LED Screen Installation

Self-installing LED displays is a great saving for buyers who purchase LED displays. With our many years of experience in the LED digital display field, we found that most of our customers want to save money by installing LED displays themselves. To this end, when they buy a LED display, we will provide installation manuals and installation instructions to assist in the installation. The installation process is very simple, and customers can operate it themselves. This can save 10-20% of the total price of the LED display, which is crucial for the return on investment. Next, we will tell you how to install the LED display properly. Remarks: For larger sizes or harsh installation conditions, we still recommend customers find a professional installation company to assist in installation. We also have cooperative installation teams in some countries. You can contact us to get their contact information.

Precautions before installation of LED display

Preparation before work

The installation of LED displays may or may not require an installation permit, depending on where it is to be installed, such as streets, roofs, building facades, shopping malls, or private areas. The LED display installation will also require the installation team to have rich experience in electronic engineering and structural engineering.

Prepare the necessary tools for installation
Prepare the necessary tools for installation
Use a spirit level to mark the level of the installation
Use a spirit level to mark the level of the installation
Mark the exact installation location
Mark the exact installation location

#Step 1 Unpacking

The LED cabinet must be handled with care to avoid any damage during unpacking. At this stage, you must be careful not to hit the surface of the LED display, especially the corners and sides of the LED display, and be sure to take it out carefully.

Carefully remove

1-1. Carefully remove

When taking out the LED display from the package, do not hit the surface of the LED display. Arrange two or more people to take out the LED display from the package.

Protect the LED surface

1-2. Protect the LED surface

When the LED display is taken out of the package, place the LED face up on the ground, or stand up on the flat ground, be careful not to fall down, and take protective measures.

Move carefully

1-3. Move carefully

When you need to move the LED display, make sure that the back of the LED display is on the ground first. In this way, you can avoid damage to the LED.

#Step 2 Cabinet installation

The installation of part of the LED display is as simple as Lego blocks, we will provide the installation structure, installation instructions, etc., you can install a complete LED display in a very short time.

2-1. Positioning

Before starting to install the LED display, you need to locate the specific location and level of the installation.

Structure installation

2-2. Structure installation

Assemble and install the structure provided by us or prepared in advance.

Cabinet splicing

2-3. Cabinet splicing

To install the LED display box on the structure, you must start with the bottom box first. You can find quick locks on the top and sides of the case, locking the quick locks will allow a solid connection between the LED cases. (Note: If it is front maintenance LED display, then the LED module will be installed last.)

#Step 3 Cable connection

We will send you the cables connection drawing; you only need to follow the drawing to finish all the cables connection. 

Network cable connection

3-1. Network cable connection

The network cable connection is very simple, thanks to the network cable connector. Complete the network cable connection according to the connection diagram we provide. The network cable connection needs to be noted that the order of the network cables needs to be arranged in a square or rectangular manner, that is, a rectangular arrangement.

Power cable connection

3-2. Power cable connection

The connection of the power cord is very simple and only needs to be completed according to the wiring diagram we provide. Finally, when all the power cords are connected, it's time to turn the power on.


3-3. Test

Connect the main network cable to the LED control card, and perform the monochrome test and the oblique sweep test. After the test is normal, the program can be played.

How to set up an LED screen easily

Our LED screen is quite easy to install and assemble

Have a project? Check with Us

led screen with column installation

1. Giant LED billboards with the column

Advertising LED displays that are usually installed in cities or beside highways have two installation methods: single-column and double-column.

The column installation can prevent the huge LED display from being high and increase the radiation range and viewing distance to obtain maximum advertising visibility.

This installation method usually needs to consider that the column's diameter can bear the weight of the large LED display screen and set up a sufficient height to ensure that it is higher than the obstruction.

LED screen with wall mounted

2. LED screens with wall installation

This installation method is usually divided into two types, front maintenance structure, and rear maintenance structure. The front maintenance structure is generally suitable for small outdoor LED screens and indoor LED displays. When maintenance is performed later, maintenance can be performed directly from the front of the LED display. The post-maintenance LED display installed on the wall is mainly used for super-large LED display, and a maintenance space of 600mm needs to be prepared during installation.

The LED display installed on the wall can directly combine the dynamic video with the building wall, making the wall a dynamic wall, which is more vivid and saves space.

Wall-mounted installation needs to consider the weight of the LED display and the load-bearing capacity of the wall.

LED screen with floor installation

3. LED displays with the floor installation structure

Usually on the roof and the top of elevated buildings, the ground installation method will be selected, and the height of the existing building will be used to locate the audience of your advertising LED display.

Installing an LED display on the top of a building with a lot of traffic can attract a large number of viewers, maximize advertising revenue, and save a lot of installation costs.

You need to choose an area with good traffic, and there is no obstruction next to the roof.

LED screen with hanging installation

4. LED screen with the hanging installation

This kind of LED display is usually used for rental LED display, and it is used more in the entertainment industry and exhibitions.

The hoisting installation structure is easy to move and easy to assemble. In addition, there are also hanging beams and flight case packaging for transportation.

The width of the hoisting method is generally not too large, and the load-bearing structure of the hoisting structure should be considered.