What Is The Good Color Temperature Of The LED Screen?

  1. What is color temperature?

  2. How to distinguish 3 color temperature groups? What effect do they have on the LED display?

  3. White balance and temperature color?

  4. What is the good color temperature of the led screen?

Color temperature may not be a topic you discuss daily, but it is seen everywhere in your daily life, and it is used in a variety of electronic visual devices (including LED display screens, energy-saving lamps, neon lights, etc.).

Does the color temperature of an LED screen matter?

Of course, this is important; the color temperature directly affects the LED display effect; it is one of the quality standards for judging the LED display, so what is the best color temperature for an LED display? Let’s do a quick read to find out:


1. What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a property of visible light, color has temperature, and in the case of color measurement, the temperature is more related to wavelength.

Kelvin usually expresses color temperature using the symbol “K”, a unit of measure for absolute temperature.


2. How to distinguish 3 color temperature groups? What effect do they have on the LED display?

  • Warm light: (color temperature between 2800ºK and 3500ºK) – equivalent to a white woven bulb and the light produced

  • Neutral light: (color temperature between 3800ºK and 4500ºK) – Experts say it is the most natural light.

  • Cold light: (color temperature over 5000ºK) – Equivalent to light on a sunny or cloudy day, one of the advantages of cold light seems to be that at the same intensity, it produces more lumens, resulting in better light perception.

We can set different white color temperatures according to different application environments to achieve different display screen effects for these three color temperatures.

 For example:

when an indoor LED display is used for the background of a TV station stage, it is appropriate to adjust the white color temperature to cool white light to transmit a pleasant, comfortable feeling. 

The outdoor LED advertising screen is suitable for adjusting the white color temperature to cool light to be more eye-catching and give a bright feeling.


3. White Balance and temperature color?

White balance is used to balance the basic colors of red, green, and blue (RGB) for the best display.

Suppose the white balance of your LED display does not reach the intermediate light balance state. In that case, when you need the LED to display a pure white picture, the display effect is somewhat yellowish or bluish, which completely affects the display effect and makes you even doubt the quality of the LED display.

When your LED display shows non-solid colors, you can check that the white balance is performed correctly to ensure the solid colors don’t have any dominant colors.


4. What is the good color temperature of the led screen?

The best-LED displays are image calibrated systems over a color temperature range of 3000ºK to 6500ºK.


The above is the explanation of the color temperature of the LED display, hope you will help purchase and operate the LED display.

If you have any other topics related to the LED display, you can leave a message below or email us, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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