led curtain screen

LED curtain screen

Lightweight design, such as the use of lightweight materials, greatly decreases the load-bearing capacity of the building.

It can withstand harsh outdoor conditions due to its super waterproof effect.

Because of their light transmission and airflow features, the curtain LED screens in glass buildings do not affect indoor lighting. Because of their excellent ventilation effect, curtain LED screens do not require additional cooling equipment.

The LED grid screen has an extremely long viewing distance and can be viewed from a long distance.

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Who needs an curtain LED screen?

The curtain LED display is the best choice for dynamic advertising products as a high-traffic area where weight reduction is required for the installation site due to its characteristics of lightweight, good waterproof performance, and high brightness.

The curtain LED display is generally relatively large, has a long viewing distance, and serves as an advertising tool by playing dynamic text, video, and images.

Shopping mall

One of the most common applications for curtain LED displays is the exterior wall of shopping malls. In general, the size is quite large. Because of its lightweight, the curtain LED screen significantly reduces the pressure on the exterior walls of shopping malls. Installing a curtain LED screen on the outer wall of a shopping mall serves as a public relations tool and has light transmission properties. When installed on the outer glass wall, it does not affect the indoor lighting.

Advertising agency

With the increasing demand for more and more different outdoor installation locations, the curtain LED screen becomes the best choice when the LED display is large in size and needs to be installed on a structure that requires lightweight. Curtain LED  screens have become the first choice for outdoor media to build large LED screens due to their lightweight, customizable size, and other characteristics. Furthermore, the curtain LED screen has an extremely long view distance, allowing broadcast advertising information to be broadcast over a long distance.

Businesses owns a building

Many businesses own their buildings. When the company needs to promote its brand and product sales, it can install a curtain LED screen on its property. When installed on the high position of the building, the curtain LED screen has a super long-distance viewing and can realize long-distance information dissemination. Its light, thin, and transparent features are also suitable for corporate real estate and are preferred by major enterprises. For example, install lightweight curtain LED screens on real estate to release dynamic promotional advertisements and reap significant benefits.

What is an curtain LED display?

LED curtain screen is a kind of LED display used in outdoor commercial advertising; it is composed of strips in the shape of LED curtain screen, the appearance of a hollow, grid format, so it is also known as strips LED screen, grid LED screen, hollow LED screen, etc.

Its main features are lightweight, light transparency, and small wind load, significantly reducing the installation wall’s weight pressure.

This type of display is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, and outdoor anti-aircraft guns.

It mainly displays videos, pictures, and text to promote advertising.

led curtain display

Curtain LED screen technical features

When selecting a good curtain LED screen, you must consider the size and installation location.

curtain led display

The main reason for selecting a curtain LED screen is that the installation site necessitates a lightweight LED screen with a large size. As a result, you must determine the maximum weight pressure the structure can withstand.

Like other outdoor LED screens, the curtain LED screen has high brightness, is weatherproof, and can work in any weather condition.

Because we only recommend DIP technology for curtain LED screens, the smallest pixel pitch is PH16mm. Hence, the view distance is exceptionally long, which means you must calculate the best view distance you want before determining the correct pixel pitch.

Curtain LED screens are used to build in huge sizes; therefore, you must be very serious about each detail part to find the correct curtain LED screen solution.

Pixel Pitchmm15-15, 15-31, 31-31
BrightnessNitsUp to 10000
Key PointSuper lightweight, release the pressure of the building


The curtain LED screen is lightweight and can be installed on most structures, including glass. It has low requirements for the building's load-bearing capacity and is light and simple to install.

Waterproof, high brightness

The curtain LED screen has an IP56 protection level, completely waterproof. Furthermore, the curtain LED screen has high brightness, can be used generally in bright outdoor lighting, and automatically adjust the brightness.

Long view distance

The curtain LED screen is transparent to some extent. It has less impact on the lighting inside the building when installed on the outer glass wall. It also has a super long-viewing distance.

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What is the advantage of curtain LED screens?

curtain led screen

The curtain LED screen is light and straightforward to install. It can be used for both front and rear maintenance. The load-bearing requirements of the installation location are relatively low.

The transparency of the curtain LED screen is high. It has little effect on internal lighting when installed on the outer glass wall, and it also has some heat dissipation. It can be used without the need for an extra heat dissipation system.
It can be used without the need for an extra heat dissipation system.
The curtain LED screen has high brightness and automatic brightness adjustment functions, and it can play content even when the light is very bright. When it’s dark outside, the brightness of the curtain LED screen will change automatically to avoid light pollution.

The size of the LED grid screen can also be customized; it can customize the size based on the actual needs, and it can choose the pixel pitch of the LED screen based on the playback content.

When should be chosen for the curtain LED screens?

It is highly recommended that you purchase a curtain LED screen if you require the commercial LED displays to meet the three conditions listed below.

1. There is a large size demand for outdoor LED display screens.

When installed in a building, you must consider whether the display is high transparency at this time.

If not, the display will block the light from the outside of the building; the interior will be dark all day, and you will receive many complaint letters from the building.

2. Whether the installation environment is better.

If the wall cannot support the weight of the LED screen, the light material of the curtain LED screen is the best option for safety.

The curtain LED screen cabinet’s weight is light to 6KG/pc, which is 75% less than the traditional outdoor LED display weight, and the steel structure only weighs 10kg/square, which is 80% less than the conventional outdoor LED display steel structure weight.

3. The installation’s environmental weather, including whether it is windy all year.

Key differences between curtain LED screens and transparent LED screens?

Different levels of water resistance result in other applications.

The curtain LED screens are waterproof (IP65) and can be used entirely outside.

The transparent LED screen is not waterproof, with only an IP34 rating for indoor use.

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