shelf led display

Shelf LED display

Dynamic advertising on your shelf to attract more attention.

Easy to install and use.

Able to show the videos, text, and image.

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Who needs shelf LED displays?

The shelf LED screen has high-definition display characteristics, and the general installation structure of other shelves allows easy customer installation.

The shelf LED screen can scroll and play dynamic advertisements. Installing shelf LED screens in stores and supermarkets can achieve dynamic pricing, cross-selling, and increased product sales; additionally, shelf LED screens are popular among some enterprises, companies, and advertising agencies.

Retail shops

Traditional supermarket shelves can only display product prices and pictures, whereas the LED shelf screen promotes promotions and popular products through dynamic videos and pictures. When videos of products are played to introduce prices, promotions, and so on, it can increase consumption even more.

Advertising agency

The shelf LED screen is installed directly next to the product. When customers select a product, they can view dynamic promotion content while looking at the actual item, which significantly increases the desire for consumption, achieves the advertising effect, provides advertising agencies and customers benefits, and achieve a win-win situation.


Shelf LED screens are also used in many businesses, and they are typically installed on showroom shelves to display product details and benefits. When customers visit their showroom, they can show the advantages of products using both dynamic and physical effects, increasing the interest of visiting customers.

What is an shelf LED display?

The shelf LED screen is an electronic display installed on the shelf. The pixel pitch of the shelf LED screen is PH1.25mm, which can display the details of the product. Although the shelf screen is not very large, its high-definition pixels can play videos.

Our shelf LED display uses GOB technology, which significantly improves IP protection and includes waterproof, anti-collision, and dust-proof functions.

The shelf LED screen can be remotely controlled, and the program content can be changed with a single press, allowing it to meet the needs of large brand supermarket chains that are not limited by distance or quantity.

The shelf LED display has a strong advertising impact. The LED screen on the shelf is directly next to the product. When a customer sees a product, it can increase their desire to buy the product right away.

shelf led screen

Shelf LED display technical features

COB high-tech is used in the shelf LED screen, significantly improving its IP protection level

shelf led displays

With its waterproof solid, anti-collision, dust-proof, and other functions, it protects the shelf LED screen from possible water and collision damage and extends the service life of the shelf LED screen.

Shelf LED screens in shopping malls can achieve excellent advertising results and enhance the shopping experience. Supermarkets that install shelf LED screens broadcast dynamic advertising information, which significantly improves the overall quality of the establishment. At the same time, advertisements are closely related to the products on the shelves.

More intuitive viewing effect, a better understanding of product information, and increased customer shopping desire.

Pixel PitchmmP1.25
Display contentN/AVideo, image, text
Key PointHigh resolution, easy to use and operate

Dynamic play

The shelf LED screen has a high refresh rate and color saturation, resulting in a vivid visual effect. Using the LED shelf screen to advertise products dynamically can achieve intuitive advertising effects and bring huge benefits.

Easy to set up

The shelf LED screen is lightweight and thin, and installation is simple. Because the shelf LED screen has a general installation structure, the shelf screen installation is very flexible. It can be used on various shelves without the need for tool maintenance.

Easy to use and manage

Shelf LED screens are typically in high demand and will be installed in various supermarkets. In the control room, you can replace the promotional content on the shelf with LED screens in batches or all. Of course, the shelf LED screen is also a USB plug-and-play.

How to control the shelf LED displays?

The control center can remotely control the shelf LED screen, and the control methods are also varied.

This control method is suitable for a small number of LED screens, and users can walk to the shelf LED screen at any time and plug&play.

Change the program through the mobile APP. The feature of this control method is that it is convenient to change different types of programs, edit the program’s content in advance, store it on the mobile phone, and then change the program through our free mobile APP software.

Remote and multi-shelf LED screen program replacement via the Internet. This control method is suitable for many LED screens and requires unified management. The remote control can realize unified program replacement of all LED screens or program replacement in batches.

2024 New LED Screen Price Check

Quick and easy: Enter your specifications and get a quote in one business day