LED Screen Lifespan 

  1. Indoor And Outdoor Advertising Screen LED Life Expectancy

  2. What Factors Will Affect The Service Life Of The LED Display

  3. Tips To Increase Your LED Display’s Lifespan

Like most electronic products, the LED display screen will affect the service life of the LED display screen if it is unreasonably maintained or left untreated for a long time.

What is the specific reason? how to avoid these factors and prolong the service life of LED displays. (LED life, the truth about LED life)

1. Indoor and outdoor advertising screen LED life expectancy

LED life based on optimum conditions and LED display user estimates to range from 80,000 hours to approximately 120,000 hours, which equates to about 9 to 13 years.

Ultimately, the lifespan of an LED depends on its material and manufacturer.

It’s the same as the shoes you’re wearing now; the shoe manufacturer’s standard life expectancy is 5 years, while some people wear it for 8 years, and some wear it in 2 years; why is there such a big difference? It is related to the quality of the material, the fineness of the workmanship, whether it is regularly cleaned and maintained, the frequency of wearing, the frequent use of the environment, etc.


2. What factors will affect the service life of the LED display

  • The working environment of LED display

The indoor LED display is less affected by the outdoor environment, as long as it is installed in a place that is safe and not easy to be hit.

The outdoor LED display will be subjected to harsh environments such as high temperature, ultraviolet rays, moisture, wind erosion, and extreme cold, which will aggravate the aging of the LED display.

  • usage count

As with any electroluminescent product, LEDs tend to wear out the more they’re used, and while they are less progressive than traditional lighting systems and projector display devices, they do wear out.

  • The quality of the LED display

The quality of LED lamp beads: 

Attenuation characteristics of lamp beads, waterproof and vapor permeability characteristics, and anti-ultraviolet performance, if the performance evaluation fails, it will affect the service life.

The quality of the supporting parts of the LED display: 

Circuit boards, plastic housings, switching power supplies, connectors, any quality problem in any part may reduce the life of the LED display.

  • Production process: 

The production process determines the external environmental pressure of the LED display; if the led module produced by the inferior three-proof treatment process is faced with changes in temperature and humidity, the protective surface of the circuit board will crack, resulting in a decrease in protection performance.

Therefore, the production process of the LED display is also one of the key factors that determine the life of the display screen.

  • Design of LED Display

Heat dissipation design:

When the LED is working, it will generate heat. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the attenuation and stability of the LED display; therefore, the heat dissipation design of the PCB board and the box’s ventilation and heat dissipation design are very important.

Design of current value:

If there is no design of the current value, the attenuation of LED display lamp beads will be accelerated. According to years of experience in the industry, the inconsistency of the attenuation speed of red, green, and blue LEDs can delay the attenuation speed of LEDs if the current values of red, green, and blue LEDs are reduced in a targeted manner.

  • Unreasonable maintenance and prolonged non-use

Suppose the LED display is only partially damaged and not repaired in time. In that case, the life of the LED display will be accelerated, which will not only affect the display effect but also increase the overload work of other accessories.

Long-term non-use can also easily affect the life of the LED display, which is a common problem of electronic appliances.

3. Tips to increase your LED display’s lifespan

  • Fixation inspection of each component inside the screen

If any defective parts such as damage are found, they should be replaced in time, especially the small parts of the steel frame structure.

When receiving an early warning of natural disasters such as bad weather, it is necessary to check the stability and safety of each component of the screen, if there is a problem, deal with it in time to avoid unnecessary losses!

Regularly maintain the surface coating of the product and steel structure welding points to prevent corrosion, rust, and peeling.

Maintenance is required at least twice a year on average.

  • Inspection of defective products

There should be regular inspection, timely repair, or replacement for defective products, usually once every three months.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of LED lights

Use a soft brush to gently scrub the dust accumulated on the outside of the LED lamp tube; if the waterproof box is waterproof, you can also dip it in water to clean it; according to the environmental conditions, regular cleaning, and maintenance.

  • Inspection of lightning protection facilities

Regular inspection of lightning rods and grounding lines

After a thunderstorm, the anti-pipe should be tested, and if it fails, it must be replaced in time.

Check frequently during rainy seasons.

First of all, check whether the connection of each line in the distribution box is rusted or loose. If there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time.

To be safe, the grounding of the electrical box must be normal and checked regularly.

The power lines and new signal lines should also be checked regularly to prevent the lines from being broken or bitten.

The entire power supply system also needs to be inspected twice a year.

  • Inspection of LED control system

Each function is tested one by one on the LED control system according to the present situation.

All lines and equipment on the screen should be checked regularly to avoid accidents.

Regularly check the system’s reliability, such as once every 7 days.

As long as the daily maintenance of the LED display is done well, it plays a vital role in extending the service life of the display and ensuring the normal operation of the LED display.


The above is the knowledge about the life of the LED display; if you have any questions about the LED display, please get in touch with us, send your questions to your info@bibiled.com or fill out our form bibiled team is happy to help you provide guidance.

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