LED Curtain Screen

LED curtain screen is a kind of LED display used in outdoor commercial advertising; it is composed of strips in the shape of LED curtain screen, the appearance of a hollow, grid format, so it is also known as stips LED screen, grid LED screen, hollow LED screen, etc. His main features are lightweight, light transparency, small wind load, which can greatly reduce the weight pressure of the installation wall.

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CW Series Quality Inspection Video

LED Curtain Screen

CW Series belong to commercial LED display, but designs as a super lightweight fixed installation LED display.

It releases the pressure of the building wall.

CW Series is the right one to choose if you need the super lightweight advertising LED billboard.

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LED Curtain Screen: The Ultimate Guide.

What is the curtain LED screen?

Curtain LED screen is a new generation of outdoor LED display products, is a kind of light strip to form a grille-like display screen, with strip, hollow, transparent product form, also known as curtain LED screen, curtain wall LED screen, etc.

This type of display is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, and also includes outdoor anti-aircraft guns.

He mainly displays videos, pictures, and text to promote advertising.

Chapter 1: What are the models and specifications of the curtain LED screens and how to choose them correctly?

The curtain LED screen is divided into DIP and SMD, which are available in different models and specifications.

Product type of DIP.

CW15-15D, CW16-16D, CW20-20D, CW15-31D, CW25-25D, CW31-31D, CW25-50D

SMD Product Type.

CW7.8-12S, CW8.3-12S, CW7.8-15S, CW12-12S, CW15-15S

Why choose the DIP series?


The maximum brightness of DIP is higher than SMD, and the maximum brightness of DIP can reach 10,000nits, even in the hot daytime sun, to see the advertisement in the video while the maximum brightness of most SMD is 6500nits, which is difficult to achieve the effect.

(If you want to learn more about the difference between SMD and DIP, see this article – https://www.bibiled.com/dip-outdoor-digital-billboard/)

Why are these three models in the DIP series recommended?

There are a total of 7 models in the DIP series, why are these three models (CW15-15D/ CW15-31D/ CW31-31D) recommended?

After two years of research, 83.67% of prospective customers prefer to buy these three models, which meet the needs of most applicable advertising and are also suitable for most long-distance viewing.

Chapter 2: 7 Things You Must Know Before Buying a LED curtain Screen.

1. Size of the installation site

You need to check the screen area length and width values yourself before buying so that you can calculate the exact size of the grille LED screen to provide a professional solution and price.

2. What is the best viewing distance?

3. Whether the installation location can be used for maintenance access behind

4. Brightness

Play the ads on display; if they need to be played during the day and night, the brightness requirements are high to be able to see what the video is playing under the hot daylight.

6. Budget

We communicate our needs with you before offering a quotation package and making the best choice based on your needs and budget.

7. Service and quality

Choosing a professional and reliable China LED display manufacturers is a very important thing, we can search for manufacturers through the network of relevant information, to understand many aspects, such as: how to quality control, what cases, the company’s recent cultural activities, after-sales service, and external evaluation, etc.

After understanding the above information, choose the manufacturer that is suitable for you, it can give you a professional curtain LED screen solution.

When the curtain LED screen’s own solution is ready, we also need to match the control system.

The control system of curtain LED screen is the same as the regular screen; it can also use Novastar, linsn, colorlight synchronization or asynchronous, how to choose between synchronization and asynchronous, for details, please refer to this article.

Chapter 3: What is the price of a curtain LED screen?

Due to different manufacturers, standards are also different, as well as the country’s economic changes and raw materials rise and other factors, the following prices are for reference only, the actual situation needs to be based on manufacturers to set prices.

$5,240 for 4x2m

$13,100 for 5x4m

$15,720 for 6x4m

$26,200 for 8x5m

Chapter 4: Features of the curtain LED screen.

Top 8 reasons to choose a grille LED screen.

1. Lightweight, low wind load

Weight than the traditional LED display is 60% to 80% lighter, the air permeability is 40% to 50% higher than the traditional LED display, due to the screen body grid, making the screen body can be permeable to wind, with strong wind resistance, wind load is small, reducing the overall infrastructure of the display strength and weight.

2. Simple structure

Simple construction, control box, and installation integrated.

Dramatically simplified screen construction, with only one plug-in for a single box outside the screen, reducing link failures.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also improves screen stability.

While a small amount of structure is affixed to the wall, reducing damage to the wall and base, allowing for both pre- and post-maintenance, depending on the customer’s needs.

3. High performance, low power consumption

The real energy savings come from: high brightness, high light efficiency LED lights, high conversion efficiency PFC power supply.

4. High brightness

Can do DIP, brightness up to tens of thousands

5. The good heat dissipation system

1.) Power supply, control, and other materials and light-emitting lamps are separated, no need to install cooling fans and air conditioning

(2.) The use of superconducting thermal materials, the box is almost all-aluminum design, heat dissipation performance improved by 80%.

3.) The chip is larger than the normal screen size.

6. Adaptation to extreme weather climates

Adaptable to the extreme cold of -40 degrees Celsius, but can also withstand high temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius

7. Waterproofing

1)Overall gluing process design, military-grade IP67 full protection

2) Waterproof rubber ring design inside the box

8. Redundant design

The case is designed with the double power supply to ensure the normal operation of the screen.

Chapter 5: Key differences between curtain LED screens and transparent screens?

1. Different water resistance levels lead to different application scenarios.

Most of the grille LED screens are waterproof: IP65 and can be used completely outdoors.

Transparent screen is mostly waterproof: IP34 for indoor use only.

2. Different lamp beads – brightness

Grille LED screen.

The general production area is relatively large; the point spacing will be relatively large, the point density is less, in the outdoor environment needs high brightness LED display, so generally use DIP direct-in beads to produce to ensure the high brightness of the screen body.

LED transparent screens.

Most of the indoor installation, small point spacing, high density, brightness requirements are smaller than the outdoor, so the general use of SMD lamp bead production.

Chapter 6: What Circumstances Should Be Selected for curtain LED Screens for Outdoor Advertising Screens.

It is highly recommended to buy a grille screen if you meet the following three conditions.

1. The outdoor display screen demand area is large.

Installed in a building, at this moment, you need to consider whether the display is highly permeable.

If not, the display blocks the light from the outside of the building; the interior is dark all day long; you will receive a large number of complaint letters from the building.

2. Whether the installation environment is better.

If the wall can not support the excessive weight of the screen, for safety reasons, choose the light material of the grille screen is the best choice.

The weight of the grille screen unit box is light to 6KG/pc, 75% less than the traditional outdoor LED display weight, the thickness is thin to 67mm, the steel structure only weighs 10kg/square, 80% less than the traditional outdoor LED display steel structure weight.

3. The environmental climate of the installation, whether it is windy all year round.