Application Of Transparent LED Display Screen


With the rise of the media advertising industry, People’s demand for advertising screens is higher and higher, and the traditional LED advertising screen has been unable to meet people’s needs fully. A transparent LED display screen is born to adapt to the pace of the times. As the most special existing form of LED display, transparent LED display is widely used in the advertising industry because of its advantages different from the traditional LED display.

This article will take you to understand the application of transparent LED displays in our lives. Let’s have a look.

1. What is a transparent LED display

Before we get to the application of transparent LED displays, let’s take a look at what a transparent LED display is.

  • The transparent LED display is a transparent LED display with a high degree of aesthetics and art.

  • The transparent LED display is an innovation of the LED grid display.

  • The transparent LED display is for users to create a sense of the atmosphere of the equipment, which can well attract customers’ eyes.

  • The transparent LED display is a novel and unique show that the viewer looks at from a distance, like a painting on a hanging glass.

2. Composition of transparent LED display screen

As with other traditional LED displays, transparent LED display is also composed of lamp beads, power supply, transmission lines, etc. But the difference is that its cabinet is different from other traditional LED display cabinets.

The traditional LED display is sealed around the cabinet body. But with the transparent LED display is a grid or strip of hollow design, rather than the shape of the cabinet. Because its transparent LED display is mounted more on glass, the structure minimizes the weight of the glass and ensures its transparency.

3. The advantages of a transparent screen

As a special LED display, a transparent LED display has many advantages. Next, let’s take a look together.

1). Fuses the advantages of traditional outdoor high-definition LED displays while minimizing some load-bearing problems.

2). Lightweight, strong transparency

A transparent LED advertising screen cabinet is a strip or grid-shaped hollow structure, no need to install other steel structures. The main screen panel is only 10mm thick and is mounted on glass, taking up almost no space. The transparent LED display weighs only 10kg/m². So the load on the glass is very small.

The other is transparent hollow, so the transmittance is also good. The transmittance can be as high as 65% -95%. On the original building lighting and business, almost no impact. In particular, the building appearance of the aesthetic design has no impact.

3). Save energy

A transparent LED display design can eliminate some unnecessary white space; it will only show you want the real content if the white screen space does not glow. In this way, you can greatly reduce light pollution and the use of electricity. Reducing energy consumption can be achieved over the traditional LED display energy saving of more than 30%.

4). Easy installation and maintenance

Transparent LED displays are installed indoors, requiring only a simple steel structure and no additional structural installation. This has resulted in significant cost savings. Because it’s very light on its own, it is very convenient to install. Maintenance is also very convenient because the lightweight structure of simple indoor maintenance is very fast.

4. Transparent LED display screen applications

In the life of the transparent LED display screen, to see more and more shadow, its application scene is gradually increasing. Let’s get to know those places.

1). Stage art design

 Now, many stages are used transparent LED display screens, generally used in the lifting stage; the display effect is very novel. The lifting part has a transparent LED display screen, forming a hollow floating feeling. It is a realistic floating stage design. Give the audience and the performers an unprecedented experience. For the audience, the stage is suspended in the air.

2). 4S glass windows

Many 4s stores and some specialized shop windows now tend to use transparent LED displays for interior decoration. In general, 4s stores will display their own car brand logos or new videos to attract customers. This allows customers to see the video playing on the store’s glass through a transparent LED display.

3). Science and technology museum:

Science and Technology Museum itself is a place full of high-tech, in the science and technology museum displays a variety of high-tech products. At the same time, it is also an important place to spread scientific knowledge to people. A transparent LED display screen can be customized in shape, installed in the Science Museum Glass Partition, and the lights in the science museum with the display, giving a sense of otherworldly.

In particular, most of the science museum tourists are young people, more like this atmosphere to help them intuitively feel the wonder and mystery of technology.

4). Mega-malls

Many facades and partitions are almost all glass, so businesses choose transparent LED displays for lighting and area use. It doesn’t block out the sun and attracts interested customers. Display windows, partitions, and exterior wall glass are important places to promote products. There is no doubt that transparent LED display brings them more product display platform and business opportunities.

5). Urban architecture

In recent years, with the development of transparent LED displays and the rise of media, many media will be the building wall as a display place. Especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, in recent years, gradually heated up; there are glass curtain walls, LED transparent curtain walls, and other solutions.


These are the various applications of transparent LED displays and some related knowledge points.

This kind of transparent LED display screen is a new favorite among LED display screens and is very popular in society. As a user, how to choose a transparent LED display is a need to solve the problem. And reliable LED display suppliers will provide you with the best solution.

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