Building An Outdoor Theater: How To Choose A Better LED Display Screen?


Outdoor theater started in Berlin, Germany, around 1916 and have more than 100 years of history. Nowadays, in order to meet the high pursuit of movie fans, theaters or film business people have gradually used LED display screens to improve the viewing experience and Attract more viewers.

The outdoor LED theater meets a high-quality movie appointment under the starry sky. If you often hold events, you want to create a fun gathering place that attracts explicitly young people, or you need to be in a large and well-known outdoor venue every year, movie theaters hold film festivals and other activities, and using LED display screens is an investment project worth considering.


Next, we will answer you from 9 aspects and under what circumstances LED display screens will let you double the benefits.

1. What is an outdoor LED theater screen?

Outdoor LED theater screens are large display screens made of LEDs. The LED display is composed of many tiny light-emitting diodes, which can produce high-resolution, high-brightness images and videos, adapt to different space and activity requirements, and has LED display modules of different shapes and sizes. 

The general size is relatively large, suitable for large-scale events with a large number of spectators.

2. What are the application sites for outdoor LED theater screens?

The experience of outdoor movie night is different in different scenes. Installing an LED display screen as a movie viewing display effect is as magical as Harry Potter’s magic wand, making ordinary scenes instantly high-end and atmospheric, giving customers a novel experience.

  • Outdoor theater

Using the LED display as the background, the performance can be displayed regardless of day or night, especially in tourist culture, scenic spots, and playgrounds, where different theater performances are staged at other times. With the flexible video background playback of the LED display, a perfect and wonderful performance must be inseparable from the cooperation of sound, vision, actors, and props to enable the audience to integrate into the plot quickly.

Just imagine when you are watching a nautical story, suddenly dark clouds cover the sun, thunder, and lightning flash across your eyes, and the sailors are busy preparing for the storm. Do you also get nervous?

  • Skyscraper roof

Watching movies and advertisements outdoors on the roof is not a new thing. If an LED display screen is installed in the sky garden on the top, the visual experience of watching movies will rapidly improve, and the event time will not be affected by light. Both domestic and high-end entertainment companies like to install LED display screens to improve the overall good entertainment experience and the best corporate brand promotion.

  • Parking lot roof

Have you ever sat in your car and watched a LED giant-screen movie with dozens of cars? When a car becomes an independent box of a movie theater, it not only maintains an independent space but also enjoys the fun of movies. Therefore, the car film festival has always been very popular among young people. It is a romantic declaration and a fashionable spiritual pursuit.

Therefore, it is very worthwhile to install an LED display on the roof of the parking lot, which can display advertisements during the day and play movies at night.

  • Outdoor swimming pool

Under a summer sky full of stars, it’s hard to imagine anything more relaxing than relaxing on the pool deck with a glass of your favorite drink in hand while the evening breeze cools you down, watching your favorite in HD. The outdoor LED theater takes your experience to a new level for movies.

Install LED display movies, and the outdoor swimming pool has a new entertainment item, which is the best choice for many hotels and resorts.

  • Anywhere there is room for movement

Outdoor LED theaters are versatile and can be used in various settings and applications, such as sporting events, music festivals, public events, corporate events, religious events, etc.

3. What are the best features of the led screen for theater?

The LED display is composed of small lamp beads, so it has an ideal brightness, and can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED display according to the light of the outdoor environment so that even if the sunlight is very strong Under the circumstances, clear and visible video and picture display can still be obtained.

The LED display screen provides a high contrast ratio, which can make the displayed picture more vivid, and the visual effect of viewing is the best.

 You can see clear and detailed pictures even if you watch them at a close distance. Of course, it is generally used for large-scale events, and it is rare for you to be so close to your mobile phone or computer.

  • Customizable size and shape: 

This means that it can be customized according to the event or stage’s design to achieve the ideal installation and display effect.

  • Weather resistance: 

The LED display screen has a waterproof level of IP65~68, and special protective materials are coated on the surface of the lamp beads during the manufacturing process, which is not only waterproof but also anti-corrosion and other protection, and the LED cabinet will also be designed according to the environment, such as lightning protection settings, heat dissipation design, anti-insect design and so on.

  • Energy saving:

 From a long-term perspective, LED display screens are energy-efficient, consume less electricity than traditional lighting systems, and have a longer lifespan.

4. Why do you need an outdoor theater LED screen?

  • Enhanced entertainment experience: 

A more vivid visual experience that immerses people in it and gives the audience a good experience.

  • Increase audience capacity:

Outdoor theater screens are less limited by space than indoor ones so they can accommodate more people, and more guests mean more revenue.

  • The durability of LED display:

Outdoor LED display is very good in display function and outdoor protection level, so it has become the first choice for outdoor entertainment.

  • Investment opportunities in branding and advertising:

Outdoor LED theaters are not just for showing performances and movies. Before the official start, they can be used to promote brand videos. The more popular, the more advertisers are willing to spend, then you can reach double the income.

5. Outdoor LED screen VS. projector

Is it better to use a projector or an LED display?

It all depends on the size of your event and specific needs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can judge which display device is more cost-effective based on the following 5 characteristics.

Activity size and frequency:

  • LED display screen: If your activity frequency is high, there are more than 50 visitors, and you need to hold activities no matter whether it is night or day, it is suitable for large-scale movie event sites and entertainment projects.

  • Projector: If the frequency of activities is average or less, and the number of viewers is less than 50, it only needs to be held at night. It is suitable for a small unit of a family and suitable for small activities.

visual effects requirements:

  • LED display: The LED display comprises thousands of tiny RGB lamp beads. The displayed picture is excellent in terms of brightness, color saturation, and fineness of the image, so it is not affected by the environment and has a wide viewing angle. Make sure everyone in the audience can see what is being displayed.

  • Projector: At night, the visual effect can meet the daily display, and the environment will be significantly affected.

budget cost:

  • LED display: The purchase cost will be more expensive than a projector, but its lifespan and commercial value will be higher than that of a projector.

  • Projector: The purchase price is very cheap, the purchase channel is convenient, there is no need for customized production, and the goods are delivered quickly.


  • LED display: LED display manufacturers have specially developed and designed displays suitable for outdoor environments, which are weather-resistant and waterproof, so the average service life is more than 100,000 hours (depending on the environment)

  • Projector: If there is an early warning of rainstorms outdoors, it is necessary to disassemble the projector equipment as soon as possible to prevent damage to the fuselage and projection screen.


  • LED display: The size and shape of the outdoor LED display screen can be customized according to the size and theme of the event, bringing a unique and unforgettable viewing experience to the audience.

  • Projector: There is less customization, but the distance between the projector and the projection screen can be adjusted to adjust the size of the screen, but the larger the size, the lighter the color and clarity of the displayed picture.

In fact, LED display screens and projectors play different roles. LED screens are more inclined to long-term commercial investment, while projectors are more suitable for small entertainment products for daily civilian life.

6. How to choose an outdoor movie LED screen?

So how to choose an outdoor movie LED display screen that suits you? You only need to pay attention to the following 7 key points to avoid 80% of buying traps.

  • The size of the LED display screen:

The size will determine whether each audience can see, so the led screen size should be determined according to the viewing distance, the number of audience, and the area of the venue. You can tell these important things when consulting the LED display manufacturer information.

  • Brightness:

The brightness of the display mainly considers whether the display effect of the screen is the best during the daytime and whether the screen cannot be seen clearly because the brightness is too low. Generally, the brightness of outdoor LED display screens is about 5000-6000cd/m2. Reliable LED display manufacturers will use professional photometers for testing. You can live broadcast or observe the test results on-site.

  • Resolution:

The higher the resolution, the more high-definition the displayed picture, so the resolution should be at least 1080P screen.

  • Weather resistance:

The outdoor LED display is designed to withstand basic outdoor conditions, such as rain, wind, minus ten degrees of weather, etc. The protection level is at least IP 65, filled with several layers of special anti-glue.

  • Durability:

In addition to strong environmental resistance, the material of the LED screen itself is durable, and the annual brightness consumption value is also very low, so that it can be used for about 8 to 10 years.

  • Customized options:

If your event or theater needs some special designs, such as logo shape, spherical shape, triangle shape, love shape, liftable, etc., you can design the stage for the LED manufacturer, and professional technicians will do it for you Configure a satisfactory solution.

  • Budget:

The best state is, of course, to achieve the best balance between functionality and economy, depending on your actual situation. For example, purchasing LED displays locally is more convenient in terms of communication and after-sales service, but the cost is higher. Purchasing in China has more advantages in terms of price and product variety. You can compare the two and choose the most suitable LED display screen solution.

7. How to build or set up an outdoor LED movie screen

When purchasing an outdoor movie LED display, you need to consider the construction and installation issues because building or setting up an LED movie screen requires careful planning and execution, and there are also requirements for electronic technology. You should consult an experienced LED display supplier or ask a local installation company for safe installation.

8. What is a good size for an outdoor LED movie screen?

The size of an outdoor movie LED display depends on various factors such as viewing distance, number of viewers, and available space area.

For example, a medium-sized venue can accommodate about 100-200 people, and the viewing distance is 30-40 feet. According to experience, the suitable size of an outdoor LED movie LED display is about 16-20 feet wide and 9-9 feet wide. 12 feet tall.

9. 3 kinds of LED displays for the most popular outdoor cinemas

If you want to build a fantastic movie screen with an LED display screen, the 3 most used LED displays are as follows:

You can imagine it as an LED display screen with wheels, wherever you go, where the activities are, and where your truck is easily turned into a theater scene. 

So what if it rains outside? You don’t have to worry, just drive indoors and continue your theatrical content.

This LED display screen can be disassembled and installed repeatedly and only needs a stage space. If you have a temporary event or performance, you can go to the rental company to rent out an LED display screen, and you can return it after the event.

But you often need to hold events and play movies. In the long run, buying a rental LED display will be more cost-effective. You can use it yourself or rent it to those who need it.

This solution is suitable for long-term film event needs and fixed event locations, such as leisure, as mentioned earlier, and entertainment venues, such as hotel roofs, swimming pools, and open-air theaters.


The outdoor LED display screen can help you create an unforgettable immersive viewing experience. The outdoor LED display has high brightness and ultra-high-definition color display, is durable, and can withstand severe weather, so the application range is also very wide, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Start your investment plan now!

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