How to Distinguish the Bad LED Screen Manufacturers?

When you choose the LED screen manufacturers, do you always have a lot of concerns?

For example, it is about quality, price, long term cooperation, etc.

Do you often struggle with several led screen suppliers and don’t know how to choose the right one?

Stop wasting your time on such questions!

This article could help you to identify the LED display suppliers follow the below 6 chapters.

1. The product, price, quality positioning

2. The professional salesman

3. The quality inspection

4. The company location

5. The corporation type

6. The price factors

6 chapters to distinguish the bad LED screen manufacturers!

Chapter 1: The product, price, quality positioning

Positioning is of vital importance for a company; it mainly includes these three parts: product, price, and quality.

We need to concern about the product positioning first.

For example, some of the companies are specializing in outdoor fixed installation LED screens.

Some of the LED screen manufacturers are specializing in indoor LED video walls like the led screens for shopping malls or the conference room.

others may specialize in floor led screens, poster led screens, taxi led screens, etc.

That means, for LED screen manufacturers, they all have a different product range which they are experts in and products they are not doing well.

Therefore, we can understand why sometimes different LED screen manufacturers use the same materials for the same product; the price and quality are so different.

When you need to buy the outdoor LED screen, you should visit the led screen manufacturers which are specializing in the outdoor led display.

And when you need to buy the indoor led screen, you should visit the led screen manufacturers which are specializing in the indoor led display.

This is the right way to do to talk with the right LED screen manufacturers.

However, if they get the indoor led screens from other factories or trade with other led screen manufacturers, the price will rise a lot.

You have to confirm the LED screen manufacturers you are visiting is good at the products which you are looking for or not.

You will understand the way how to find the correct led screen manufacturers after comparing with several led screen manufacturers.

And finally, you will do a great job to find out which factory has a more stable quality and better price.

Then what you should consider now is the price positioning.

Nowadays, LED screen suppliers in Shenzhen, China.

Their price positioning is becoming more and more specific.

Some companies’ target are consumers from Europe, America, Australia.

They do need not only products of high quality but also need more top quality of service and some unique demands.

Therefore, to satisfy a high demand for market customers, an ordinary salesman is not enough.

That is to say; the excellent led screen supplier also requires the salesman to be smart, experienced, intelligent, professional, good at English communication, etc.

Also, the excellent led screen suppliers will require a professional service team.

-1. Local after-sales service stations

-2. Foreign language technique support

-3. Perfect quality inspection department, etc

Thus, a company that can satisfy all these commands above; its price positioning cannot go below.

Also, most of these kind of companies seek to serve customers better and better while resisting high quality to achieve a good reputation and influence for their brand.

What’s more, price positioning also reflects raw material positioning.

For the companies targeting high-level markets, their raw material shall be at least Kinglight and Nationstar LED lamp, Macroblock driving IC, Meanwell power supply, colorful ribbon cable, 2.5mm 5V power cable, and 3×2.5mm 220/110 main power cable, etc.

Other materials for the PCB, mask, and housing, cabinets shall all be high-end quality standards.

Their only disadvantage is expensive. Others all are excellent.

However, when you are comparing the product is more expensive or cheaper, there must have a reference based on the materials.

Because sometimes, the customer sends the other’s quotation to us, and then he said:” Look, your price is higher.” We find out it is not the same material after we checked. So, in this case, it is not a comparison; do you agree?

Please always understand, the comparison must be fair; everything is the same, then we call it “let’s comparison.”

So, only when the raw material and industrial process remain the same, the price comparison is meaningful. In other situations, the compare results are nonsense.

On the other hand, the led display manufacturers whose price positioning is for the low-quality market demand.

Even if they are using Kinglight and Nationstar LEDs, other raw materials they are using still cheap anyway.

You need more deep understand how to identify good or bad raw materials for the LED screen.

More important, if you aren’t professional in material choosing, even if you commanded primary materials, they might use cheap material for subsidiary parts like a mask, housing, screw, PCB, cable, cabinet, and cooling system, etc.

This may increase the failure rate and the hidden danger of the LED screen.

It has a big risk to make you losing your customers and losing your market in your country.

Generally speaking, for companies which price positioning is low, they have no advantage except cheap. Do you agree?

From the above, we mainly compared the material difference.

So what are the other aspects influencing the price?

You also need to do the serious below comparison about the price, and whether you need these following parts or not.

-1. After-sales service.

-2. Technique support.

-3. Quality check department.

-4. Product design and R&D department.

-5. High tech production lines and the brand of the SMT machines.

-6. The service process.

Last but not least, quality positioning.

Quality positioning is similar to price positioning.

The main differences are according to what the LED screen raw materials suppliers do they mainly and used to work.

When you need to confirm the quality positioning of LED display manufacturers, you can ask and know them from the five questions as below.

Q1. What’re the main kinds of LED lamp brand do you use?

Q2. What’s the main IC do you choose?

Q3. What’s the brand of your SMT machine and how many production lines do you have?

Q4. Do you have a professional quality inspection department? Or is the salesman responsible for doing the quality check?

Q5. Which kind of type led screens do you mainly sell? LED Module or the complete LED screen?

There is more in-depth information about question 5. Please follow me

Generally speaking, if the led screen suppliers mainly sell the LED modules, it can be sort into low-quality positioning.

Because they have a standard production line to produce a large amount of LED modules.

It is not easy for them to stop and change the product line to do the high-end customized materials configuration.

Therefore, if you cooperate with these kinds of companies, you’d better confirm if they used the materials you ordered.

For the LED video wall suppliers mainly sell the complete LED screens; they can mostly be sort into high-quality positioning.

They are not only responsible for producing the LED modules, but also the technique, assembling, stability of the LED screen, and more details about the LED screen cabinet design.

From the small part, such as the screws to the big piece such as the LED cabinet, they can all handle perfectly.

After you make clear what material the LED screen suppliers mainly use, you can know exactly the quality positioning of this company.

All in all, before you sign a contract with LED screen suppliers, please finish reading this article.

It will make you understand and clear about the products, price, materials, and quality positioning.

Compare and consider very carefully to avoid the risks.

Chapter 2: The salesman

A great salesperson can represent the best part of the led screen company.

So it’s as important as the rest of 5 points, it is VERY important to talk with a great salesperson.

You can evaluate a salesman from the below 6 points:

-1. Responsibility

-2. Working experience

-3. English level


-5. EQ ( Emotional intelligence )

-6. Appearance.

The first one: Responsibility.

it is the most important of all of the above aspects.

A responsible salesperson can even think of unexpected problems for you, help you remember things you may forget.

He will seriously control the whole process of your order and give you the feedback and keep updates for you on time.

This kind of salespeople can make you feel pleasant, free from worry, and reliable.

The second one: working experience.

Generally speaking, three years’ working time is just the beginning.

But some gifted people can be very skilled in more than a year.

So when you just started communicating with a salesperson, whether you are professional or not, you must need to ask as many as possible questions and test their patience.

Like the products, the markets, and solutions.

The more questions you ask, the better you know is it the right person you will need to have a long term communication or not.

The reaction time is also important.

The time spent on a reply shows whether a salesperson knows enough about their products or materials and whether their company is professional enough or not.

The third one: English skill level.

English skill level determines whether you can communicate effectively or not.

And even when they say “yes”, “got it”, “clear”, “okay”, and you probably are not sure if they really understand what you mean or not, the most terrible thing is when there is something about the customized design or complicated demand, you will feel very tried try to explain your ideal and over and over again, at the end, the complete products are not what you want.

So, here is the way to do the test.

When you first start contacting with this salesman, you need to make at least three calls.

In this way, you can not only confirm whether he/she knows the LED screen products well, but also confirm whether his English level is high enough for the further corporation.

The fourth one: Job position

The position of the salesman also needs to take into consideration.

Generally speaking, the higher the position, the more powerful the voice in the company, the company will pay more attention to the orders of both the quality inspection and the price.

But high-position salespeople may not spend much time and patience on small customers and small orders.

Because they have a lot of old customers, they usually do not lack orders.

The fifty-one: EQ ( Emotional intelligence )

EQ is also a necessary aspect of ensuring good cooperation.

EQ involves a lot of things; if salesman’s EQ you communicate with is high, then you can save a lot of trouble.

During the working time in the company, high EQ mainly reflected in good relations with the colleagues, so that everyone who gets along with him likes him and feels relaxed and comfortable.

The most important point in this part is when there are any unique demands from you, Like making the CAD drawing before placing the order, asking the discount over and over again, arranging the engineer to do the online support, or even the after-sales service, a salesman who has a high EQ will always do a good job when he needs to cooperate with the colleagues or his boss.

The sixth one: Appearance, Good looking.

Another additional advantage is a good appearance.

If you are working with a beautiful salesgirl, then congratulations.

Because the order has some special requirements or needs technical support, she should be able to arrange a professional person to help you quickly.

Generally speaking, technical research and development person is male, so the advantage of female saleswomen will be better than the salesman in this part.

If the salesman who well knows about the technical, then it is the same advantage.

In conclusion, A reliable salesperson can bring you a pleasant process of cooperation.

-1. Timely response

-2. Fluently communication

-3. Professional project solutions

-4. Raw material selection suggestions

-5. Better price

-6. Better quality control

-7. Increase your business and your knowledge about LED screen

-8. Many unexpected helpful

The above are all a good salesman could bring you.

Now, you could think of is the salesman who you are working is a perfect one, or how many scores they can have?

Chapter 3: Quality inspection.

A mature LED screen suppliers must be responsible for the quality control of their products.

So quality inspection is also an important part of identity LED display suppliers.

We’ll explain in detail how to do the quality inspection.

This will be very helpful and reduce the risks of low-quality products when you receive the goods.

You can also learn about how to require your LED screen supplier to do the professional quality inspection for your order.

This would be the final check before you confirm the receipt.

A professional quality examine team is very important for a company.

Quality inspection is an important factor that relates to the quality of a product and whether it can satisfy customers.

Before you decide to cooperate with a supplier, make sure if they have a professional quality inspection team.

And how to do the quality inspection, and if they have a complete quality inspection system.

If the suppliers can clearly state none of the above processes.

Then it is very responsible for telling you that this is a “black” factory, you are so lucky because your LED screen still works without problems.

The choice of raw materials is very important for the display screen.

But that belongs to the pre-purchase stage, which you can control when confirming the order.

But when you are overseas, thousands of kilometers away.

You can’t check every detail of your goods, nor how can you ensure that your supplier has completed the comprehensive quality inspection before delivery.

In this case, how can you tell your customers or bosses that the quality of the goods is not a problem?

If there is a problem, how do you take responsibility?

Will the goods be shipped back to the supplier?

Therefore, when you decide to establish long-term cooperation with a display vendor, quality inspection is the most important and non-negotiable prerequisite.

Now, Look carefully!

you are very lucky to read until here, Let me show you what the professional and reliable quality inspection by BiBi LED made

It is the following three parts.

-1. Quality inspection report

-2. Quality inspection video

-3. Quality inspection pictures.

1. Quality inspection report.

So, when the production of your led screen is finished, and if the salesman informs you that they have already done the quality inspection, and ask you to complete the balance payment.

How could you make sure do they done the professional quality inspection, and what the quality checking list have they done for your LED screen?

This is a very serious question, and you have to be responsible for your company as the purchase manager, or responsible for your clients.

If you want the complete quality inspection report.

Please leave your comments at the bottom, or write an email to as the subject “Quality inspection way made by Bibi LED.”

Meanwhile, please share your company website, phone number, company email on the email.

This will also be helpful to convince your customer to buy from you,  instead of your competitors, as long as you understand how does the quality inspection work.

2. Quality inspection video

This is following the list on the quality inspection list.

It makes sure and confirm that your led screen manufacturers have done the quality inspection, not just a paper.

The paper means nothing if they have not done the real work and quality checking list.

Here is the video we made for the customers from Bibi LED, you could have a look like a reference

Here is the standard quality inspection video requirement we used to do

-1. 10 seconds for testing every single color during the test

-2. 20 seconds for playing the videos

-3. 10 seconds of the back of the screen

-4. 20 seconds of each details parts

-5. 20 seconds for testing the spare module

-6. 15 seconds for checking the functions, like the front service, hanging bars, etc

-7. At least 2K resolution

-8. Each of the above parts must be clear enough to watch

3. Quality inspection pictures

In this part, the main purpose is you could check the very details and very clear of your LED screen.

Meanwhile, you could share with your current customers or future customers that you have done this type of LED screen.

And from the clear pictures, you could check more deep quality. 

If the led screen design follows what you require or not, like the cables, control card, logo, any particular demand, etc

Here is also the standard quality inspection pictures requirement we used to do

-1. The complete LED Screen, front and back view

-2. LED cabinet close and open, front and rear view

-3. Single color test

-4. Details on the cabinet, the locks, the data and power connectors, the cables, the LOGO, the power supply, the receiving card, the spare parts, etc

-5. Package

-6 Function test, Like waterproof, hanging bars, front service, etc

Moreover, there if your LED screen manufacturers told you that they have a quality inspection team, then you need to ask them to give you the details of how does their team to do the quality inspection.

And how long do they need to take to send you their quality inspection details, this will make you understand how important and responsible when they do the quality inspection and their standard for quality control.

Chapter 4: The location of the LED screen manufacturers.

The location also can influence quality and cost.

Let us talk about Shenzhen; It is the biggest chain of LED screen manufacturers in the whole world.

Because of the labor costs and land renting costs, the price might be higher than the LED screen manufacturers in other cities in China.

Even they are staying in other cities; they also bring their products to sell or move to work here in Shenzhen.

In this case, it means Shenzhen is the right place to do the LED screen business, especially for the overseas market.

Because the overseas buyers also used to come to Shenzhen to looking for the LED screen products instead of other cities. So, that’s why the led screen manufacturers from other cities will bring their products, showroom, and office to Shenzhen.

More importantly, Shenzhen is the place where the most concentrated core talents of electronic products in China.

Such as R&D talents and technical talents, which leads to other cities in China.

The new technology and new products always start from Shenzhen.

For other cities, the renting cost of the building is cheaper.

Generally speaking, setting up an office in Shenzhen will make the price relatively cheaper, but communication between the salesman and factory will be really troublesome.

This means there has a big risk of the design for led screens that are not what you expected because of poor communication between the salesman and their R&D department.

Moreover, they need to have a very professional engineer in their product research and development department.

I am terrified that they do not even have the professional R&D staff or R&D department.

Of course, it does not mean that all of the suppliers in other cities are not good.

But compare with Shenzhen, most Chinese LED screen manufacturers are not as good as from Shenzhen.

About the LED screen suppliers in other countries.

They have the local service and the local warranty if you buy from your country directly.

But almost 95% of them also buy LED screen products from China.

We suggest you buy from local led screen companies if the size of the LED screen is tiny, like below 5 SQM OR if you very care about the after-sales service and do not care about the price.

Some buyers are not very trusted to buy the LED screens from other countries because the cost of LED display is higher than common products and they can not even see and tough the led screen by their own eyes and hands.

They might only need to buy one LED screen in a few years.

So they don’t much care about the price, what they want it without worry about the quality of service or even the liars.

If it is the first time to buy or import an LED screen, it will cost a lot of money and time.

For example, how to choose materials, customs clearance, transportation, and so on.

Therefore, if you have enough budget and want to save time and energy, buying from a local LED screen company may be the better choice.

For other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, etc.

The most feasible way to work with suppliers in these countries is when customers feel they can find lower prices.

However, think more carefully, they have neither mature raw material supply chain nor core technical people.

Therefore, even they use the same materials, the quality is still can not be better than Shenzhen’s LED Screen suppliers.

In this case, how could they deliver the quality led screen to you?

And how could they provide the LED display to you on time?

In conclusion, the LED screen suppliers in Shenzhen is the best choice if you want to buy a quality LED screen.

If you might only need to buy an LED screen one time in the next future or have enough budget to buy an LED display, then it is better to buy from Local.

They will deliver a better after-sales service and more ideal to do the LED screen advertising or event rental business.

Chapter 5: Different Corporation types.

There are four main types of LED screen corporation as below:

-1. Manufacturer

-2. Assembly ONLY

-3. Trading company

-4. SOHO

And let’s talk about how to identify them and what is the suggestions of each of them.

LED screen Manufacturers:

Generally speaking, the price from the LED screen manufacturers shall be the better one.

However, LED display factories only focus on several led screen products; the product type is very limited.

Other products that are not often produced will not go deep into R&D due to fewer orders.

Therefore, they won’t have advantages in terms of price and are more likely to have quality problems for the other products which they are not focused on.

Nowadays, many LED screen factories also have their foreign trade department, so they also sell a lot of products even they do not produce it.

In this condition, firstly, the salesmen in the LED screen factories are minimal knowledge about the other LED screen products which are not made from them.

Because most of these salesmen do not even see and touch a lot for the other led screen products.

As a result, they might be not very professional in making the solutions and suggestions for you.

Secondly, LED Screen factories are running with huge assets.

If they are making the trade, which means they sell the led screen which buys from other LED display manufacturers.

They will make much more profits than the standard trading companies, so the price goes higher a lot.

Conclusion, if you’re sure you want to work with a led screen manufacturers, it’s important to make sure the led screen you purchase is that the manufacturers specialize in which has a price advantage and produce by themselves.

What’s more, the quality and price positioning of the LED screen manufacturers are fixed.

If you’re a qualified buyer, but the LED screen factory is low price positioning, and not to quality, it’s going to be a disaster.

The suggestion is, If you have established an office near the manufactures, and very familiar with how to cooperate with manufacturers, it is recommended to choose a factory.

LED Screen Trading company:

The core of the trading companies is their extra services.

Take with an excellent trading company as an example, here are the four parts of their advantages as below:

-1. Suitable solutions

-2. Fluency communication

-3. Professional quality control

-4. Reasonable Price.

Compare the solution between the manufactures and trading companies.

The LED screen manufacturers could only offer you the best solution according to their own led screen products.

On the opposite, when you ask for the solution from an excellent trading company, they will absolutely consider the best solution from the whole market.

So, the difference is, will you prefer the solution from one manufacturer or the whole market.

1. Compare the communication between the manufactures and trading companies.

The trading companies pursue to provide customers with the ultimate service.

Their communication and service concepts are all based on customers.

For example, how to help customers solve the problems, how to better communicate with customers, how to deliver excellent quality products to help the customers to increase their business, etc

Fluency communication and service is the key to how the trading companies survive.

2. Compare the quality of the manufactures and trading companies.

The trading companies should better ensure the quality of their products as a third party.

Trade companies often inspect goods in many different factories, so they know the quality of each factory well.

Over time, the excellent trading companies are more and stricter, and they will understand which quality is excellent and which one is wrong.

What’s more, they will know which factory has a better reputation, which factory has a worse reputation.

The excellent trading company knows all of them.

3. Compare the price between the manufactures and trading companies.

The price given by the excellent trading companies will be more reasonable.

Why use the word “reasonable” instead of saying “best”?

Or why the price from the trading companies still the advantage sometimes?

Because the excellent trading company knows all of the manufactures in the whole production market, including the suppliers of raw materials.

The excellent trading companies understand what the price made of are, and how is the price made by.

Moreover, the excellent trading companies know the products that each factory is good at and has a good price advantage.

In this way, of course, the trading companies can give the most reasonable price.

However, there are still many bad led screen trading companies, which need customers to bright their eyes to identify.

The worst thing is some of them even do not clarify they are the trading companies and lie to the buyers.

This is absolutely not the right place to go.

For LED screen manufacturers, the quality is generally maintained at a stable level; there will seldom be big problems.

But it’s different for the trading companies.

They can choose the product of the best quality or the worst, without a bottom line.

And we heard from our customers in Sri Lanka, they even told us, they worked with one trading company two years ago, and when they visit China to see them, they are gone and disappeared.

So, one more attention, when you realize you are working with the trading company, you must clear about their company as below 6 questions.

-Q1) How many people in your company?

-Q2) How many departments do you have?

-Q3) How old is your company?

-Q4) Do you have a permanent office with your own company?

-Q5) Which manufactures are used to work with? And which manufactures are your main partners?

-Q6) Please share at least 5 old customers contact information who you working with over 2 years.


The trading companies belong to light assets companies; excellent trading companies shall be in an excellent profit.

Only with a reasonable profit and win-win business could bring the best customer service.

If you seldom come to visit China and you need many kinds of LED screen products Or a much different quality standard led screen.

Or just started the led screen business, choosing to cooperate with an excellent trading company can give you many suggestions and better solutions, which is the best choice.

The purchasing price might be higher, but will not very higher much.

The assembling workshop

Nowadays, there is a kind of company which seems like the manufacturers, but it is not a real manufacturer.

We call them assembling workshop.

They do not have the complete equipment to produce LED modules.

So, in this case, most of them do not know the price for the raw materials, and can not control the quality well.

They used to buy LED modules, LED cabinet, power supplies, control systems, and wires from other factories to assemble as the complete LED screen.

The most purpose of the assembling workshop is to low down the cost price.

For foreign customers, it is not recommended to cooperate with the assemble workshop.

Because they have no advantage in product design and price, compare with the led screen factories.

And they have no advantage in quality control, and market sense compares with the LED screen trading company.


The definition of SOHO is “small office, home office.”

It is a small company established by one or two people with old customer resources.

The main source of profit for such companies is their regular old customers.

There’s no cost and no matching staff like a trading company.

The risk of cooperation with SOHO is the greatest because they are almost zero-cost start-ups.

There is no regular spend cost and capital investment, which can be terminated at any time, and the work hours are also not stable.

We strongly not recommended that foreign consumers cooperate with SOHO, which is too risky and unreasonable in pricing.

Because they have a one-time business mentality, the profit will be higher.

But if you know the guy who you are working with for a long time very well, and trust him/her very well, you could try to find a way to work them him/her.

How to distinguish the led screen manufactures and the led screen assembling workshop?

Firstly, see if the factory you are visiting has its own SMT machines to produce the LED modules or not.

If they have the SMT machines to produce the LED modules, then it is the manufacturer.

If they only have the place to assemble the led cabinet, and without the SMT machines to produce the LED modules, then this is the assembling workshop without the machines.

Secondly, see if they have the raw materials in their warehouse or not, like the LEDs, driving IC, the PCB board.

If they have, then they are producing the LED modules by themselves, it is the manufactures.

If they do not have, then they buy everything and do the assemble, it is an assembling workshop.

How to distinguish the led screen manufactures and the led screen trading company?

Firstly, see if the company has suits with their company logo.

If they have, it is the manufactures.

If they are wearing the company suits, but without the company logo, it is mostly the trading company that brings you to this factory.

Secondly, see if the company name of the front desk fixed or show on the LED screen?

If it is fixed, then it should be the company with a logo and its factory.

If it is something shows like “welcome xxx to visit our company” on the LED screen, or the company name is on the LED display, it is 80% might not their factory.

How to distinguish the training companies and SOHO?

To distinguish trade companies and SOHOs, you can use these two methods.

Firstly, check the company’s website or social media, see if they have a sales team of more than six people.

If there’s a team, it’s a trading company.

If there’s no team, it’s SOHO.

Secondly, confirm the quality inspection details, if there are the details part of how to do the quality inspection, then which means there is a specific person in the team responsible for the quality inspection.

That means it is a trading company with team work.

If the details of quality inspection are not clear, it is SOHO.

SOHO used to do not have many orders, so most of them are not understand very well how to make the perfect quality control and inspection.

Suggestions of which company type you should work within long term cooperation.

Here are the recommendations to with the LED screen manufactures

-1. You have enough knowledge about all the raw materials, Like what is the difference for LEDs, ICs, PCB board, mask, housing, cabinet design, cables, locks, etc.

-2. There is the office or purchase department set up in Shenzhen or near the led screen manufacturers in your company.

They could often visit different manufacturers and do a quality inspection.

-3. You already have excellent fluency communication with your led screen manufactures, and you are pleased with their quality and service.

Here are the recommendations to with the LED screen trading company

-1. You are new in the LED screen industry, don’t know much about raw materials.

-2. You only need to buy the LED screen once a year, or you are the end customers.

-3. You are the distributors and selling many different types of LED display in your country

-4. You visit the led screen manufactures very seldom

Conclusion: In anyhow, we strongly not recommended you to work with the SOHO or assembling workshop.

Chapter 6: Price factors.

The factors which influence the price are divide into five parts:

-1. The labor costs

-2. The after-sales support

-3. The raw material

-4. The investment for the market.

-5. The brand extra cost

Each of the above factors will make the price difference, higher or lower.

So, let’s go more in-depth and check what they are and what are the differences.

The labor cost

Labor costs are closely related to the size of the company.

Big companies always have their Quality control Department, Technology Department, R&D Department.

Therefore, their labor costs will be higher.

However, small companies usually don’t have their private products, quality control departments.

The salesmen may also work as staff of other departments.

Like the salesman also do the quality inspection for his customers, it is un-responsible for it.

The standard company, they even have 2-4 people, especially to do the quality inspection for the LED screen before the shipment.

We want to make sure the customers will be happy when they receive the goods.

The after-sales service

Many LED screen companies established the after-sales service office in all of the worlds.

In this part, we also will need to put the extra price in.

It helps a lot for the end customers who do not understand the technology of LED screens, like the hardware connection or software operation.

But for the distributor type customers, it is not very necessary, because you could handle all of the knowledge of how to use the LED screen.

The Raw materials

The raw materials are the main effect of pricing.

The LED lamp, driving IC, mask, power supply, and LED cabinet are all material factors.

LED lamps: The best world-class LED Lamp is Nichia made in Japan and Cree made in the USA.

However, there is only 5 percent of customers will choose them, and mainly because they have no choice because of the designated materials for the bidding.

That’s because the price is three to five times higher than the Chinese best brand LEDs Nationstar.

And it needs to take two to three months to produce and deliver.

Generally speaking, The lift time of the good LED screens is in four to six years, not much different, but the price is so high.

The best-LED lamp in china is Nationstar.

Since its establishment, the company has never had any big problems.

Ninety-five percent of customers give priority to Nationstar LEDs when choosing high-end quality LED screens.

Then the second level of quality LEDs from China is Kinglight.

For the customers who pursue lower price, this brand is the best choice.

Because most LED screens only need to play some advertisement videos or picture contents, king light is no problem without the excessive pursuit of display effect.

The third and fourth level quality are Hongsheng, Mulinsen, etc.

The prices of these brands are very advantageous. Low budget customers can choose these LED lamps.

We can not 100% sure that these LEDs will have problems, but they are more rate of risk to have the issues.

Therefore, we do not recommend these quality level LEDs for customers who pursue quality.

The LED lamp is the most important material to make up the LED screen.

It can directly determine the lifetime, display effect, stability, and price of the LED screen.

It is very important to choose what kind of LED lamp to use.

Usually, most of the customers are confused about what is the difference between Nationstar and Kinglight LEDs and how to choose them.

We have already given the information above; you can refer to this article.

The driving IC

The best IC is the macroblock from Taiwan, the oldest Taiwanese company to produce IC.

The IC Macroblock produces the most stable in the world.

Although the price will be a little higher, and there are not many extra functions, but the pursuit of electronic products is stability.

The second level quality of IC is ICN, which is “made in China.”

It is a new brand, and its price is much lower than the MBI.

Many LED screen companies mainly use ICN.

The customers can choose MBI directly if you want the quality IC, and the budget is accepted.

If you want to save your cost, ICN may be the best choice.

There are some other IC brands like FM, Sum, etc.  however, we don’t recommend it.

Because the prices of other IC brands are not much different from that of ICN, only about $0.2 cheaper per module, but they are more risk to breakdown.

IC is the second important material that effects an LED screen’s quality and price.

It is the main part of the imaging system and displays the effect of the LED display screen.

The quality of driving IC is closely related to content refreshing, grayscale, color, and brightness.

The Mask

The main purpose of the mask is to protect the LEDs from the hit.

If you are using a high-quality mask, it can keep the LED screen live in longer life, whether it is a fixed installation led screen or rental LED screen.

The quality of mask brands is as follows.

The first quality level brands are Xinguang and Shuguang,

The second level quality brands are Xinzhengguang, yuexingwang, and yingteqi,

The third quality level brand is Chuangxinke, hongshengda, etc.

The power supply

Meanwell is the best power supply brand.

It is the most popular brand among high-end foreign customers.

In the words of foreign customers says: “Meanwell is the first quality level power supply brand that they think about when they need a product of the most stable quality.”

Although the price from Meanwell is the most expensive one, from the view of the price structure of the entire screen, it is not much expensive.

What needs mentioning is that Meanwell is also a Taiwan brand with a long history.

The second quality level brands are G-energy, Chuanglian, and Xinxing.

These power supply brands are ordinary, with neither big advantages nor disadvantages.

For some buyers whose pursue is cost-effective, it is worth to choose.

The quality is just good, and there will be no problems in about two years if the environment is not too bad.

We don’t recommend the power supply which has no brand and made in the small factories.

Because if there are some problems after screen installation, frequent maintenance will be required.

In this way, the cost will be higher.

And the bad quality power supply is the leading cause to make the LED screen on fire.

You will have a huge problem if the LED screen is on fire, even you will not be able to hug your babies.

Therefore, you’d better start with a power supply with better quality.

For an LED screen, the main function of the power supply is to convert 100-240 volts of electricity into 5 volts, supply electricity to the screen.

The quality of a power supply will directly affect the lifetime and stability of the LED screen.

70% of customers choose the brand, Meanwell. The price gap between different brands is about $60 per square meter.

LED cabinet

LED cabinet materials: There are mainly four kinds of materials for the LED cabinet.

-1. Die-cast aluminum cabinet

-2. Magnesium alloy cabinet

-3. Waterproof steel cabinet

-4. Simple steel cabinet

Die-cast aluminum LED cabinet is the best flatness and the most expensive one.

It is made by CNC die-casting process.

Generally used for rental and small pixel pitch LED screens, they are okay for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The hardness and accuracy of the magnesium alloy cabinet will be worse than the die-cast aluminum LED cabinet, but the price will also be about $100 per square meter cheaper.

Similarly, the magnesium alloy LED the CNC process manufactures cabinet, so we can not change the dimensions as we want, they are the fixed dimensions.

Magnesium alloy cabinet on the market is mostly used for outdoor fixed installation, 960*960 mm, mainly these two kinds (shown in the picture).

Of course, some suppliers will apply magnesium alloy LED cabinet to 500*500 mm, 500*1000mm rental LED screens.

But we do not recommend you to use the magnesium alloy cabinet for rental LED screen, because the flatness and hardness are not as good as die-casting aluminum cabinet even the price is lower somehow.

The waterproof iron led cabinet is generally used for the indoor, and fixed outdoor installation LED screen.

It can make any customized dimension as long as it is the integral multiple times of the LED module.

At present, the price between the excellent quality steel LED cabinet and magnesium alloy cabinet is more or less.

So, if the size is accepted for an outdoor LED screen, we highly recommend you to use a magnesium alloy cabinet, because it is more lightweight, better flatness and better gap-free.

It also saves the labor cost for the installation and releases the pressure of the wall or structure.

The quality difference of the steel led cabinet is mainly distinguished from the thickness of sheet metal: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, and 2.0mm.

Generally speaking, a thickness of 1.6 mm is hard enough for steel led cabinet. ( For aluminum waterproof cabinet, it must use 2.0mm thickness sheet metal )

If you are using the steel led cabinet for indoor LED screen, the LED cabinet suppliers need to have the right technology.

If the technology from LED cabinet suppliers is not good enough, it will very bad for the flatness and gap, especially PH2.5mm led screen and PH3mm LED display.

Simple steel led cabinet.

It is generally used in the Chinese market and some of the low-end markets.

Compared with the waterproof iron led cabinet, this kind of cabinets has no back door and no cooling fan.

Its main disadvantage is that it is not safe enough, and you need to make the unique structure to cover the back to make it waterproof after installation.

Also, there is no cooling system inside, so, you will need to install the air conditional as well to make the temperature down.

There are also many different LED cabinet manufacturers in the market.

The main types are divide into the public LED cabinet and private LED screen.

The public model is produced in large quantities, and anyone could use it and sell it.

It is just the standard design, without any details of quality design.

Private models are designed by the R&D department in the company.

The appearance and the flatness of the private LED  cabinets are more beautiful and better; it will also have some details to the design.

But the price will be a little higher.

The difference between the best-LED cabinet manufacturers and the poorest ones is likely to reach $100 per square meter.

Of course, a good LED cabinet is also worth the money.

The main differences are about the flatness, gap, accuracy, material thickness, and so on.

Conclusion and Attention: When you have a quotation from your LED screen suppliers, 90% sure they are using the low-quality materials for you if they did not clarify which materials they are using.

Investment for the market.

If the companies don’t have any platform to attract customers, it is hard for them to expand their market, and the risks will also be high.

The main platform as below

-1. Exhibition

-2. SNS social media/ Website/ Alibaba online platform

-3. Customer visiting

-4. None platform


The led screen suppliers could promote their brand and could face to face to talk with the customers.

Especially the overseas exhibition, most of them are belong to the distributors.

However, if the LED screen manufacturers go to attend the exhibition over the abroad, it has a big risk for the locally-led screen importer.

The local end customers will skip from the locally-led screen importer to contact with the led screen manufacturers directly.

So, it is not suitable for the LED screen importer if their suppliers go to attend the exhibition in their country.

Although the cost is the most expensive one compare with the other platforms.

2. SNS social media/ Website/ Alibaba online platform

You can also seek the customers on social media, or websites like Alibaba, Global resource, Made in China, Google, etc.

The cost ranges from $4,500 to $150,000.

For social media like SNS, their costs generally range from $150 to $40,000.

Of course, there are also ways to do free promotion, but maybe much slower to find the customers.

3. Customer visiting

Visit the customers face to face.

It would take about $2,500 every time.

The biggest advantage is that the LED screen suppliers will find and talk with the distributors directly face to face to talk.

The competition is not as high as the exhibition.

Also, the cost is cheaper than the exhibition.

In summary, material selection is closely related to the project budget.

The most terrible thing is that you do not understand how does the price comes from when you buy an LED screen and do not understand the materials.

It may let you pay at a high price but receive low-quality products.

Our suggestion as below

If you are a customer pursuing quality, then you must consider labor costs.

If you are a distributor who can repair the led modules by yourself, you can ignore the cost of after-sales services.

But anyhow, It’s better to choose companies that spend less in the market cost because this is not helpful for you to purchase the LED screen in the future.

I hope the above six chapters will help you to know more deeply about the LED screen suppliers.

Make you become a real professional LED screen purchaser, and when you choose the long term cooperation partners without hesitate.

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