To Advertising Company – 27% Profit Increased with LED Billboard

Let us start from four questions before we go ahead to read the below content

Q1) Who needs to read this analyze article?

Q2) How will it be helpful after reading this article?

Q3) What is the core content of this article?

Q4) When would this article be helpful?

The answers are waiting for you in the bottom lines.

LED screens have helped me to create better advertising benefits, allowing us to export more appealing ads. Most importantly, by combining the rhythm of modern life, our advertising products reach more users. The effect is good.” 

One guy from a advertising company which are using the advertising led screen said.

Thanks for LED screens in the advertising marketing.“

More and more customers come with him to discuss the work because he got an advertising led screen to promote their business.

The most important part is the advertising LED screen is working fantastic for business promotion.

At this point, let’s think about a question: Where is the LED screen useful for advertising media companies? 

Here Are Four Chapters to Understand More Deeply

Chapter 1: Advertising media companies face an increasingly competitive environment

What Makes the LED screen so Special amount the other Advertising products?

The answer is simple: the competitive environment is getting more and more intense and getting worse. 

You can quickly realize this:

1. For consumers: advertising information is rampant, it is difficult to focus on specific advertising to get the traffic.

When you turn on the TV, you will be forced to watch advertising before the real TV drama begins.

After a few minutes of advertising (on some TV stations with high ratings, this time may be longer);

Even if you open an app on the mobile phone, there will be the advertisements show up automatic.

Some of them are very famous app corporate.

When you hang out with your friends, I believe that you must have met the handed flyers and heard all kinds of advertising sounds on the street.

In this case, I believe that you can hardly deny that you are now in an era of aggressive advertising and communication.

Consumers surround by a lot of information that is flooding, and it is difficult to get out of the wave of advertising information.

2. For advertising media companies: it is difficult to stand out in all kinds of advertising.

As an advertising media provider, the advertising media business is responsible for helping its customers attract more consumers and deliver customers’ products and advertisements to more people.

In this process, advertising media providers need to capture the attention of consumers and turn that attention into customer traffic and revenue.

All in all will test the ability of three aspects: content production capabilities, channel distribution capabilities, and display performance capabilities.

Today we discuss the third ability – “display performance capabilities.”

To make the products advertised in the ads to a great extent, so makes the effects with conveying.

In China, there is an old saying called, “the wine is not afraid of the deep alley.”

But in the era of flooding and information explosion, it has become “the wine is also afraid of the alley.”

How to put high-quality content/ advertising show up to the right consumers?

It is the most important question which the media advertising company needs to think over.

The second is making him impressed after seeing the effect, and then become the real consumer to buy the products.

In summary, the advertising media companies urgently need a way to attract users and break down the wall under the flood of information, to help their customers get more traffic.

Generally speaking, we will pursue a differentiation, such as product differentiation and design differentiation, and this differentiation can also help its main body to succeed in the competition. 

Then, outdoor led screen advertising is exactly differentiator weapon to break down the wall.

And in today‘s world, where everyone is pursuing online traffic, whoever gets offline traffic can become a winner of differentiation.

Chapter 2: The advertising has undergone tremendous changes, and the existing advertising market is not optimistic.

Please be assured that the LED screen will be a perfect solution.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Changes in the times: Internet demographic dividends weaken, online advertising growth slows, and offline advertising becomes a new growth point.

Online advertising slows down, offline traffic value highlights.

Outdoor advertising actually has a long history.

Still, after the advent of Internet advertising, people rushed to online advertising, and it gradually lost its former status. 

The internet starts in a long history, but it is decreasing now.

It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain rich user traffic at a low cost, which further increases the value of offline traffic.

In the form of the transmission of such offline advertisements, the LED screen has the highest transmission effect.

User scenes are connecting intimately with offline views.

With the change of media form and the development of the market, TV media has fallen at speed, visible to the naked eye.

Although the traffic from the mobile phone is still an important source that we need to focus on, the real problem is that many specifics always flood consumers.

Surrounded by information, specific apps always attract the user’s attention.

The advertising media companies need to face is they have to promote the ads to the most popular apps, otherwise will not obtain objective benefits;

And they have to invest a lot of costs to promote such a giant traffic app.

Meanwhile, no one could guarantee a good result because the advertising still needs to match the context of its tonality.

If the advertising/ product and the cooperative app is not the right type, or user Inconsistent, then it is wasting so much money.

And the consensus we need to reach is that effective outdoor advertising needs to go through the following processes: identifying target users, user portraits, and creating scenario ads.

To allow consumers to generate deeper demands on certain services and products in a specific situation and time, thereby creating purchase behavior.

Advertisers have a principle and selective advertising.

When they have good cooperation with people’s life rhythm, they can achieve better advertising conversion.

I believe that many companies that want to advertise are aware of this problem.

They are gradually starting to increase their demand for offline advertising.

Therefore, offline advertising will become a new growth point.

1. Market changes: homogenization of advertising is rampant, new media is not new, and mass media is falling.

From the media perspective, the competitive advantage of traditional media and the latest press is gradually smoothing.

The mass media generally refers to newspapers, radio, television, and their decline.

The above has discussed in their literary texts.

As a person living in a media environment, I believe that advertising media companies also have some experience.

The new media is no longer “new.”

Everyone has flocked to use various social media and other new media means to promote, but competitors are now following it.

At this point, the advantages of doing new media advertising seem to be gradually less obvious.

From the user’s point of view, the boredom of homogenization information causes them to jump out.

For users, they are tired of various advertisements immersed in many details.

What we can learn from these is that some video software or other software has already appeared in this situation: ” Buy VIP members to avoid viewing ads.

This makes online advertising even more difficult because it is “ rejected ” by users at the source.

Even if the user receives the ads on these apps, they often choose to ignore them because they are not recognizable.

This disregard has made advertisers and businesses that have spent a lot of effort to make these ads not get the rewards.

2. Consumers: Changes in consumer habits lead to changes in advertising demand.

Changes in consumption habits, driving changes in the form of information intake, advertising media is very passive.

Along with economic development, people have experienced a difference in the pace of life from slow to fast, especially in developed cities.

It is precisely because of the changes in the living environment and living habits that consumers’ information acquisition has changed from the slow recognition to the hope of obtaining information quickly.

The decline in consumer patience has forced changes in advertising patterns.

When consumers watch TV, newspapers, and magazines, they can choose to change channels or not.

At this time, the advertising media has no choice, and it is very passive.

“User’s attention” becomes a scarce resource.

And even if we don’t talk about the mass media, we can also find out that it can switch apps by observing consumers’ use of mobile phones.

At this time, the advertising company needs to face many competitors – and this kind of competitor.

The scope and number have multiplied, because they are no longer competing for a particular market, but are competing users with limited attention.

Chapter 3: Why: Is using LED screen a very sensible choice? 

1. Ad Performance

Multiple types of LED screens to meet different needs.

The most outdoor advertising that most people have ever seen should be a large poster posted on the wall.

But with the maturity of LED, 5G, AR, and other technologies, you will find more and more types of advertisements appear in your eyes.

For example, the giant LED advertising screens in airports, and other places are effortless to attract people’s attention because of the excellent broadcast effect of the airport.

This picture is clear, bright, and suitable for viewing.

Of course, there are other types of advertisements, as described later.

Different scenarios have different levels of demand and influence on advertising performance and user perception.

In the current most common offline outdoor advertising scenes, LED screen can be entirely competent.

In terms of functions, there are two types of LED rental screens and fixed screens.

The LED rental screen can meet various needs for flexible construction, disassembly, movement, and temporary advertising scenes.

The most common are concerts, wedding sets, T- stage shows, etc.

LED fixed screens can meet various needs for permanent installation use.

The video effect between the fixed LED display and rental LED Screen is the same.

Still, the difference is the installation and fixing way.

Generally, there are stadium screens and lightbox screens in the city center.

If you want to distinguish it, you can also have an indoor LED display, an outdoor LED display, and so on.

Mandatory intervention in consumer life scenarios, making consumers unable to avoid.

If you have read the above and have experienced similar advertisements in your life, you will feel passive.

And these ads seem to have no choice in front of consumers.

No choice rights.

But in stark contrast, offline advertising is directly integrated into the consumer’s life scene and rhythm.

Just like the LED advertisement on the wall in the subway station and the large LED canopy on the outside of the building, advertising users using these media are difficult to avoid.

As long as he takes the subway, he must receive the advertisement in the subway station.

As long as he comes to the street, it is difficult for him to not see the LED sky screen advertisement on the outside of the building.

If the consumer does not want to accept the news, unless he covers his eyes and covers his ears, he does not take the subway or go to the streets.

This way is impossible.

Generally speaking, advertising can really help companies improve their advertising performance.

Still, some factors interfere with advertising communication in actual communication.

For example, Although consumers can get in touch when they go through a mall with the LED billboards, they can choose to play with their phones.

In this way, he avoided this kind of advertisement.

But at least, in this outdoor scenario, decide to put the scene of your target audience.

So even if consumers tend to avoid it, if the ads are enough to attract attention, they will also be interested in advertising.

And LED screen is the best tool to attract attention. 

Therefore, as long as the offline advertisements follow the pace and rhythm of the consumers, they will reach them.

This way is a comparison between new media advertising and TV media.

1. Effective cost control

After purchasing the LED screen, this translates into the fixed assets of the advertising media company and becomes part of the company’s assets.

From the marginal cost, the advertising media dealers only initially purchased them.

In the long run, they can carry out any modification and placement according to their own needs.

The cost of all aspects has dropped significantly, which is very cost-effective.

In the future, if the LED screens are no longer what they need, they can choose to resell the LED screen and get a profit, which significantly saves costs.

2. Urbanization development provides broad market space for digital outdoor advertising

The construction and layout of the city have opened up more market space for outdoor advertising.

The building has risen to the ground, and the standardized urban planning has made the municipal buildings.

Outdoor LED advertising large screens have more room for play.

Also, due to the development of technologies such as big data and the standardization of urban management, the pace, and pace of users’ lives are more easily captured.

What we can learn through data: At least three scenarios are what users will experience: traffic travel, cinema, buildings.

In this new space, advertisers also need to provide better service to their customers.

Therefore, in this scenario, better dissemination, naturally, can no longer rely on traditional broadcasts, flyers, Ordinary paper posters, etc.

Instead, it can integrate existing outdoor advertising resources and cooperate with various venues, such as community properties, office properties, cinema studios, and transportation operators.

Set up ad slots on the way users must go, and then build more attractive advertising vehicles.

For example, an LED screen that people can never ignore

first of all, it is big enough;

secondly, its display ability is dazzling.

LED screen features and benefits

  1. The LED screen has strong environmental adaptability.

    Compared with other ordinary billboards and roll-ups, the light intensity is generally challenging to affect its image, so it is very suitable for outdoor environments.

    He can provide long-distance, high-resolution advertising with bright colors and bright features.

  2. LED screens have low power consumption and long life.

    Using it can save you some other cost.

  3. At night, the LED screen can also play ads properly without the need for other light sources.
  4. In terms of content display, it is very flexible, can play video, rotate slideshows, play high-definition advertising maps, etc.

    At the same time, due to its intense expressiveness, it can also be combined with various interactive gameplay to carry out fun communication. 

  5. LEDs are an advertiser’s display tool.

    Therefore, advertisers can play multiple ads at the same time, which reduces the cost of the contractor.

    This way also reduces the cost of both parties and is conducive to long-term cooperation.

Chapter 4: The three major application scenarios of LED screens, grasping these scenes, is equal to capturing users and profits. 

As mentioned above, there are many scenes of outdoor advertising marketing, among which buildings, transportation, and theaters are the most prominent.

The scenes including not limited to life, work, entertainment, etc., with super high scene traffic and contact frequency around the residents. 

In short, advertisers can plan the advertising maps they need to occupy by following the consumer’s life track.

  • Building

Where is the advertising value of building sites?

For advertising, the importance of buildings is the most crucial space for urban residents in their office and life, including not limited to communities, office buildings, and shopping malls.

At the same time, buildings are one of the essential outdoor advertising scenes in the city.

With the development of urbanization, the rate of building new construction will increase steadily, and the commercial penetration rate of building space will continue to grow.

Besides, due to the application of digital technology, the advertising capacity of buildings will gradually increase.

How is the LED applied in this scenario?

In some of the more prosperous areas of the city, there are usually some very striking buildings with large areas available on the outside.

These spaces can be used as a giant LED advertising screen in the building, or large office buildings and mall buildings for large LED advertising canopies.

LED screen is a tool suitable for scenes with long distances and large areas.

Consumers generally watch these advertisements, which are usually downstairs and other long-distance scenes.

Therefore, LED screen is very suitable for such floor-side publications.

The ample building utilization space itself has an eye-catching natural feature, and it is effortless to create an iconic building after assembling the LED advertisement.

This way is a win-win situation for advertising media companies and real estate parties.

In the mall, people often create some marketing communication activities, using LED screens to make different shapes for advertising.

On the occasion of some festivals, the mall even used LED rental screens to set up the stage.

For advertisers, the best way to attract attention in the mall is to make good use of LED billboards and light advertising boxes.

  • Traffic travel

Where is the advertising value of a transportation destination?

Some people compare the transportation network to the ” blood vessel ” of a city.

It is the basis for the operation of modern cities and the daily travel of urban residents.

It includes various means of transportation, such as public transportation, urban rail, railway, airplane, and subway.

It is serving different travel needs of residents.

These similar vehicles and transportation sites have become the most familiar and dependent scenes for urban residents.

Such as subways and subway stations, bus and bus stations, aircraft and airports, etc.

These places have a large number of available advertising space.

Take China as an example.

In 2018 alone, the scale of the outdoor advertising market for transportation has reached 21.8 billion yuan.

At the same time, with the development of a country and a city, the transportation network will continue to improve and expand, and its advertising utilization prospects are considerable.

How is the LED applied in this scenario?

Advertising media companies can use the LED screen in subways, light rails, bus stops, railway stations, airports, and other transportation sites according to led screen’s characteristics.

Generally speaking, we could design it in the waiting room and at the site.

This way is the only way for passengers to set up various advertisements, such as LED advertising light boxes, along the walking paths from entrances and exits, stations, waiting rooms, and getting on the bus — LED billboards, etc.

Besides, the waiting room/airport has ample enough space for the advertising media business to use.

Through a variety of means and channels, passengers are continuously receiving the influence of advertising during the travel process.


  • Cinema

Where is the advertising value of the cinema venue?

Work, entertainment, and life are the three main themes of people’s lives.

If buildings and transportation are the epitomai of work and life, then cinema is the epitome of entertainment.

Entertainment venues are an essential part of reaching consumers.

Among them, the theater is the most prominent, because it is the main output of popular art and entertainment, and the most economical and affordable activity compared to other entertainment activities.

Although playgrounds, shopping centers, and dining venues are an essential part of entertainment venues, its entertainment, ideology, and artistic transfer functionality are not as reliable as cinemas.

The theater itself is also a place for reliable content attributes.

There are almost one or two large LED screens in the cinema waiting room to show trailers, video ads, and static ads, with outstanding marketing value.

Consumers are also more likely to be impressed by various content marketing methods in this entertainment scene.

How is the LED applied in this scenario?

Because the cinema area, ticketing area and corridors of the cinema are large enough and the scenes are vibrant enough, they can fully present various forms of advertising.

Similarly, the studio is also the user’s activity space.

From the waiting hall, the ticketing area, the corridor, and the screening room entering the studio, there is also a path.

It is also possible to design advertisements and LED layouts in this way.

Regarding the use of LED screens, for example, LED licensing, LED advertising lightboxes, or LED electronic displays are all very suitable.

In the studio scene, advertising media companies can use the popular movie IP to carry out brand cooperation binding communication, or to capture the popularity of hot works.

This way makes it easier to achieve a good overall effect.

At the same time, because of the characteristics of the LED screen, it can fit the theme scene according to the different stages.

Advertising media companies can match it to a theme style that is consistent with the form of the studio, making it easier to integrate into the environment and attract consumers.

The advertising media provider can package it into a theme style that is consistent with the studio, and it is easier to integrate into the environment and attract consumers.

Besides, due to the reliable entertainment attributes of the studio, it is enough to carry more interactive elements.

Therefore, LED screen advertising can also work with the various lottery, scanning QR codes, and other gameplay.

In summary, these three types of scenarios are closely related to people’s lives.

Entering these three types of situations means finding their target users efficiently and quickly.

The consistency of tonality will enable target users to realize the transformation from onlookers to consumption quickly, and corporate customers will bring tangible benefits.

Therefore, advertising media companies have purposely applied LED screens in these three scenarios, which is an excellent way to achieve profitability

The Answers for the first four questions

The answers are as below:

A1) It is precisely YOU

A2) The analytics of three places to install the outdoor LED screen, building outside, traffic area, moving theaters, and how can you use the above three locations.

A3) The difference between online advertising, offline advertising, and traditional advertising. 

A4) Before you purchasing the advertising LED screen.

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