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In the process of development, LED technology is constantly improving its advantages, bringing various conveniences to our lives, and can push us to the latest information no matter where. In today’s life, LED display screens have been well known and accepted by the public; They are commonly used for advertising and important information promotion. As a leading type of LED display screen in the LED display screen market, outdoor LED display screens are highly popular and interesting to many people. Today, we will take you to a detailed understanding of outdoor LED display screens.

What is an outdoor LED display screen

Outdoor LED displays are large screens that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to display digital content. These displays are designed for outdoor use and are commonly found in public spaces, stadiums, retail areas, and building facades.

What factors should be considered when choosing an outdoor LED display?

  • Display effect:

The display effect of outdoor LED displays directly affects the advertising communication effect. When purchasing, consider parameters such as color vividness, brightness, contrast, and viewing angles.

The higher the resolution, the clearer the display and the richer the details of the picture. Generally speaking, LED screens of P8 and above can meet the needs of most outdoor advertising, while LED screens of P3.91 are already high-end products.

The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the picture and the better the visual effect. When you point your phone or camera at the LED display to shoot, the higher the refresh rate, the less moiré will appear in the lens of the phone or camera.

On the contrary, the lower the refresh rate, the more obvious it will be. If your LED display needs to be installed in a location with a large flow of people, then the higher the refresh rate, the better.

  • Protection level:

LED outdoor screens need to have a high level of protection and be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain, direct sunlight, etc. Generally speaking, the IP65 protection level can meet the needs of most outdoor advertising.

  • Energy consumption:

The energy consumption of LED outdoor screens directly affects operating costs. When purchasing, consider its energy efficiency ratio, that is, the display effect produced per kilowatt hour of electricity. Generally speaking, the higher the energy efficiency ratio, the lower the energy consumption.

  • Structural design:

The structural design of LED outdoor screens needs to take into account factors such as installation method and maintenance convenience. Generally speaking, LED outdoor screens with die-cast aluminum structures have high stability and load-bearing capacity and are also relatively lightweight and easy to install and maintain.

  • Price:

The price of LED outdoor screens needs to be within the budget. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the performance of the LED outdoor screen, but it does not mean that the higher the price, the better. You need to choose the right product based on your own needs and budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor LED display

1). Advantage:

  • Strong protection function:

Outdoor LED displays can work in harsh outdoor environments and can adapt to various climatic conditions, such as rainy days, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc. The protection level is as high as IP65.

  • High brightness:

The brightness of the outdoor LED screen is greater than 70,000 cd/㎡, which can be displayed clearly under direct sunlight.

The life of outdoor LED large screens usually exceeds 100,00 hours, with high stability.

  • Wide coverage and large number of viewers:

The large outdoor LED display screen is installed in a higher place with a large viewing angle, which can cover a wider viewing range and reach a larger audience.

  • Screen brightness can be automatically adjusted:

The outdoor LED screen can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the outdoor environment to achieve the best visual effect.

In addition, the outdoor large screen can also achieve front and rear maintenance, improving the convenience of maintenance.

2). Shortcoming:

  • Difficulty in maintenance:

Outdoor LED displays are usually installed in higher locations, which increases the difficulty and risk of maintenance.

  • The contradiction between brightness and grayscale:

The higher the brightness of outdoor LED lights, the better, but this may cause the grayscale of the display to be reduced. This is a matter of finding a balance between brightness and grayscale.

Does the size of the dot pitch have an impact on outdoor LED displays?

The size of the dot pitch is a key factor that determines whether the image quality of an LED display is clear and delicate. The larger the dot pitch is, the blurrier the image quality will be. On the contrary, the smaller the dot pitch will be, the clearer the image quality will be.

However, the pixel pitch of an outdoor LED display is smaller than possible but suitable. For example, if you install an outdoor LED display next to a highway to display simple slogans and pictures, it is suitable to use large spacing, P10, P9, etc. It allows viewing at a closer distance and a wider range.

If your outdoor LED display is installed in a shopping mall and needs to play promotional videos with bright colors and complex images, then it is suitable to use smaller spacing, such as P3, P3.91, etc. It allows viewers to have a better viewing experience.

What LED displays do outdoor LED displays include?

Outdoor LED displays are a large category, including many different types of displays, and their applicable scenarios are also different.

Mainly suitable for large-scale events, celebrations, music festivals, sports competitions, and other occasions. It can be used for live broadcasts to provide real-time information, such as weather information and forecasts. In addition, it can also be used to play live matches, replay highlights, and display information such as scores and timing.

It is mainly used in densely populated areas such as commercial plazas, shopping malls, and pedestrian streets to broadcast merchants’ promotional advertising information, special offer information, and the latest promotions. It can attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles and increase the exposure and effectiveness of advertising.

They are usually used in taxis to display advertising information, traffic information, etc. It can be used for advertising in every corner of the city and has a high exposure rate.

It is an LED display installed on a specific truck and is integrated with the vehicle. It works the same as the above-mentioned LED taxi screen, but its screen size will be larger.

What kind of content does the outdoor LED display support?

Outdoor LED displays support all major file formats, including image formats such as IPEG and PNG and video formats such as MP4, AV, and WM. You can upload videos that need to be played to maximize their promotional value.

How to maintain outdoor LED displays

Outdoor LED displays, due to their excellent protective properties, are easy to maintain, focusing mainly on inspection and prevention.

  • Periodic inspection:

Regularly arrange for personnel to check the steel structure and welding points on the outdoor LED display and its installation method to see if there is any peeling or looseness on the surface.

If there is a rust reaction, anti-rust paint should be applied in time. If there is any looseness, call professional installers in time and set up a safe range on the ground to warn pedestrians to be careful when passing to avoid accidents.

Regularly check the wires of your outdoor LED display to see if there are any signs of being run over by small animals. If so, please replace it in time.

In addition, it is important to ensure that there are no small animals, such as squirrels, living inside the outdoor LED display away from the city. This is very important and should be observed carefully during the inspection.

The water distribution system needs to be inspected every six months to check for leaks.

  • The power supply must be stable:

It is also a good habit to protect outdoor LED displays and maintain good electricity usage habits, such as cutting off the power supply system of outdoor LED displays during extreme lightning weather, not using them during lightning weather, and regularly checking the reliability of lightning rods and grounding systems.

  • Pay attention to the usage time:

Outdoor LED displays also have a rest period of at least 2 hours a day and should be used at least once a week when there is heavy rain. A screen should be turned on at least once, and the screen should be turned on for at least 2 hours. Because if it is not used for a long time, it will also cause malfunction.

What is the control method for outdoor LED display?

  • Asynchronous control method:

This method is applicable to most outdoor LED displays. You need to log in to the cloud account or website account provided by the LED display supplier. After logging in, arrange the content you need to play in the order you want to play it. One last click to submit. Then, all LED displays associated with your account will play according to the playback order and content you set.

  • Synchronous control method:

This method requires a dedicated person to operate it and is more suitable for LED rental screens during activities. It uses a connecting cable and a receiver to connect the computer and the LED display. It is equivalent to putting the computer screen on the LED display screen. Whatever content the computer plays will be played on the LED display screen.

How much does it cost to buy an outdoor LED display?

There are many factors that affect the price of outdoor LED displays, so there are a few things to consider before purchasing.

Screen size: Large screens mean more boxes are needed for splicing so that the price will be high.

Pixels: Pixels determine clarity, and you need to clearly know the approximate viewing distance of the yellow LED display to determine the size of the pixels. The higher the pixels, the higher the price, while the lower the pixels, the lower the price.

Type: Each type is different, and the price will naturally vary, so you need to know whether you are buying a taxi top LED display, a fixed outdoor LED display, or other outdoor LED displays.


The above is the FAQ for outdoor LED displays. If you have any questions about LED displays, please feel free to consult us!

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