LED Cabinets

  1. The main function of the LED cabinet

  2. Maintenance access to the cabinet

  3. Manufacturing materials of cabinets LED

  4. LED cabinet types and uses

1. The main function of the LED cabinet

  • Fixing function: Fix the led module/unit board, power supply, and other display components in the LED cabinet to facilitate the connection of the entire display.

  • Protection: It protects the electronic components inside from the interference of the external environment and has a good protective effect.


2. Maintenance Access to the Cabinet

To make it easier to operate the maintenance of the internal components of the LED display, in the design of the LED display cabinet, you can see 2 main maintenance methods

  • Rear maintenance: Rear maintenance usually has a door on the back of the screen, with enough space for the operator to open the cabinet and remove the module or inspect other electronic components.

  • Front Maintenance: This cabinet LED module can be removed from the front of the LED screen, which is especially useful for pre-use maintenance if the internal components cannot be adjusted from the back of the LED screen.

There are three main ways of pre-maintenance:

  • A system with a “lock” mechanism. 
  • The system with the front screw. 
  • Magnetic system.

For details, please click to understand: How to maintain the LED display.


3. Manufacturing Materials of Cabinets LED

When you are purchasing an LED display screen, the material of its cabinet is very important, which is equivalent to choosing a “coat”.

In addition to the design, it also has its quality. 

The quality determines the time of use, and does it adapt to the local weather? and so on factors.

There are 3 most common LED cabinet materials on the market. 

How to choose a suitable cabinet material depends on the use of your led screen, such as:

  • Iron cabinet:

   Features: good sealing, affordable price, insufficient precision, and strength, relatively heavy, not suitable for moving back and forth.

More suitable for outdoor fixed installation.

  • Die-cast aluminum cabinet:

   Features: lightweight, reasonable structure, high precision, and seamless splicing.

Wide range of application scenarios, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

  • Carbon fiber cabinet:

Features: a little more thin, lightweight.

More suitable for some outdoor advertising lights.


4. LED Cabinet Types and Uses

  • Outdoor fixed installation cabinet

As long as it is an outdoor LED cabinet, it needs to be designed to withstand various weather conditions and be prepared for the worst.

The double rear door design is the most common, which can also form reliable protection and convenient maintenance and assembly.

  • Indoor fixed installation cabinet (front maintenance and rear maintenance)

There is no need to worry about the weather when installing indoor LED displays. The bearing capacity of the wall is smaller than that of outdoor fixed installations.

  • Facade LED Cabinets

This cabinet is designed for outdoor screens placed on walls or facades; its special design makes it easier to assemble on the wall.

This type of cabinet uses frontal maintenance and is lighter in weight.

  • Quickly assemble and disassemble cabinets.

Such LED cabinets have a place at events or exhibitions due to their lightweight, easy transport, and assembly.

These screens are designed with lightweight materials and have a quick assembly mechanism.

  • Personalized Cabinets

While most cabinets are already manufactured in pre-determined sizes that the user must use, some professional manufacturers offer the possibility to manufacture custom-sized LED screens.

This process requires slightly longer manufacturing and delivery times, as it is necessary to adjust and design the cabinet to the required dimensions.

The biggest advantage this customization offers is that the overall size of the screen will be perfectly adapted to the required installation, allowing for a larger surface area.



We introduce the LED display cabinet from the role, material, maintenance design, type, and use of the LED cabinet.

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