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P4 Indoor LED Display Screen to Ghana

1. Product of details:  Pixel Pitch: 4mm Full Size: 4.096m(w)X2.048m(h) Cabinet Size: 1024X1024mm Module Size: 256x128mm LEDs: Kinglight 2020 Power Supply: G-energy Cabinet material: Sheet Metal Sending Card: Novastar MCTRL300

P3.91 Indoor LED Display Screen to Nigeria

 Indoor LED Display Screen 1. Product of details: Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm Full Size: 7.68m(w)X5.12m(h) Cabinet Size: 500X1000mm Module Size: 250x250mm LEDs: Kinglight 2020 Cabinet material:

P8 Outdoor LED Display Screen to Sierra Leone 1. Product of details:  Pixel Pitch: 8mm Full Size: 3.84m(w)X3.072m(h) Cabinet Size: 768X768mm Module Size: 256x128mm LEDs: Nationstar3535 Cabinet material: Sheet metal Sending Card: Novastar TB3+4G

P4 Outdoor LED Display Screen Module to Nigeria

P4 Outdoor LED Display Screen Module to Nigeria 1. Product of details:  Pixel Pitch: 4mm LEDs: Kinglight Module Size: 320x160mm Control System: MCTRL300 Receiving Card: Novastar IC: Chiponeic

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