Work Temperature How To Solve The Influence Of Temperature On The LED Screen?

  1. How much is the led display working temperature requirement?

  2. The effect of high temperature on the led screen 

  3. What is the impact on the LED display when the weather is extremely cold?

  4. How to solve the influence of temperature on the led screen?

LED displays are used all over the world; in the face of different temperature changes in other countries and regions, how are the working temperatures of LED displays affected? Let’s take a closer look at the operating temperature of the LED display.

1. How much is the led display working temperature requirement?

  • The ideal temperature for indoor LED display working conditions is 25°C.

  • The outdoor display environment is complex and changeable, and the range it can withstand is 60°C-30°C

2. The effect of high temperature on the led screen 

Under normal circumstances, indoor LED displays can cool themselves due to low brightness and less heat generation, however, in high-temperature countries such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other countries, the LED display installed outdoors will generate more heat due to its high brightness.

If the working temperature is too high, the following 3 main problems will occur:

  • Open circuit and failure of Led display

  • The elevated temperature will shorten the life of the LED display

  • Excessive temperature will reduce the luminous efficiency of the LED display

We need to know that any electronic components will be affected when running at very high temperatures; we don’t have to worry, as long as you make these points, the risk of occurrence will be much smaller.

  • Excellent material selection

The LED display comprises a mask, a PCB board, and a bottom case, the waterproof glue used for the fireproof and moisture-proof LED display is also an important part of the LED display, the mask and bottom shell are made of quality-proven PC glass fiber material with flame retardant function, the PCB board is sprayed with black three-proof paint to prevent weathering and corrosion.

  • Solve cooling problems

The larger the LED display screen area, the more power used, and the more obvious the heat, in addition, when the sun is strong and the high temperature outside makes it difficult to dissipate heat.

Install air conditioners to reduce heat from electronic components in the cabinet. (the most direct and effective method)

Choose the aluminum cabinet of the heat dissipation material

Install a cooling fan in the LED cabinet.

  • Installation Specifications

LED displays are high-power electrical appliances and are prone to short circuits. However, the LED display screen with real quality has eliminated the short circuit phenomenon from the wire material to the structure.

However, carelessness and negligence in the installation process may cause unexpected dangers, to ensure safety, the installation company needs to guide the installation throughout the process, ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected, ensure that the circuit connection is firm, and at the same time remove flammable substances around the LED display, and regularly arrange professional and technical personnel to test and check the LED display.

3. What is the impact on the LED display when the weather is extremely cold?

In the months between December and February every winter, many European customers will ask us: “I am freezing here, will the LED display be frozen?” It is also possible.

Usually, this is when Europe reaches extremely low temperatures, typically as low as -20°C / -25°C in urban central Europe (but in northern countries like Sweden and Sweden, it can reach -50°C).

4. How to solve the influence of temperature on the led screen?

Generally, the minimum temperature that outdoor LED displays can withstand is -20 to 30°C, which is enough to meet the needs of 90% of European cities and countries.

But in the remaining 10% of countries and regions, how can you protect your outdoor LED screen when the temperature is lower? Or when the working temperature of the LED display is kept at -20 to 30°C for several days?

Let the LED display work 24 hours a day.

If you can’t do the first, at least set it to standby mode at night.

If you’re forced to turn it off and can’t turn it back on, try heating the cabinet with some electric heater, let it warm up for thirty minutes to an hour (depending on the weather climate), and then turn it on again.

Why do this?

Because when the LED display is working, the electronic components (power supply, lamp beads, control board, LED module) inside will heat up to form a warmer and drier climate in each LED cabinet, which is very suitable for a cold outdoor environment. The low temperature will not directly damage the LED display screen LED components.



The above is an introduction to the working temperature of the LED display.

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