED display screen playing on the slate zizzes out of the fresh juice of the steak, the picture of the people after eating the face of happiness and happy satisfaction, there is no moment feel hungry, not a small swallowed a bit of saliva, this time the LED screen shows the purchase today the person who in the store consumption, can give a gift of red wine, is it very much want to go into the store to try it?

indoor led screen for shopping mall

Central mall lobby

1) One of the best places for advertising:

Every shopper can see the place; an indoor LED screen with high-definition, detailed, colorful features will advertise vividly, which greatly attracts the shopper's desire to buy guide shoppers to enter the store consumption.

2) Dynamic content update fast:

LED display and Internet connection can update the actual data at any time, such as shopping mall preferential activities, security, advertising, way-finding, etc.

curved led screen for shopping mall

Shopping mall activity center: flexible LED display/curve LED display

1) Experience profoundly and attract traffic:

The flexibility of flat, curved, and wrap-around technology allows designers to create more content than a regular LED screen, a profound experience that customers experience unlike any other and attracts large numbers of people.

2) Motivate travelers to buy:

Flexible LED displays can be easily changed to market content based on season, holiday, and event themes to motivate travelers to buy.

For example, Christmas, playing snowflakes and Christmas scenes, indirectly reminding mall customers that it's time to prepare some gifts, cutlery, house decoration, etc.

Shopping activity center: rental LED display

1) Flexible application scenarios:

Using LED rental screens that are easy to install and dismantle, businesses can choose flexible application sites, such as shopping malls, shopping malls, indoor centers, etc.

2) Attract customers and stimulate consumption:

LED display screens can freely switch backgrounds and play video characteristics. It can ignite the atmosphere to achieve the value of the expected value of the business.

led display for shopping mall

Shopping activity center: floor LED display

1) Interact with fun, attract traffic:

Both floor LED screens and flexible LED screens can create fantasy scenes of front coverage, allowing people to immerse themselves in the environment, and the "intimate interaction" with tile screens can achieve interesting and exciting activities, attracting a large number of people to participate, and willing to share their neighbors with social software, to promote and continuously attract traffic, and achieve commercial value.

shop window led screen

Store windows

1) Special promotions and event killers:

The most intuitive and quickest way to understand store promotions, new product displays, thus attracting customers to enter the store and buy products.

2) Create a unique store:

With an LED display as background and store style and product arrangement, it creates a unique store-style, making people want to come in and buy products.

poster led

Major retail stores

1) Lightweight, flexible installation, a wide range of uses:

LED poster screen generally displays store promotions, product advertising, etc. It is placed in a prominent place in the store, according to the daily traffic to play different content. To achieve a good marketing effect, the impact of light is relatively small; support wired wireless operation.

For example, a catering store, 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning, needs to eat breakfast quickly for more office workers. LED poster screen can play recommended today several sections of the main portable breakfast packages. 9:00 to 11:00, for the elderly and working mothers, recommended health and beauty of tea and food and equipped with baby chairs. So on, the details are often directly linked to the heart, and this series of The spread of information cannot be achieved without LED poster screens.

indoor shops led screen

Retail indoor advertising

1) Shopping guide function:

When people enter the store, they can quickly learn about the store's hot products of the season, the characteristics of hot products, the products worth buying, which products are on discount, etc. Customers can see the products they are interested in according to their actual situation, which also greatly improves the shopping guide's efficiency and can provide more information for the customers. If the LED display video happens to be endorsed by your favorite celebrity, it is more likely to inspire the customer to buy.

For example, a girl shopping to buy a dress, when she approached the store, she saw that the LED display is playing the hottest dresses of the season, beautiful style with features, and only today 30% off, and the model in the video is her favorite star, the purchase rate is 90%.

shelf led display

Retail store pickup

1) Increase store revenue:

LED digital shelf displays stand out from retail stores by being tool-less, quick to install and remove, waterproof and dustproof, they not only display special offers on products for sale, but they also increase store revenue by making products more desirable to buy with superior visuals.

For example: when you are thirsty, want to buy a bottle of water to drink, enter a store ready to buy a bottle of pure water, colorful visual attracted your attention, you aimed at a glance, the above video shows a variety of fresh fruit is squeezing juice, the text shows healthy, nutritious, good to drink, daily essential, etc., do you feel pure water in your hands nothing "nutritious," want to buy than pure water to expensive juice drinks.

movie led screen

Movie ticketing hall and viewing hall

1) Vividly promote new movies and stimulate viewers' desire to watch them

When the audience buys movie tickets at the theater, various movie trailers are cycled through the LED display. The audience can quickly learn about the latest movies and thus buy their favorite ones.

Simultaneously, the LED display can show the movie hall's playing schedule in real-time to avoid viewers missing the movie-watching time.

2) High-end visual enjoyment

LED display consists of each lamp bead self-luminous, P2.5mm below the pitch greatly restored the scene, looks very realistic.

The picture color will also become more rich and delicate. People are more immersive to enjoy its movie viewing sense profound.


As more and more companies and enterprises see the spread of digital advertising and the application of video to large outdoor billboards, the demand for LED displays in the advertising industry has also increased.

The LED advertising screen has the characteristics of playing dynamic advertisements. When you have good promotional content, the LED advertising screen will be able to maximize its spread.

Many companies are looking for suitable advertising screens to broadcast their product promotion and promotion. If you have an LED advertising screen, you can earn advertising costs by renting out your advertising space.

When you have a position with relatively large traffic, then investing in LED advertising screens will be a profitable business, because even if your LED advertising screens do not have advertising spaces for rent, you can still use them to promote your own products and businesses.

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