What Is The IP Rating For Outdoor LED Screen?

  1. What is IP rating?

  2. What do the numbers in an IP Rating mean?

  3. Why is the importance of IP rating for an outdoor led screen?

  4. What is a good IP rating for led display?

  5. Difference between low IP rating & high IP rating uses

When we look at the parameters of the outdoor LED display, there is a column of “IP” index; what does this mean? Is it necessary to pay great attention when purchasing an outdoor LED display? The following article will tell you how better the IP rating is for your LED display.

1. What is IP rating?

The full name of IP is International Protection Marking, IEC 60529 is also known as Ingress Protection Rating or IP Code.

In the LED display, the IP rating defines the resistance of the LED display to foreign solid foreign objects (such as body parts, fingers, roadside gravel, dust, etc.) and liquid foreign objects (such as rain). The higher the level, the stronger the defense ability.

2. What do the numbers in an IP Rating mean?

IP rating = code letter IP + first digit (solid foreign body ingress protection capability) + second digit (liquid penetration protection capability) + additional letter (optional) + supplementary letter (optional).

The code letters IP and the first two protection numbers are marked in the entire LED display industry. The last letters indicate additions or supplements, optional, not required, and generally not observed.

The above are the results of experimental tests for splash, water, and dust resistance in a strictly controlled laboratory, but this protection is not permanent and may degrade due to everyday wear and tear, such as local heat or cold weather, The influence of other factors such as wind erosion, corrosive liquid, etc.

3. Why is the importance of IP rating for an outdoor led screen?

If your outdoor LED display does not meet the IP rating or does not meet the IP 65 rating standard, long-term outdoor rain and dust conditions will easily damage and cause product failure.

Another point is human influence, outdoor LED displays are generally installed in areas with high traffic flow, some people accidentally hit the screen with small stones or spill drinks on the LED screen. It has a good IP rating and can reduce damage to The lowest; of course, this situation has been relatively rare, but it is not excluded.

4. What is a good IP rating for led display?

Although the higher the level, the stronger the resistance and protection ability, it is unnecessary to require high protection in all scenarios; it still depends on the installation location environment, so what IP rating do you need for your LED display?

 Outdoor LED displays should have an ideal IP rating: IP65 or at least IP54.

The number 5 is IP65, which we mentioned in the picture “What do the numbers in an IP Rating mean?” in Chapter 2; the number “5” proves that the outdoor LED screen is protected from low-pressure water jets from all corners. It can completely resist heavy rain, and generally, IP 65 outdoor LED display is enough to prevent raindrops, airborne dust, wind, and other solid objects.

However, if the weather where the LED display is installed is bad all year round and you have enough budget, you can consider using the IP68 rating.

5. Difference Between Low IP Rating & High IP Rating Uses

A low IP index does not mean that the device is worthless; as long as it is placed in a suitable application, it will also play its role.

We can think of a low IP index, so where should it be placed? Of course, it is indoors. It does not need to be exposed to wind and rain, and it is less affected by the environment. In addition, the LED display will give other sealing protection, which can prevent most minor damages.

LED displays with a high IP index are suitable for outdoor applications.

Therefore, the IP rating is very important when buying an LED display and applying it outdoors. You need to know their IP rating index. Of course, this is only one of the methods to judge whether the product is qualified. The best way is to let the LED display manufacturer randomly select the LED display box for the waterproof test, an aging test of the whole screen, etc.


in conclusion:

The above is an introduction to the “IP rate” of the LED display if you want to know more basic knowledge of LED displays.

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