LED Module/Panel

1. What is a LED screen module?

2. Parts and components of an led module

3. Features of LED display Modules

4. LED module color

5. Size of LED modules

6. Pixel pitch of LED modules

1. What is a LED screen module?

LED module is one of the main components of LED display; it is a small circuit that integrates LED and other necessary electronic devices so that LED display can play video, text, and pictures.

2. Parts and components of an led module

LED modules are mainly composed of LED lamp beads, PCB boards, driver ICs, plastic kits, etc.

  • LED lamp beads: mainly used to emit light to display content.

  • PCB boards: like the land of precision electronic components.

  • Drive IC: The main function is to stabilize the drive and eliminate the flickering phenomenon of the LED.

  • Plastic frame: Used to protect electronic components.


3. Features of LED Display Modules

Different LED displays require other LED modules, each with different characteristics.


  • Indoor LED module features super, high refresh, high resolution, the smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels per unit area, the clearer the picture quality.

  • Features of indoor LED flexible LED modules: high-strength anti-compression and anti-twisting ability, customized shape, can be directly absorbed, and customized to any shape.

  • The Outdoor LED module features high brightness, waterproof, the larger the pixel pitch, the lower the pixel density and the higher the brightness.


4. LED module color

When we buy LED modules, we will see full-color LED modules, single-color LED modules, and dual-color LED modules. They represent:

  • Single-color LED modules: single red, single blue, single green, and single white modules. (LED modules that can only emit one color, mainly used to display text)

  • Dual-color LED modules are red and green two colors, red and blue. (can emit two-color LED modules, mainly used to display text)

  • Full-color LED modules: products that mainly use red, green, and blue, the three primary colors on the LED module. Can emit different colors for playing video, text, and pictures)


5. Size of LED modules

The size of the LED module or LED board is usually determined according to the customer’s needs and installation environment. For example, Below are 5 different popular LED module sizes.

  • 320x160mm led module size: the most common size seen on the market, cost-effective, and can be used in various applications.

  • 250X250mm led module size: specially designed to meet the needs of rental displays, with consistent width and height, convenient and flexible screen size.

  • 192X192mm led module size: specially designed for the fixed screen, smaller size is more flexible for smaller screen size.

  • 320X320mm led module size: specially designed for outdoor size fixed applications, large size with the same width and height, it will be faster to install, especially for large screens.

  • 160X160mm led module size: 160×160mm series is a smaller option of 320×160mm, small size with the same width and height, it will be easier for newcomers to install.

  • Other size LED module size: many different size options are determined according to the actual scene and user needs.


6. Pixel pitch of LED modules

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