How much is an led billboard?

LED advertising is a new media advertising form, the perfect combination of new media technology and outdoor advertising release form.

LED advertisement is a kind of advertisement words, pictures, or videos made of the led billboard.

For example, we usually see electronic large-screen advertisements on the street or highlighted advertisements and signs with colorful lights on the roadside.

People are more interested in the price of LED billboards.

So I did some research on the cost of LED billboards.

According to my survey, I found that LED billboards’ cost is mainly reflected in the purchase of led display screens, transportation costs, installation costs, installation location costs, maintenance costs during use, and electricity costs.

In turn, I will explain to you how these costs are generated and what their characteristics are.

6 chapters to know exactly led billboard price!

Chapter 1: LED billboard price itself.

First of all, we need to find a reliable led billboard supplier.

Here, I recommend that the Chinese-led billboard suppliers because 95% of the LED displays are producing in Shenzhen, China.

Chinese-led screen suppliers will offer the original prices.

As for suppliers in other countries, they will also buy led display screens from China, but they will provide more local services and quality assurance.

At present, we can search for Chinese suppliers of LED billboards through search engines such as Google and Alibaba, and so on.

Among them, the cost of an LED display screen will calculate per square meter.

The larger the area, the higher the price will be.

Here are the price as the reference in different size for outdoor P10 led display

$5,240 for 4x2m
$13,100 for 5x4m
$15,720 for 6x4m
$26,200 for 8x5m

So, which means you could make any size you want according to your budget.

Moreover, the size of the LED billboard will customize from 1m2 to 1000m2.

Secondly, the control system will also affect the price of the led display screen.

For example, sending card, receiving card, function card and light sensor, WIFI model, or 4G model. The higher the requirement, the higher the price.

Also, there is a different brand, such as Linsn, Novastar, color light, guide, etc.

The price is more or less between these brands; choose which your supplier recommends or the one you familiar with.

By the way, there are two kinds of control ways, synchronous and Asynchronous.

Finally, The led display price is the factor by many different parts, such as LEDs, LED Chips, Driving IC, LED display cabinet material, power supply, PCB board, etc.

You could read the details in this article about the price difference between those materials.

The whole screen also includes external materials such as the control computer, sound equipment, steel structure, your company logo, which needs to be put on the LED billboard, various kinds of connecting wires, etc. You need to check the cost in your local or your installation company. 

The better the brand, the higher the material cost.

Chapter 2: Transportation costs.

As for the cost of LED billboards, transportation costs must take into account.

The mode of transportation of LED billboards is the central divide into air and sea transportation.

PS: The weight of LED billboard is too heavy, so few people will prefer door to door express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc

Air transportation is faster than sea transportation but more expensive.

For example, shipping an LED billboard from Shenzhen to New York takes about a month by sea shipping, but it only takes a few days to send it by air.

In terms of money, air transportation costs four to six times as much as sea transportation.

So when considering the transportation cost of LED billboards, the first thing to consider is transportation mode.

You need to know whether you need to save time or money.

Secondly, transport costs should also take into account local import tax costs.

The cost of import tax varies according to local conditions.

There are different import taxes in different countries and even different regions.

We suggest that you make a call to your local customs department by the product’s name “ LED screen “ or “ LED display,” and the HS code is 8528591090.

Finally, it would help if you considered the transportation cost from the airport or seaport to your warehouse or installation site.

It usually uses land transportation by truck, so this project’s cost will not be very high compared with the air or sea shipping from China, but it is necessary. So we should know in advance.

Chapter 3: Installation costs.

As for the installation fee of LED billboards, generally speaking, if customers buy led billboards for the first time, then the best choice is to find local installation companies to install them because they will bring more considerate services at a fair price, avoiding customers efforts in installation.

Secondly, you can also choose to invite Chinese installation companies to guide the installation.

Generally speaking, I suggest that only when it’s difficult or you can’t find a suitable local installation company can you consider installing it again and asking the Chinese technology to guide the installation. 

The cost is $150 per day, and you need to pay for the round-trip tickets, accommodation, travel, visas, and all other expenses.

It usually will take about 1-2 weeks, and the cost will be approximately $3000-5000.

Finally, if your company knows how to install LED billboards, congratulations, you can save a lot of money because you only need to buy installation materials.

All of the above, no matter who installs it, customers need to buy the materials of the local installation structure; unless there are no local, customers will consider buying from China or nearby countries.

If you are looking to save on installation costs, you can also consider a mobile LED screen.

Mobile LED screens pose the advantage of being pre-installed onto a vehicle, so the installation costs are built-in.

Chapter 4: Location costs.

Compared with the cost of LED billboards and installation site, the most substantial proportion of the price is the installation site’s cost.

However, this does not mean that the price of the LED billboard itself is costly.

For example, in Shenzhen, the land price per square meter is about $750. If you rent towers on the top of the building, the annual cost will be between $298 and $450. If it is real estate, then the price will be higher.

In Shenzhen, the price per square meter of the building will reach about $7,500.

Different buildings will have different prices.

The price of a well-located building will be higher.

If you rent a shop, the cost will not be very much.

In a word, for the busy blocks of big cities, the site’s cost will be a significant expense.

We know that different installation location costs different, an excellent location will bring a better advertising effect, so how to find a suitable installation location?

We can start with four aspects to find an excellent place.

First of all, the flow of people is the most important.

The flow of people is the number of people passing through the stores in a certain period.

The most traffic time is the weekend and the usual time between breakfast and dinner for shopping malls.

Shopping malls usually have a lot of traffic.

Generally, they locate in the center of the city, and the rent is relatively high.

Also, pedestrian street traffic is usually many people, pedestrian street location is generally next to the mall, and traffic time is similar. Of course, pedestrian street rent will be lower than the mall.

As for the intersection of traffic lights, its traffic mainly comes from traffic vehicles.

When the vehicle stops, drivers usually see the LED billboards here.

Usually, its peak traffic is at work, and the rent is lower than the others.

There is also much traffic on highways and toll stations. Still, usually, the driver of the vehicle may not be local, so the effect of advertising may not be ideal, its peak traffic period is full-time, the rent will not be very much.

Besides, downtown is the busiest place in a city.

The peak period of traffic is usually full-time and has a good advertising effect.

However, the only disadvantage is that the rent is very high.

CBD traffic is mainly for office workers.

Like traffic lights, its peak period is also in the peak period of commuting, but its advertising effect will be better.

Generally speaking, CBD traffic will be better.

The geographical location is downtown, so that the price will be higher.

Finally, as far as scenic spots are concerned, every city has beautiful places.

On holidays, scenic spots are often the places with the most significant traffic in the city, but the rent is also more expensive.

In a word, the factors that must consider in selecting a good installation location are whether the site is empty and whether there are many shelters.

Second, we should identify the target customers and consider the later revenue.

LED billboards are used to gain revenue through advertising.

Finally, in the choice of cities, different cities will have different advertising effects.

For example, New York in the United States will achieve better advertising results than Melbourne in Australia because the population and purchasing power of New York is better.

Chapter 5: Maintenance costs.

In the use of LED billboards, it is inevitable to meet the need to repair them, so we also need to consider the maintenance costs of LED billboards.

The maintenance cost of LED billboards mainly includes three aspects: the cost of replacing or repairing modules, the cost of replacing power supply/receiving cards and cables, and the maintenance cost of various minor faults.

When the LED module, power supply, receiving card, or cables are damaged, it requires customers to invite cranes and staff to go to the local LED billboard to check which part is broken and then replace or repair the damaged parts.

So, you need to understand how much to rent the cranes and local labor costs.

In this part, you will need to have a technical engineer who is well-known for finding out the problems and solving them.

You could come to China to learn how it works if you want to work in this business as the led display distributor.

However, If you are the end customer, you need to talk with your supplier if they have any service office in your country or find an LED display installation company to help you solve the problem.

About the replacement spare parts.

For each order, you need to ask at least 5% to spare the same batch LED module from your led billboard manufacturer because there is no way to find or buy the same color, same brightness spare led module in the future.

Some led display companies will provide three-year quality assurance.

Within three-year quality assurance, customers can send damaged modules back to China.

Also, we will repair them free of charge.

However, the customers need to pay the single freight cost from your country to China.

So the Chinese LED display supplier will pay the freight from China to your country.

After the warranty expired three years later, you need to repair the modules by yourself; here is an excellent article, or you can send them back to China, we can fix them free of charge. However, you need to pay for the shipping cost.

If the customer company has its technology, we will teach the customer how to repair the led module for free.

To replace spare parts, the company will provide a one-year free replacement of power supplier/control cards/cables.

You only need to pay the freight.

One year later, if there is any damage to the power supplier/control card/cables, we will provide the customer’s original price to purchase.

Generally speaking, it is always working correctly in 3 years without maintenance if it has an excellent installation place and if you buy a good quality led billboard.

You must already have the investment back after three years, so it is okay not to account for maintenance cost for the amount led billboard cost.

Chapter 6: Electricity costs.

LED billboards are energy-intensive, so there will be electricity costs.

Concerning electricity consumption, each item consumes different amounts of electricity.

At the time of shipment, you can ask the led screen manufacturers to provide the whole led screen’s power consumption to you.

After that, customers can calculate the approximate cost according to the power consumption the led display supplier provided. 

When the screen runs for 3 to 6 months, customers will know how much electricity costs your led billboard

Power refers to the work done by an object in a unit of time.

The amount of work will fix.

The shorter the time, the higher the power value.

The formula for calculating power is power = work / time, P = W / T = UI.

P stands for power, P for watt, W for work, W for joule, T for time, and T for seconds.

KW is W multiplied by 1000.KW/h for power consumption.

For example, 150KW LED billboards consume 150 degrees of power per hour.

In summary, the above is a detailed description of the cost of an LED billboard.

Almost every link that needs to spend is in the above, but different situations will lead to different costs.

The specific price needs to estimate according to the real cause of each person.

You could contact us on the right side if you need to know more about the LED billboard price.

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