LED Display Power Supply

  1. What function do power supplies have on led screens?

  2. How to judge a high-quality LED display power supply?

  3. How to connect power supplies on led screens to the electrical network?

  4. What is the energy efficiency of a power supply?

  5. LED Display Power Supply: a complete list of the best suppliers in China

As one of the main equipment of LED display, the LED power supply is the “heart” of LED display.

The power supply causes more than 75.32% of the fault display, so it is necessary to understand the power supply of the LED display screen.

Next, I will take you to quickly read the important information of the power supply of the LED display screen and a good Chinese LED display power supply manufacturer in 2022. 


1. what function do power supplies have on led screens?

Why is a good power supply important? Let’s understand its function.

The LED display power supply is mainly used to adjust the current of the LED display power supply, which can filter and stabilize the power. 

The power supply converts the standard 220-110V current into a suitable voltage and power level to operate the screen, conducive to the standard current suitable for each country. 

This not only does not affect the display effect of the LED display but also avoids the failure of the LED display, thereby achieving higher durability of each electronic component.


2. How to judge a high-quality LED display power supply?

High-quality LED power supplies have the following 6 characteristics:

1) High reliability: avoid expensive maintenance costs.

2) High efficiency: high efficiency, low power loss, and low heat generation, thereby reducing the temperature and avoiding the high temperature of the entire electronic screen.

3) High power factor: The power factor is the requirement of the grid for the load. Although the low power factor of a single electrical appliance with small power has little impact on the power grid, if the same type of load is too concentrated, it will cause serious pollution to the power grid.

4) Strong protection: anti-reverse voltage.

5) Strong environmental resistance: withstand the high temperature and humid weather test.

6) Good anti-interference: power grid fluctuations will not damage the power supply of the LED display when lightning strikes, overvoltage, and overcurrent.


3. What is the energy efficiency of a power supply?

Energy efficiency is the maximum power a power supply can output, usually expressed as a percentage; there will be “losses” during operation like most electronic products. The power supply cannot output full power due to technical reasons, which means that the power supply cannot provide 100% of the power.

So we recommend you choose a high-quality LED display power supply; why?

For example:

Same 350W power supply, but different quality; the first has 80% efficiency, the second has 60% efficiency, if you need to choose between the two and want the best performance, 80% efficient power supply. It is a wise choice, even if the two power supplies have the same output because it is necessary to know that the efficiency is high, the power loss is small, and the heat is small. The most taboo of electronic products is the high temperature during operation, which is prone to safety hazards, especially large LED displays.


4. How to connect power supplies on led screens to the electrical network?

Each LED display cabinet will reserve a location for installing the power supply, installing the power supply terminals L, N, and ground wire connection wiring, and then connecting the power supply to the network. The rest of the power supplies will also be used be powered on.

(Non-electronic operation professionals, we do not recommend modifying the location or replacing the power supply without authorization)

5. LED Display Power Supply: A Complete List Of the Best Suppliers in China



The above is an introduction to the LED power supply. 

From its function, how to judge a good power supply, the energy efficiency of the power supply, how to connect the power supply, and the list of good power supply manufacturers in China to describe the LED display power supply from these 5 points, we hope You are helpful. 

If you have any questions about the LED display screen, you can leave a message below or email us, and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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