What Is A Good Pixel Pitch And Resolution Of LED Display Screen?

  1. What is pixel pitch & pixel size?

  2. Why is pixel pitch important?

  3. How to choose the right vision distance and pixel pitch

  4. How to the calculation of LED display pixel pitch?

When you need to buy an indoor LED display, you will see P1.875 / P2.5 / P3.91 / P4 on the quotation sheet; what do these values mean? Why is the pitch one of the important considerations when purchasing digital signage LEDs, and what impact does it have on the LED display?

1. What is pixel pitch & Pixel size?

A three-in-one lamp bead is a pixel in an LED display, and the center distance (in millimeters) between two adjacent pixels is the pixel pitch, which is usually called “P” by industry insiders.

  • Pixel Pitch: 10mm — “P10”

  • Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm — “P2.5”


2. Why is pixel pitch important?

Pixel pitch describes the distance (in millimeters) between two pixels; it largely determines the appearance and performance of an LED screen and is closely related to the resolution.

Therefore, the pixel pitch affects the display resolution and optimal viewing distance of the LED display.

  • The smaller the distance, the higher the resolution, and the clearer and more comfortable viewing at close range.

  • Wider spacing and lower resolution for long-distance viewing.

3. Vision distance and pixel pitch

One of the most common questions and debates when buying an LED display is the choice of pixel pitch and viewing distance; smaller pixel pitches usually provide higher resolution but are more expensive and require more LEDs.

So, how to calculate the appropriate viewing distance of the LED display?

The viewing distance uses three methods to determine the acceptable range distance:

  • Rule of 10:

This is a quick way to calculate a visually sensitive distance approximation.

The calculation formula is: pixel pitch X10 = approximate viewing distance (in feet)

  • Visually sensitive distance:

Also known as retinal distance, is the distance a person with 20/20 vision must keep from the screen to see the LED screen present a coherent image rather than a pixelated image.

The calculation formula is: pixel pitch × 3438 = visual sensitivity distance (in feet)

  • Average comfortable viewing distance:

This is an estimate of the comfortable viewing distance for most people; this is a subjective estimate and will take into account variables such as human eye gaze, content resolution, and content type.

The following figure can be used as a reference when selecting:

4. How to choose the right vision distance and pixel pitch

How to calculate how many pixels are on the led screen?

You can determine the LED screen’s pixel pitch value by determining the screen’s viewing distance; as a general rule, small pixels are used for small pixel pitch screens, and larger pixels are used for big led screens.


5. How to the calculation of LED display pixel pitch?

The relationship between led screen pixel pitch and led screen module (box) size

1) Cabinet length = length pixel number * spacing

For example:

A P16 module length=16 points*16mm=256mm; height=8 points*16mm=128mm

2) Panel width = width pixels * spacing

Cabinet/full screen resolution calculation method

  • Cabinet resolution = length * width / pixel spacing

  • Full screen resolution = 1 million / pixel pitch / pixel pitch

For example: 

Resolution of P16 per square meter = 1,000,000 / 16 / 16 = 3906 DOT



The above is about LED display pixel pitch knowledge, its meaning, importance, and how to choose and calculate the best viewing distance and suitable spacing selection.

If you have any questions about the LED display, you can leave a message to us below or email us, and we will answer them for you as soon as possible.

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