The Complete Guide To Transparent LED Screens In 2023

1.What is a transparent screen?

LED transparent screen, as the name implies, is to make the LED display transparent like glass to optimize the prospective impact. Furthermore, the LED transparent screen provides a unique display effect. The audience is at a perfect distance, and the image appears to float on the glass curtain. The transparent screen is highly well-liked in the market because of its transparency, style, attractiveness, and thinness.

Architectural glass curtain walls and commercial shop windows are the two markets where transparent LED screens are most frequently used. We think that the future of LED screens will go on a new path toward transparent screens.

2.Classification of LED transparent screens

  • Classified by model


Cabinet dimension: 1000x500mm

Transparency rate: >65%

Cabinet resolution:256×64


Cabinet dimension: 1000x500mm

Transparency rate: >65%

Cabinet resolution:128×64


Cabinet dimension: 1000x500mm

Transparency rate: >75%

Cabinet resolution:96×48

  • Classified by the production process

1)Glass LED screen

The integrated lamp beads are attached to the transparent conductive glass to create the glass LED screen. High transparency, usually between 80% and 95%, characterizes this kind of screen.

2)Thin-film LED screen

The transparent conductive film or PCB board will be covered with a thin-film LED screen made up of lamp beads with built-in lamp drivers. This kind of screen is typically between 70% and 85% transparent and is simple to apply to already-existing glass surfaces.

3)LED mesh screen

The splicing LED screen module is composed of lamp beads, PC card strips, aluminum buckles, steel wires, and other components, which are easy to install and customize. These screens offer greater flexibility and adaptability but are typically 50% to 75% less clear than glass or film screens.

  • Classified by cabinet

1)Classic transparent LED screen

Great transparency, a broad viewing angle, simple operation, and great contrast are all features of the classical transparent LED screen.

2)Rental LED screen

It includes quick setting, quick locking, ultra-thin, modular design, and simple assembly and disassembly features. All types of indoor and outdoor activities are suitable.

3.Features of LED transparent screen

  • High transparency

Based on positive-lighting technology, its high transparency can reach 85%.

  • Slim&Ultra light cabinet

Aluminum cabinet architecture results in advanced heat dissipation and management and longevity of life, each cabinet weighs only 4.5kg, and fixtures on the cabinet are strengthened to improve reliability and protect the cabinet from erosion.

  • Modular design

Easy for maintenance, modules can be individually replaced to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Flexible frame design

Supports curved installation to match the project requirements at the installation site.

  • Flexibility in size

Apart from standard cabinet size, CT transparent LED display offers the flexibility of design and shape to deliver a truly customized and inspirational installation. The standard size is 1000×500mm.

  • Various control ways 

Remote cluster control makes it easy to control single and multiple LED screens simultaneously. Can go offline without a computer.

But it’s important to remember that two requirements must be fulfilled for a remote control to work.

Condition 1: The LED display has a network connection and Internet access capability.

Condition 2: When you are online, you must log on to the website for remote content release beforehand.

Successful remote distribution of programming is only possible if the content is published from the website.

The LED display can be networked in one of 3 ways:

1)A 4G SIM card.

2)Wired network (use a router to link the network wire or optical fiber to the LED screen).

3)Connect to a network using WI-FI.

4.How to choose a suitable transparent LED screen?

1). If the brightness of the indoor environment is dark, the brightness of the transparent LED screen is recommended to be 1000-2000cd/㎡, and it is advisable to stay within this range.

2). Semi-outdoor shade environment with glass curtain walls, comprising sales departments, mall windows, and 4S stores for cars. To ensure the transparent LED screen’s regular display effect, the brightness setting should be between 2500 and 4000 cd/㎡.

3). Low-brightness transparent screens may result in fuzzy images in a bright outdoor setting because of their insufficient brightness. To fulfill the display effect of the transparent LED screen under intense sunlight, the brightness of the transparent screen should be set at 4500–5500cd/㎡.

The spacing between each LED on the screen is referred to as the “pixel pitch.” The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and a transparent LED panel typically has a pixel pitch of between 3mm and 20mm.

The higher the contrast, the better the image quality and the more vivid the colors. Transparent LED panels typically have a contrast ratio of 1000:1 to 5000:1.

  • Transparency

A seamless blending of the screen and environment is achieved with greater transparency. Between 65% and 95% of LED screens are typically transparent.

Your decision will be influenced by whether it is installed inside or outside, and if fixed installation or hoisting is used. Typically, fixed installations cost less than ceiling installations.

Provide the transparent LED screen’s viewing distance, including whether it is for close-up or long-distance watching, as well as the type of effect needed for side viewing. If you’re unsure of your options, get in touch with BIBILED and we’ll help you out by selecting the best model for your needs in light of the particular situation.

  • Dimension area

For BIBILED to assist you in creating a detailed quotation for the transparent LED screen, please specify the area of the transparent LED screen that will be created as well as the screen’s length and width.

5.LED transparent screen display installation method

  • Floor Standing Installation

The screen, which is frequently used in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc., is typically just fastened at the bottom and has a limited area and a low height. If the screen cabinet is tall, it must be fixed up and down at the back of the screen cabinet to complete the fixing of the screen body.

  • Frame installation

The frame of the cabinet is immediately fixed to the keel of the glass curtain wall using the composite bolt. In the case of architectural glass curtain walls, only a modest quantity of steel construction is required.

  • Hanging Installation

An appropriate installation location, such as a beam above, is required for this installation method. Steel wire ropes are used to lift the internal beams, and steel pipes painted the same shade as the screen cabinet adorn the exterior. Hanging is frequently disassembled and supplies (cabinets, flight boxes, etc.) need to be added since hanging is frequently utilized in the rental industry.

6.Is a transparent screen worth the investment?

  • In terms of market demand

The transparency, lightness, and thinness of the LED transparent screen allow it to seamlessly blend with a glass window. Passing customers can be considerably attracted to the business, increased attention to the store, improve brand recognition, and increased sales by using the cool video display of the LED transparent screen.

It is no exaggeration to say that wherever there is glass, there is a potential market for transparent LED screens. The glass screens that are currently necessary for urban planning and construction, such as building lighting projects, may be replaced with LED transparent screens in the future to make the building attractive, colorful, modern, and technical. 

  • In terms of product advantages

LED screens are moving in the direction of being lighter and smaller, and the tendency toward “transparency” is getting more pronounced. Transparent LED screens’ application space is still growing as a result of the concurrent usage of precise advertising push, human-screen interaction, 3D, and other technologies. Its quick development over a short period and all of these factors have helped it become a new investment destination.

  • In terms of market size

Transparent LED screens continue to explode, and there is enormous market potential. The market output value of LED transparent screens is expected to reach over 10 billion yuan by 2025.

7.Application scenarios of transparent LED screens

In the lobby or entryway of shopping centers, transparent LED screens are frequently used. On the one hand, it can aid in directing clients, informing them of what’s inside, and assisting them to decide whether to enter or not. On the other side, it is utilized as advertising to draw clients in and convert traffic into revenue.

  • Retail store

A customized store image, such as a jewelry store, can entice customers to stop and enhance traffic flow. More vibrant video commercials make the store look cooler and more appealing.

For instance, LED transparent screens are commonly used in 4S auto shops. Typically, they are mounted behind glass cases that allow customers to view the product without having to approach too close. Metal modeling is a beautiful complement to modern art.

These screens can be used to advertise the services of small companies such as bars, restaurants, and beauty and nail salons. Additionally, inform clients about future events or specials. The presence of transparent LED panels can create an atmosphere and give vitality to the store, while also drawing potential consumers’ attention.

Different stage forms can be made to create a particular mood and dynamic feeling to the stage, which can better reflect the topic. This is done by making use of the transparency and thinness of the LED transparent screen itself.

  • Outdoor building glass wall

LED transparent screens have been applied to glass curtain wall buildings in recent years, and glass curtain walls and LED transparent sky screens have appeared. The LED transparent screen blends in well with the building’s glass curtain wall. The glass curtain wall’s permeability and lighting are rarely impacted during the day. The stunning and vibrant scene will make the city more charming at night.


To put it briefly, transparent LED screens were once thought of as science fiction. However, we have now reached a period of significant technological advancements thanks to the tireless work of relevant industry employees. Thank you for watching, and we sincerely hope that the aforementioned application situations and benefits of transparent LED screens might help you. BIBILED is a reputable manufacturer of LED screens. We offer all types of screens, screen rentals, and screen solutions globally. To learn more, get in touch with us.

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