ISLE 2024 Is About To Open, Take A Sneak Peek At The Highlights!


The International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition (ISLE) is a professional showcase featuring screen displays, audio and video system integration, acoustic-optical video, and other related industries as its primary exhibitors.

In 2023, the event attracted over 200,000 offline visitors in just three days, solidifying its status as a pivotal exhibition in the audio-visual, sound, and light technology integration sector.

This year’s ISLE is pioneering an innovative approach, aiming to establish a novel model of “orders + exhibitions + experiences + seminars and learning.” The goal is to spearhead a new trend in the global industry with a fresh perspective.

Basic information about ISLE 2024

  • Exhibition time:  February 29-March 2, 2024

  • Exhibition Location: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall) Hall 5-8

  • Exhibition Visiting Appointment: Exhibition Visiting / Exhibitor
  • Exhibition area product planning map:

Leading companies from various industries gather together, and new products are full of highlights.

Prominent companies from diverse industries will converge, showcasing a plethora of new products and innovative highlights. With the continuous evolution of industrial manufacturing, smart display and system integration have found widespread applications in transportation, education, healthcare, security, government affairs, cultural tourism, and commercial display, generating numerous business opportunities.

Over 1,000 exhibitors (both online and offline) will participate, attracting tens of thousands of professional visitors from over 200 countries and regions globally, along with nearly a thousand media professionals.

These exhibitors range from established companies in the display and audio-visual industries to emerging players, utilizing the platform to unveil their latest offerings and engage in valuable discussions.

Wonderful forum to discuss future development

We all know that if an industry wants to exist in the market for a long time, it must develop into the future and cannot stay where it is forever.

This exhibition also takes development into consideration. During the exhibition, more than 20 large-scale forum discussions were arranged. Different themes allowed everyone to think about how to develop better from different perspectives. The content covers “display technology, integration with the metaverse, smart cities, green development,” etc.

Two models to create wireless business opportunities

In this invitation list, there are many purchasers from various industries, such as large venues, cultural tourism, supermarket chains, etc. Everyone will gather at the exhibition, which is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. In addition, domestic and foreign buyers will also gather here to visit and learn about the latest technology.

In addition, the ISLE exhibition is divided into two modes: online and offline. This is also a way to use the function of the Internet to allow those who are unable to visit the exhibition in person to watch the exhibition online.

The number of online visitors in 2023 will be more than 300,000, and I believe the number will be even greater this time. This is also a good way to increase the reputation of your company and products.

(Click here for the online exhibition hall)

Huge venue, creating an immersive experience

This year’s ISLE will debut on an unprecedented scale, fully displaying the latest technologies and application-side innovations in professional fields such as display technology and supporting equipment, LED full industry chain products, audio and video integration, acoustic-optical video integration, and application.

ISLE2024 planning Guangzhou ultra-high-definition video display industry zone, virtual vision scene show, and other multi-scenario immersive experience areas.


To sum up, this year’s ISLE is really full of attractions and business opportunities. Let’s make an appointment to see you at the exhibition!

If you have other questions about the exhibition or LED display, you can leave a message below or click to contact us quickly.

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