taxi top LED display

Taxi LED display

LED taxi screens are mobile advertisements, and the high mobility of taxi advertisements has the largest audience of all outdoor LED advertising screens.

The characteristics of the taxi's day and night operations explain the absolute advantage of the taxi LED screen as the best advertising carrier.

Remote cluster control: The content replacement of the taxi LED screen can be controlled in a control room cluster.

Hundreds of taxis drive around the city nonstop, all playing the same advertising content and covering the entire city.

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Who needs taxi LED displays?

Everywhere in the city, a great number of taxis appear. Taxis have attracted many customers due to their large number and high mobility. Add a tool to the cab that can play adverts, and the LED display can quickly cash the traffic and bring in additional profit.

As a high-density and mobile advertising tool, LED taxi displays may quickly enhance effective advertising for local brands or global brands in local cities. They have the most significant and widest flow of people because they run almost nonstop in the town every day, from morning to night.

Taxi company

It is a good way for taxi companies to enhance their profits by investing in LED taxi screens. Taxi screen advertisements are distinguished by mobility, timeliness, wide distribution, and centralized control. Taxis are now available in every city. There are tens of thousands of them. According to current charging rules for taxi LED advertisements in various locations, the annual advertising charge for a single customer per car is around 2,500 US dollars, and it may be more. Taxi businesses invest in LED taxi screens and use them in their vehicles. At the same time, it can generate a large amount of advertising money and gain value-added.


LED taxi screens have high mobility, a huge number, and wide coverage. It can broadcast numerous public service announcements at the same time, as well as daily commercials, news, policies and regulations, public information (such as weather reports), street culture, and other information. The public makes full use of the LED cab screen. The LED taxi screen advertisement has a large local audience, focusing on public welfare. It can function as a window into city civilization. The government and community departments prefer LED taxi screen advertising.


The frequency with which businesses place LED advertisements has increased in recent years. Store owners broadcast enterprise and store information on LED cab screens because of their high mobility, huge number, and wide local coverage. It can reach the fastest speed, the greatest range, and local advertising information, and the taxi operates 24 hours a day, which means that the LED taxi screen works 24 hours a day and flows in various streets and alleys. Allow the retailers' advertising information to become "everybody knows," and the brand name will be introduced locally at the fastest possible rate.

What is an taxi LED display?

A LED taxi screen is a type of LED display installed on top of taxis

It is a taxi advertising screen form designed in response to the features of a high number of taxis, strong mobility, long operating duration, and wide coverage area.

It combines taxi operation characteristics with the function of advertisement release. The central control room manages the content of the LED screen, which is capable of cluster and remote control.

The operation time of the taxi driver determines the timeliness of the LED taxi screen. These benefits make the LED taxi screen the perfect choice for civilized publicity and business advertisement information.

As a result, the social and economic benefits of promoting and adopting LED taxi screens are immeasurable.

taxi led displays

Taxi LED display technical features

To select a quality taxi LED display, consider its durability and high level of water resistance

taxi led screen

When selecting an LED taxi screen, keep the LED screen’s protection in mind. Our LED taxi screen must be well-protected because cabs are on the road all year. Achieve high levels of waterproofing and UV protection. The LED taxi screen is a roof-mounted LED display. Its material must be stronger than standard LED screens, and it must have anti-shock and anti-collision requirements. To adapt to the environment in which cabs drive on various roads. Choose a waterproof LED screen that is durable and provides more protection when purchasing a taxi LED screen.

When selecting an LED taxi screen, you also need to consider its power supply. The vehicle’s internal power supply often powers the LED taxi screen. First, choose a LED  screen with a suitable voltage and consider whether the vehicle’s output voltage can ensure the normal use of the LED screen. Because the power supply is powered by batteries, selecting a good LED taxi screen must also consider the power system.

When selecting a taxi LED screen, it is also necessary to consider the control method. LED taxi screens can be operated remotely by a single-center, which can control numerous or even all screens. It is also important to select a suitable control system.

Pixel PitchmmP2.5, P3, P4
BrightnessNitsUp to 5000
Refresh RateHz>1920
Key PointThe best adverting tool cover and around the city

Brackets for mounting

The LED taxi screen mounting bracket does not need to be customized, and it can be placed using a standard automobile bracket. Below our LED display, there will be flexible and adaptable installation clips. After setting the distance between the clips, you can install them directly on the bracket. Fix the clips directly after mounting the bracket on the vehicle, and the LED display installation is complete.

Double-sided display

The LED taxi screen can display advertising content on both sides. It is less impacted by viewing position and can be viewed from all sides, ensuring that the LED cab screen is fully covered to spread advertisements. The taxi LED screen can be displayed because of the double-sided structure. The advertising effect is improved.

Playable content

LED taxi displays are generally used to display text content, and there is no high pixel requirement. A high-pixel LED screen will assure an excellent playing effect if you want to play photographs and videos. High Pixel density LED screens may have a better playback effect for dynamic video advertising.

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taxi led screen bracket

Taxi LED displays set up

The LED taxi screen installation is quite simple. When the taxi LED display leaves the factory, it will be equipped with suitable installation buckles based on the various installation techniques and positions.

1. Install a standard roof bracket, usually available at your local auto parts store.
2. Adjust the buckle position to allow for the installation of the car bracket.
3. Attach the clips to the roof's standard brackets.
4. Connect the taxi's internal power supply to provide power.
5. The final step is to link the control system and complete the LED display installation.

Why choose the taxi LED displays

taxi led screens

At the moment, there are an increasing number of taxis in many places, and the commercials that follow the cabs have also reached people’s vision. Taxis have a high degree of mobility and are not geographically limited. They run almost every day, and there go many places in the city. Because of this feature, LED taxi screens are one of the few movable media. It can display advertising information on the LED display screen and has a high level of mobility and flexibility. Because of the vast number of cabs in each city, LED vehicle advertising has a wide coverage area, making LED taxi screens a speedy exposure. It is preferred by significant government agencies and enterprises who need to send advertising information and public welfare activities.

LED taxi displays provide significant benefits to investors as an advertising investment and make significant contributions to promoting economic and urban civilization construction.

What are more advantages of taxi LED displays?

The most effective mobile advertising tool

Among all outdoor media, the high mobility of LED taxi screen advertising is the one that consumers pay the most attention to. Furthermore, when compared to other advertisements, the value of taxi advertisements is balanced, and there is no such thing as a "prime location" and a "non-prime position." Taxis have a "big mobility" feature that no other media has, which means they will cover and move across the city.

A big number that covers the entire city

Each city has thousands of taxis, which is one of the reasons for a large number of LED taxi screens. The LED taxi screens use taxis as carriers and are spread across the city's streets and alleys, providing coverage of the entire town while broadcasting at the same time. Multiple pieces of advertisement content are played in a loop, and the distribution power and speed of advertisement information are significantly greater than that of other fixed-position advertisements.

They are controlling the cluster remotely.

The LED advertising screen in a cluster may be remotely controlled, and the LED screen can be connected to the network via the 3G&4G mobile phone card, and the LED screen can be controlled remotely, as well as the playback content and playback time of the LED screen. The operation is convenient and straightforward. The control system can also operate all of the LED taxi screens in batches or through a single control, which can manage the number of LED screens on which advertisements are displayed and play information from numerous businesses simultaneously.

How to power the taxi LED displays?

The vehicle’s internal power supply powers the LED taxi screen.

The battery powers the vehicle’s power supply. When the car starts, slows and stops, it produces a high pulse voltage. If the power system fails, the LED display will be destroyed. The LED display screen and power supply system significantly impact the LED taxi screen’s normal operation.

To that point, selecting a high-quality and suitable power supply system can ensure the smooth working of the LED taxi screen.

How to control the taxi LED displays?

A central remote cluster can operate the LED taxi screen. The primary control method is to use our unique control software in the control room to display advertisements or public service information on the taxi LED screen. The operation is quite simple, and the specific steps are as follows:

1. Install a 3G&4G mobile phone card on the LED taxi screen to connect to the Internet.

2. The computer in the central control room connects to our cloud website and connects all of the taxi LED screens.

3. Sort and rename taxi LED screens on our cloud website in different locations.

4. Arrange for the release of advertising content, a specific batch of taxi LED screens, and a timetable.

5. When you press the Publish button, the taxi LED screen will display the advertising information you just released.

The taxi LED screen is controlled very basic manner, with only a few easy steps. At the same time, if you run into any problems while using the software, you may always contact us for technical assistance.

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