How Do I Select The Best LED Screen Rental For A Stage Event


The stage LED screen is frequently utilized to liven up spectator and participant experiences. Your presentation becomes fascinating and lives thanks to the use of LED panels on the set. Additionally, it gives the entire area more excitement, flavor, and theme. Additionally, it serves the dual aim of quickly communicating important information to the public and serving as decoration and exhibition.

A stage LED screen can be used for a variety of occasions that are common in our day and age. The most frequent events are concerts, followed by summits, conferences, and charity events. The stage LED screens can also be used to elevate outdoor culminating activities at educational institutions such as universities, museums, and cultural and heritage events. It may be available in a range of shapes, sizes, materials, features, and specifications.

Engineers with BIBI LED expertise conducted research and created rental LED screens based on your stage applications to meet your requirements. First, a temporary stage use interior or outside is perfect for an outdoor rental LED display. Second, a short-term interior stage application is appropriate for an indoor rental LED display.

What Should I Know Before Purchasing Or Renting A Stage LED Screen?

Permanent or Temporary? 

Your response to this query will assist you in determining whether to buy or rent a rental LED screen for your stage. You might want to start thinking about contacting LED display manufacturers to give you a stage LED screen solution if you require it for an extended period of time or if you use it continually throughout time. In the long term, it saves money, time, and effort. On the other hand, renting must be a wise alternative if you only use it for one occasion.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Both indoor and outdoor events can use flexible LED stage screens. But it’s crucial to know whether your event will take place inside or outside because outdoor LED screens need a higher Ingress Protection(IP) rating. The conditions outside are tougher than that inside. Your stage LED screens must be protected from significant incursions, dust, and water.

Close or Far Distance Viewing

Let your stage LED screen supplier know if the audience will be near or distant from the LED display. You can use it to choose LED display panels for the set that has the right resolution. Additionally, it guarantees that your event will be presented to your audience smoothly and more vividly.

How To Calculate Stage LED Screen Size?

The standard and most commonly used aspect ratio for mainstream videos and displays is 16:9. For your stage, an LED screen using 16:9 is perfect.

Aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and the height of digital images and displays. The first number refers to the width. And the second refers to the size.

In order to get the right product, you need to choose the size based on where and for what purpose you will be using it. The most common rental LED display sizes are 500x500mm and 500x1000mm single LED cabinets.

  • 500x500mm

The price of this size is higher, and considering the issue of floor height, this size is more suitable for indoor use. If your budget allows, it’s best to buy the 500x500mm size to add a height option when building large LED screens.

  • 500x1000mm

Compared to the 500x500mm size, this size is cheaper, and the site height has no effect on it.

What Is The Environment Like?

The location or surrounding environment of the LED display is very important. It affects factors such as screen brightness and weather resistance.

The main distinction between indoor and outdoor rental LED screens is the brightness of the screen. The brightness of a screen is measured in nits (cd/m2). Higher brightness levels allow the screen to be seen even in bright sunlight.

Outdoor rental LED screens are typically brighter, ranging from 4,500 nits to 7,500 nits. Some high-quality LED panels can even achieve 12,000 nits. Indoor LED screens, on the other hand, do not have high brightness requirements. Ambient light levels are low in indoor environments. The viewing experience will suffer if the indoor screen is too bright.

It is worth noting that the outdoor rental screens can be used indoors as well; simply adjust the brightness. Indoor rental screens, on the other hand, can only be used indoors.

  • Weather resistance

Another difference between Indoor rental LED screens and outdoor rental LED screens is the degree of weather resistance. Typically measured by the degree of protection (IP).

IP2X and IP3X are the most common indoor rental screen panel ratings. Large physical objects, but not moisture, are resistant to indoor rental LED panels (indicated by an X).

And IP65 is the industry standard for outdoor rental LED screen panels. The panel is dust-tight and water-jet resistant. If the user intends to use the LED screen outside, the rating must be at least IP65.

Why Is The Pixel Pitch Important To Take Into Account When Buying Or Renting Stage LED Displays?

During your event, your audience will be able to enjoy watching vibrant, clear images and videos thanks to the use of LED screen technology in stage design.

Pixel pitch is an important factor to take into account because it is directly related to the appropriate viewing distance for your stage-mounted LED display so that you can provide an engaging audiovisual experience for your audience.

Similarly, you must determine the viewing distance of your audience in order to choose the ideal LED screen for the occasion. It is advised to select an LED display with a narrower pixel pitch if your audience is close to it. In contrast, if your audience is far from the screen, a greater pixel pitch is ideal.

A pixel pitch of 1(mm)millimeters to 3(mm)millimeters or lower are recommended for close viewing LED display. And for LED displays used for outdoor events 3mm to 6mm or higher are commonly preferred pixel pitches.

What Benefits Can Rental LED Screens Bring To Events?

Large LED screens for events are commonly used to spice up the show’s attendees’ and participants’ viewing experience. Having big LED screens on stage gives you the following benefits:

Lively Stage Setting

The vivid color and brilliant effects it gives can help you pull off a spectacular show for your audience. You can have a more pleasing stage background, which positively influences the audience’s visual experience. The lively stage background also evokes wonderful feelings amongst the audience, which affects audience engagement and participation.

Greater Visibility

It is essential to make sure that everyone can see what is happening on stage through the concert screens when organizing an event with large spectators, such as a concert. You can respect your audience’s right to view and enjoy the performance by installing a concert LED screen.

Illumination for Decoration

Additionally, stage LED screens offer superior lamination for your event. It contributes to mood setting, essential for giving your audience a unique experience and making a fantastic impression.

How Much Does Investing A Stage Rental LED Screen Cost?

Below we take the most commonly used models for you as an example: P3.91, 500x500mm rental screen, the price per square meter is $725.

There are numerous kinds and specifications of rental LED screens, and the pricing shown above is only one type of LED rental screen. If you want to have a basic idea of how much you need to make your stage LED screen display, you may go to our website and tell us about your LED needs, and we will provide you with a price quote.

Our stage rental Led screen has many advantages, such as:

  1. Modular Design for indoor rental use
  2. Corner Protection Design,
  3. Flat and Curved screen(±15°Curve option)
  4. Seamless Side Lock
  5. High heat dissipation efficiency
  6. No Fan, No noise.


We believe that our stage rental products can help you get more money opportunities!

Contact us if you are still uncertain about your selection of a rental LED screen.

Because the LED rental screen is often moved, its quality is also very important. It is also very important to know how to check the quality of the LED rental screen. For details, please read this article:

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