pole led display

Pole LED display

The LED pole display supports 4G/5G network remote control and cluster control, as well as batch control over an unlimited distance.

The LED light pole screen can quickly publish information, and the remote control can achieve the function of receiving and playing the same information in different locations at the same time to ensure effective information distribution.

The pole LED display is water-resistant, can be adapted to outdoor installation, and automatically adjust the brightness based on the environment.

The pole LED display has an environmental monitoring function, which can monitor environmental indicators such as temperature and humidity, wind speed, air quality, etc.

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Who needs pole LED displays?

Any company or structure that needs to build a visual communication network in a city may need our LED information screens. Our LED information screens are the best tool for quickly and efficiently creating dynamic information networks in cities by connecting with existing light poles.

LED pole screens may be seen on city streets everywhere, and they have also become a component of urban construction. LED pole displays are also quite popular as a tool for dynamic information publicity in parks, scenic areas, towns, streets, and schools.

Smart city

LED street pole screens are typically put on light poles along main urban highways, walking streets, business streets, and park streets. They are also involved in the project of urban lighting. The application of LED bright light pole screens to boost people's pleasure is not just getting closer. It bridges the gap between citizens and smart cities while also serving as a content distribution route for smart city building. It is an information carrier with rich content, dynamic presentation, powerful real-time performance, and quick reaction speed that gives more information for smart city information transition.

Tourist area

LED pole displays can create an effective information transmission network in scenic areas. Installing LED pole screens in destinations may suit the features of local culture and art and introduce tourists to attractive areas thanks to their powerful information release function. The LED pole screen also has a broadcast capability, so tourists who face unexpected accidents can respond to the scenic area and receive quick assistance via the LED pole screen broadcast.


LED pole screens have appeared on the university's greenway due to the introduction of concepts such as smart campus and digital campus. LED pole screens have been educated due to their benefits such as rich information, high brightness, reliable display, and long life. It is widely used in campus cultural communication, safety teaching propaganda, and various broadcast notifications and has become an important piece of modern publicity equipment for modern campuses.

What is an pole LED display?

The LED pole screen is an electronic digital display mounted on a street light pole and is commonly used in urban streets, parks, scenic areas, schools, and other locations.

The LED pole screen has strong protection, can adapt to different outdoor weather, and can automatically adjust the brightness according to the different environmental brightness; with a powerful information release function, the pole LED display can realize the remote cluster control screen switch, content playback, these characteristics determine the LED pole screen’s powerful publicity function.

Furthermore, the product’s intelligent detection function can detect the surrounding environment, and the environmental index may be shown on the LED screen, making people’s lives easier.

The LED pole screen is also seamlessly incorporated into the overall urban artistic style construction, and its adjustable look may suit the cultural characteristics of different locations.

pole led screen

Pole LED screen technical features

A good LED pole screen should have high brightness and be stable

pole led screens

When selecting a pole LED display, you should know the following features.

Remote cluster control is supported: The remote cluster control system considerably simplifies the information release of the LED pole screen, which can achieve remote control and control batches or even the playback content of all LED displays without the need for people to be present.

Choose the correct size: Before purchasing a pole LED screen, you must first confirm the size of the light pole, understand the height and thickness of the light pole, and then choose the correct LED screen size based on the thickness of the light pole the installation height. If the light pole is thick, you can select a larger LED screen to offer a better viewing experience at a higher height.

Additional intelligent features: When selecting an LED pole screen, you should be aware of the LED screen’s additional intelligent functions. Choose an LED pole screen with an environmental monitoring function based on your demands. The LED display with environmental monitoring capabilities can help with urban buildings. At the same time, it makes people’s life much easier. People can know the day’s air temperature indicators and weather information through the pole LED display. We can use it to keep reminding citizens of daily weather changes, pollution levels, and road conditions. As a result, warming others also contributes to a more civilized society.

Even though the outdoor LED pole screen is small, we may post advertisements on various road sections to continuously expand information distribution in a small range, thereby boosting advertisement promotion. Its installation is also easier than that of a large LED screen, as it only requires the assistance of light street poles and does not require much manpower.

Pixel Pitchmm2.5, 3, 4
BrightnessNitsUp to 6500
Refresh RateHz>1920
Key PointRemote control, auto-brightness adjustable

Adjust the brightness automatically

The LED pole screen can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environmental brightness to ensure clear playback images, rich and bright color reproduction, and decrease light pollution generation.

Cluster control through remote

The remote cluster control option is available on the LED pole screen. It can manage the LED screen remotely via the mobile phone card's 4G/5G network, turn it on and off, and switch the playback content. The operation is simple and convenient. The control system may also control and play promotional content for all LED pole screens in a batch or repeat performance.

Additional characteristics

Environmental detection sensors such as temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and combustible gas should be installed on the smart pole. And show the data on the LED display in real-time to inform people about the local environmental conditions.

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pole led displays

Pole LED displays set up

The LED pole screen installation is simple. In truth, the LED pole screen is just installing an LED display screen in a location with a light pole. Because the LED display panel is lightweight and small, installation is also very simple, usually requiring only a mounting frame and screws to fix.

Follow these steps:

1. Mount the LED screen to the light pole.
2. Connect the LED screen to the power supply. 
2. Connect the LED screen to the remote control device and turn it on. 
4. Distribute information that needs to be promoted remotely.

Conclusion: the combination of an LED pole screen and a smart city

In the smart city area, applications LED pole screen, as a mix of LED display and other technology, is being used in the current building and development of intelligent cities using innovative technology.

The LED pole screen street light has become an essential terminal success representative of today’s smart city. The intelligent LED pole screen has an important capability called “multi-purpose with one pole.” 

Intelligent, modern LED pole screen with front and back double-sided displays and various functionalities.

Smart LED pole screens can display temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and other situation data in addition to playing audio-video, video, music, text, and other multimedia content. Concurrently, it may broadcast information such as convenient matters to realize business value and people’s life functions, monitor changes in the surrounding condition in real-time, and provide appropriate feedback and customer reactions.

A comparison of the intelligent LED pole screen and the traditional light pole has significant advantages in media advertising, road direction, and information disclosure. The LED pole screen has already won out a place in society. It has been well received in the market, and it is expected that the market outlook of smart LED pole screens will improve in the future.

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