5 Advantages Of Transparent LED Display In Applications


With the development of the times, many things are born with the pace of development, and transparent LED display is one of them; in recent years, its outstanding advantages in the LED display field quickly occupied a place. So far, it has become one of the most popular products in the field of LED display, and more and more people choose to use transparent LED displays to display their products. So what are the advantages of transparent LED displays in applications? This article explores this question.

1. Sense of technology

The transparent LED display installation location is unique and is installed on the transparent wall. So it will look cool, like the frescoes floating on top, and very tech-savvy. People tend to be very curious about tech-savvy things, which is very beneficial for advertisers to place ads.

2. Aesthetics and environmental protection

Outdoor LED displays have always been the most common place for advertising, which is why the demand for LED displays will continue to grow. In order to meet the market demand, the transparent LED display screen is developed, which can better serve the users who need transparent light.

Most outdoor LED screens are either wall mounted, adding weight to the walls, or standing in the middle, which is out of place with the surrounding environment, greatly affecting the city’s beauty. And transparent LED display is invisible with its installation, reducing the wall load-bearing, high-permeability, and the maximum elimination of urban aesthetic problems. And reduce unnecessary white space can effectively reduce light pollution, reduce energy consumption, can achieve more than 30% energy savings than traditional LED displays.

In addition, a transparent LED display is installed on the glass, which does not work and will not affect the surrounding environment. Because it is installed on the glass, so even installed in the room, you can also see it through the glass, to a”Pseudo-outdoor” situation.

3. Transparency and heat dissipation

The biggest advantage of a transparent LED display is light and heat; that is, it is not like traditional LED displays mounted on the wall as opaque. The reason is that the transparent LED display cabinet is a grid-like or strip-like hollow design, which can reduce the load-bearing glass and can retain the transparency of the glass; at present, the transparency of transparent LED display has reached 55% -93% because of this cabinet that, the transparent LED displays heat dissipation than the traditional LED display to be better.

4. Installation and maintenance are easier

The transparent LED displays are made of lightweight engineered aluminum, which weighs just 10 kilograms per square meter and is mounted on glass indoors. A simple steel structure is required, and no additional structural installation is required. This has resulted in significant cost savings. Because it’s very light on its own, it is very convenient to install. Maintenance is also very convenient because of the lightweight structure; simple indoor maintenance is fast. You only need to replace the need for maintenance; you do not need to replace the entire module in a few minutes can be completed.

5. Investment value

The transparent LED display is now and glass window collocation best display product. Now with more and more businesses choose to install transparent LED screens on the glass, with cool video display methods to attract customers’ eyes and improve attention. Until now, both the commercial complex and 4s stores can see their presence. So what is the investment value of such a popular transparent LED display?

  •  The demand is huge

With today’s technological advances, traditional light boxes and spray-painted posters have been unable to attract people’s attention. At present, there is an urgent need for a LED advertising screen that can not only attract people’s attention but also protect the environment and save energy. In this case, a transparent LED ad screen was born. In this environment, transparent LED display has been rapidly developed. In addition, every city will have a lot of large glass walls of the building, which are undoubtedly transparent LED display to create a huge market; demand is huge.

  • Excellent user conversion

The essence of LED screens is to spread information to people, whether it is knowledge or advertising push, to show the ability to spread information. This is what advertisers value most. For example, if 1000 people are looking at your ad and 200 are interested, that’s 200 potential customers. If 100 people contact you, there is a 50% chance they will pay for your product. That’s because they see the ads you put on the LED screen. This is the conversion rate for the user.

Now because of the popularity of LED displays, people are not interested in the ads played on the LED display, then the conversion rate of customers will be reduced. As a new LED display, the transparent LED display has a high-tech video-playing mode, which can quickly attract people’s attention—maximizing the conversion rate of users and increasing the degree of advertising benefits.

  • The market potential is huge

As early as 2012, the”Transparent Display Technology and market outlook” report published by US market research agency Displaybank boldly predicted that by 2025, the transparent market would be worth about $87.2 bn. This shows that the market for transparent LED displays is huge.

According to incomplete statistics, the total global area of glass curtain walls is more than 150 million square meters; such a huge number of glass curtain wall presence will be a transparent LED display of a huge potential market.

6. What to look out for when purchasing transparent LED displays?

So much talk about the advantages of transparent LED displays; let’s see if the purchase of a transparent LED display should pay attention to what.

  • Line of sight and point distance selection

Different viewing distances will show different effects; point distance selection is based on the distance of viewing distance. So it would help if you knew the viewing distance of the transparent LED display you installed.

For example, if you install a glass partition in a store, the viewing distance will be closed, and the dot spacing will be smaller. If you are installed on the outside of the glass wall, let outdoor people see so that the viewing distance will be further, and point spacing can be greater.

  • Know the size

No matter what LED screen, you want to know how big your screen is and what its length, width, and height are. In particular, a transparent LED display is very important because it is installed on the glass, and once the wrong size will not be able to install.

  • Installation location

This is related to the brightness of the transparent LED display, generally installed in two locations; one is installed indoors, viewing location is also indoor, such as the glass partition in the mall; this will not be exposed to direct sunlight, so the general requirements for brightness are not so high in the general 1000-2000cd/ ㎡.

The other is installed indoors, viewing location outdoors, such as glass walls, which will be exposed to direct sunlight, for the brightness of a very high requirement, generally 2500-5000cd/ ㎡.


Above is the transparent LED display in the application of the 5 major advantages and points to note for the purchase.

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