A 20 years old girl teach you how to repair LED module

Please NOTE!!!

Please NOTE!!!

Please NOTE!!!

Please repair the useless LED modules before you do the LED screen repairs.

Because it might be broke to try do repair the useful LED module.

At the beginning, I need to prepare the following tools the same with the below pictures.

Soldering iron, Black glue, Receiving card, Tweezers, Screwdriver, Mask screwdriver, power supply, Air gun, Multimeter, Copper wire, Tin, Ribbon cable, Power cable, Module with the dead LEDs, New LEDs.
repair module tools

Firstly, let me connect the LED modules and power on all the electrical equipment.

Turn on the power for air gun and soldering iron. And confirmed all of the equipment is powered on, and GOD bless me when I working with all these new friends. I need to handshake with them before I go.
Connect the power supply with our Chinese power source, It is 220V. Please NOTE, there are two type of power supply 110V ~ 240V in earth, and collect the right one from your country’s power source when you do it. Then I need to give the power to receiving card and LED module. Meanwhile, display the pure color,WHITE color, RED color, GREEN color and BLUE color. Oh, got you, sick LED, let me bring you to the hospital, little one.
Find the dead pixel

Secondly, remove the bad pixel on the LED module.

The first thing I need to do is power off the LED module. First, take off the power cable, second, take off the ribbon cable (Please remember to follow this order) before removing the sick little one. Now, I am going to take off his jacket (mask) in that area, only need to remove single one jacket(mask).
For outdoor LED module, we need to use the tweezer to remove the surface black glue. After removed the black glue, blow the dead pixel with the air gun (NOTE: set the wind temperature and wind speed as level 2, in case of hurt the PCB board.) And when you use the air gun, please hand it stand upright 90 degrees, otherwise will easy to hurt the neighborhood.
When the bad pixel on the LED module is loosing, please gently shake the dead LED like a banana with the tweezer, wait the original tin on the PCB board melt into a liquid like a water, then the dead LED will be easy to take out. Please remember, do not use brute force to move the dead LED, this will hurt the PCB board.
Repair the dead pixel

Thirdly, Assemble the NEW LED on the LED module.

After removed the dead pixel, I need to clean the extra tin on the PCB board with the soldering iron and new tin. Please NOTE: Set as 500 degrees Celsius temperature for your soldering iron. Because if the temperature of soldering iron is too high, it will be very easily to burn out the PCB board.
Now, Me Miss Loki start to assemble the NEW LED, The first thing i need to do is find the right direction of the NEW LED the same as the LED module, there is positive and negative on the LED. It has the small mark on the surface of the LED, you should find it easily. Before put the new led on the PCB board, I will prefer to add some tin to make it more tight when it is seat on the PCB board. Here is one tip to share with my friend you: Bend the tin as 90 degrees and make it seat on the table by itself, then no need the third hand.

You must also have done the great job to get in this step, after all the things I have done before. I am going to use the soldering iron to melt the tin, then glue the new LED on the PCB board. And I need to glue both side fool of the new LED.

replace the LEDs

Finally, Test the NEW LED on the LED module is seating happy or not.

After assembled the NEW pixel on the LED module, i am going to test the NEW LED likes his house or not. I need to plug the ribbon cable first, then plug the power cable, this right step could protect your LED module. Then power on the LED module, run the pure color, WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE.
When the new LED is working perfectly with his new house, i am going to use the black glue to re-cover the new LED, and need to wait for 30 minutes at least until the black glue is dry, then screw back the mask. That’s all i have done to spent two hours to learn how to repair the dead pixel on the LED module, and i got the skill easily.
a 20 years old girl teach you how to repair the LED module

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20 Responses

  1. Hello
    I Am interesting in Reparing for led screen can you send me Video how to Reparing led modules I have some modules like P6 4.8 and 3.9 outdoor
    Avdhesh A Rathod

    1. Hi Dear Jos, thanks for your attention, Miss Loki will start the update the tips in next month. Do you have any confusion about how to repair the LED screen?

  2. What is the brand of the black glue your company uses?

    We have similar modules that requires black glue but we don’t know which one to get.

    1. The black color electronic seal glue, you should find it in the electronic market in your country. And you could send the broke led modules to us, and we could repair for you.

  3. Hi,
    I would want to know your sizes, picture resolution, prices and shipment of your LED screens to Lagos Nigeria.

  4. black glue for the module
    what type of glue do you use for the module.

    Can you tell me a specific brand and model? as an example

  5. Hello, could you please recommend a place that sells/ships to Europe replacement/spare pixels for indoor LED module (SMD2020 black, RGB, pixel pitch 2.8mm)?
    We need them urgently but the technical support of the company that sold the modules does not respond.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. I need to know how to repair GZlIC modules for my self please tell me the process inside led there 192.192 panels

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