what Is Resolution And What Does It Mean For My LED Screen

1. What is resolution

2. What is the size of the LED screen in 720P,1080P,2K, and 4K?

3. Which resolution is right for you?

4. Three types of resolution—and their use cases

1. What is resolution?

When you watch the LED display screen, the resolution will directly affect the display effect of video, text, and pictures, and the resolution determines the fineness of the details of the video pictures.

Generally speaking, the basis of resolution is pixels, and resolution has pixels in horizontal and vertical directions, expressed in width X height format, for example:

720P=1280X720 pixels, 1280 pixels in the horizontal direction, and 720 pixels in the vertical direction.

 2. What is the size of LED screen in 720P,1080P,2K, and 4K?

  • 4K=3840X2160 pixels
  • 2K=2560X1440 pixels
  • 1080P=1920X1080 pixels
  • 720P=1280X720 pixels.

Do you know what the difference is between these 4 resolutions?

Generally speaking, for a video of the same size, the higher the resolution and the more pixels, the more detailed and clear the video image will be.

low —————————————— high

                720P < 1080P < 2K < 4K

So what are the different pixel pitch LED screen sizes for 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K?

A smaller pixel pitch has a smaller size at the same resolution.

3. Which resolution is right for your LED screen?

You need to determine the use of the LED display, such as indoor cinemas, high-end conference rooms or live radio, etc. If you need to shoot fine-grained effects, you need a higher resolution to achieve.

If you only display basic text or outdoor highway advertising applications, the requirements for pixels are not high, and the spacing and viewing distance can be calculated or speculated according to LED display professionals.

4. Three types of resolution—and their use cases

We often use LED displays to play video, text, and pictures, so the required resolution differs according to the situation. The following three situations are more common:

  • Text display: between approximately 48 and 60 pixels.

Generally used to display basic text messages, such as: welcome to visit, buy one get one free, etc., to attract passers-by to consume and inform information.

  • Picture display: between 61 and 100 pixels.

Logos, 3D texts, and representations about any graphic form that mainly promote your products and services.

  • Video display: over 100 pixels.

The video display requires high resolution, and the LED display can play vivid and attractive videos or advanced images.


In conclusion:

The above is the basic knowledge about the resolution of LED display; although this information can help you better understand the LED display if you want to find the best solution, the best way is to seek professional LED display people, Let you understand the LED display and guide you to find suitable projects and solutions.

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